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Five eye-catching playgrounds in Stockholm

Any parent knows that a proper playground will make your kid’s day. These themed parks are sure to get your children climbing, playing and building.

Le parc Bryggartäppan à Stockholm
Le parc Bryggartäppan a été imaginé comme un quartier de Södermalm au 19e siècle.
Photo: Anna Hållams


Want to try life in Stockholm in the latter half of the 19th century? Look no further than this playground where you can see what a neighbourhood on Södermalm looked like at that time. The miniature houses are perfect size for children and the surroundings, with old fruit trees and lilac bushes, make parents happy too. There is a workshop, stables, smithy and a factory building, as well as outdoor pools in the summer. 

Mulle Meck lekeplass, Stockholm
The Mulle Meck playground in Järvastaden, Stockholm, is inspired by the Swedish children's book character with the same name, who loves to construct and repair things.
Photo: Järvastaden AB

Mulle Meck

This park in Järvastaden is a dream for children with an interest in building and engineering. The design is inspired by Mulle Meck, a popular Swedish children’s book character who loves collecting things and using them to construct and repair all sorts of machines. The playground offers everything from cars to a cable car, an airplane, several small houses, a flower maze and a space rocket. 
More information: Mulle Meck, Järvastaden

Le parc Ivar Lo, Stockholm
Le parc Ivar Lo à Södermalm reprend des thématiques de la campagne suédoise.
Photo: Anna Hållams

Ivar Los park

Little farmers will love this playground with a countryside theme on Södermalm. Here, you’ll find a dwelling house, a barn and wooden farm animals children can ride on. There’s also a hollow tree you can climb into, a barbecue area and, as an added bonus, a stunning view over Stockholm. 
More information: Ivar Los park

Le parc Ellen Key à Stockholm
Découvrez à quoi ressemblaient les meubles d'Ellen Key dans le parc qui porte son nom dans le quartier d'Östermalm.
Photo: Anna Hållams

Ellen Keys park

In this centrally located park, children can hide in giant teacups and climb on equally over-dimensioned chairs. All the objects are large copies of items once owned by Ellen Key, a famous Swedish opinion-builder and feminist writer. During winter, there’s an ice rink in the park. 
More information: Ellen Keys park

Le parc Anders Franzén à Stockholm
Un terrain de jeux sous forme de chantier naval au parc Anders Franzén à Stockholm.
Photo: Anna Hållams

Anders Franzéns park

Let your children find their inner dock worker in this park built like a mini version of a shipyard, complete with a tugboat, carpentry and workshop with tools. The playground’s design was inspired by Anders Franzén, a naval archaeologist who discovered the 1628 wreck of the Swedish galleon Vasa in 1956. It’s located in Hammarby Sjöstad and also features a skate park. 
More information: Anders Franzéns park

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