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The Göteborg Opera
L'Opéra de Göteborg
Photo credit: Torbjörn Skogedal/Folio/

Culture in Gothenburg

The highlight of the cultural year in Gothenburg is the 6 days of the Gothenburg Culture Festival in August.

Most of Gothenburg’s cultural highlights are within comfortable walking distance of each other.

The Gothenburg Culture Festival

The Gothenburg Culture Festival is one giant street party attracting some 700,000 festival-goers to its downtown party area – and is all for free. Expect live music, dance, design/fashion, film, street artists, handicraft, history, comedy, poetry and theatre. Phew. This 6-day party takes place in August and Gothenburg wants you to come.

Gothenburg Concert Hall

Gothenburg Concert Hall is housed in a classic 1935 art deco building featuring ground-breaking architectural design and world class acoustics in the main rooms. The Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra resides here and puts on classical music performances featuring some of the world’s top conductors. The concert hall is situated on Götaplatsen square in the same building as the Gothenburg City Theatre, the Gothenburg Art Museum and is fronted by the spouting statue of Poseidon. You cannot miss this landmark building and you shouldn’t miss coming here

The Gothenburg Opera House

The Gothenburg Opera House offers world-class stagecraft, famed acoustics, endless rehearsal studios and workshops, and owns a library with 15 tonnes of sheet music. All that and with opera, dance, concerts and musicals all on offer under one roof. In a word? Impressive. If you don’t go for a performance, why not go for the guided tour, or go there for an excellent quayside lunch?

Museum of World Culture

If you feel like being challenged by thought-provoking exhibitions and a programme that deals with global issues then the Museum of World Culture, beside the stunning Universeum science museum is the place for you.  Come here for a bit of brain gymnastics, expect brilliantly presented exhibitions, contemporary art, and meet the world’s cultures through art, music, dance and film.

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Concert in Gothenburg

Experiencing culture is easy in Gothenburg, there are plenty of music events and concerts.

Photo: Beatrice Törnros/Göteborg & Co

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Concert in Gothenburg

Photo: Beatrice Törnros/Göteborg & Co

Gothenburg Museum of Art

Photo: Krister Engström / Göteborg & Co