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Mountain bike in Delsjön, Gothenburg
Mountain bike in Delsjön, Gothenburg
Mountain biking in the beautiful area of Delsjön, just a short tram ride away from Gothenburg city centre.
Photo credit: Frida Winter / Göteborg & Co

Mountain bike in Delsjön nature reserve

Want to stay active during your city break? Gothenburg is surrounded by beautiful nature, such as the nature reserve Delsjön which is perfect to explore on a mountain bike.

Delsjön is an area with vast woodland and large lakes, located just a short tram ride away from the city centre. There are several mountain bike trails in the area ranging in difficulty. There’s one beginner’s trail circling the lakes, meaning the views are stunning along the way. Or if you want more of a challenge – try the ridge route Getryggen, with roots, flat rocks, rocky areas and downhill slopes. 

Or why not enhance your technique by booking a boot camp with MTB-kursen? The class is offered to both beginners and more advanced cyclists and takes place daytime during a weekend. If you prefer going solo, you can rent your own bike from MTB-kursen too.  

MTB-kursen, Töpelsgatan tram stop is located close to Delsjön.