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Baldersnäs Manor, Unionsleden
Baldersnäs Manor is a beautiful mansion with a gourmet restaurant, located by Unionsleden in West Sweden.
Photo credit: Jonas Ingman/

5 must-visit restaurants in West Sweden

West Sweden has everything from seafood restaurants right by the sea to manor houses with food prepared with local ingredients. Here are five favourite restaurants from A Taste of West Sweden.

A Taste of West Sweden is an accreditation awarded to select eateries, local food producers and farm shops in West Sweden. These food producers, farm shops and restaurants are part of a network dedicated to harvesting the best produce from the region's sea, lakes, forests and farmland in a sustainable and ecological way. 

Baldersnäs Manor, Unionsleden
Baldersnäs Manor is a beautiful mansion with a gourmet restaurant, located by Unionsleden in West Sweden.
Photo: Jonas Ingman/

Baldersnäs Manor, Dals Långed

The surrounding nature has a big impact on the menu of Baldersnäs, a traditional manor house located on a lush peninsula in West Sweden. Seasonal produce is combined with local specialities in order to create classic dishes with a twist – try the seven-course tasting menu if you want the most out of the experience. 

The manor house is located by lake Laxsjön and has a large garden resembling an old English park that you can view from the restaurant. The atmosphere is relaxed and the surroundings are calm. Feeling inspired? Pack a bag and stay overnight.

Restaurant of Villa Sjötorp, West Sweden
The restaurant of Villa Sjötorp, West Sweden, offers seasonal menus with locally produced food.
Photo: Roger Borgelid/

Villa Sjötorp, Ljungskile

Looking for a gourmet dinner in a historical setting? Head to Villa Sjötorp – a beautiful turn-of-the-century villa from 1901 which is now an ecological restaurant and hotel.

Villa Sjötorp was awarded the European Historic Hotels Gourmet Award in 2017. And even though the restaurant does serve gourmet meals, the chefs prefer to call it ‘good food’ because the starting point is always the high-quality produce. Virtually all ingredients are locally sourced and ecological – fully utilising West Sweden's gastronomical conditions. The seafood is collected from fish auctions in the surrounding area, meats are provided by nearby farms and many herbs and berries are picked straight from the garden.

Dessert at Skärets krog, Smögen
Delicious food at Skärets krog in Smögen, on the Bohuslän coast.
Photo: Skäret/

Skärets krog, Smögen

Skäret is located at the start of Smögenbryggan, a kilometre-long boardwalk full of restaurants, bars and shops in the picturesque town of Smögen on the Bohuslän coast. The house where Skäret resides has been a café since 1931 and this is where the Swedish shrimp sandwich was born the same year.

Skärets Krog serves delicious West Swedish meals with a modern twist. The menu varies with the seasons, but the food is always created from scratch with the best local produce available. Make sure to visit the popular piano bar too, where you can sip cocktails and enjoy the stunning views of Smögen harbour as you listen to Sweden’s pianist elite.

Kosters trädgårdar, West Sweden
Kosters trädgårdar is a farm shop and restaurant located on the Koster Islands in West Sweden.
Photo: Tina Stafrén

Kosters Trädgårdar, Sydkoster

What first hits you when arriving at Kosters Trädgårdar is the serenity of the gardens and the smell of sea, earth and freshly baked bread. Kosters Trädgårdar is located on the Koster islands in the archipelago of West Sweden, only two hours away from Gothenburg. Large parts of the islands are a nature reserve and the landscape is unspoiled.

Kosters Trädgårdar aims to serve delicious organic food and inspire their guests to lead a more sustainable life in general. Browse the gardens and visit the farm shop to buy veggies or freshly baked bread. You’ll find anything from home-baked cinnamon buns to luxurious pizzas topped with homegrown ingredients on the menu. Everything is cooked with vegetables from the gardens, fish from the archipelago and meats from nearby farmers.

Hvita Hjorten, West Sweden
Locally sourced dinner at restaurant Hvita Hjorten, located by Lake Vänern in West Sweden.
Photo: Tina Stafren/

Hvita Hjorten, Lidköping

Hvita Hjorten, next to Läckö Castle, serves dinner made from vegetables and herbs from the nearby castle garden, fish caught in the lake outside the window and other ingredients sourced from local hunters and farmers.

The restaurant is set in beautiful surroundings by Lake Vänern, and in the summer, you can enjoy your meal on the terrace right by the edge of the lake. The historical Läckö Castle is just a stone’s throw away and visible from the restaurant. The restaurant offers top-quality cuisine for every occasion, and the blurred line between the interior and the breathtaking nature outside the windows enhances the culinary experience.  

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