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Cranes at lake Hornborgasjön, West Sweden
Two cranes flying above other cranes at Hornborgarsjön, West Sweden, which is a great spot for bird watching.
Photo credit: Roger Borgelid/

Trandansen Hornborgasjön

Ever seen 30 000 birds dancing together? Visit lake Hornborgasjön between March and April to witness a unique natural phenomenon by one of Sweden’s most important bird lakes.

Lake Hornborgasjön outside Falköping is mainly known for the thousands of cranes that arrive at the lake between March and April. In 2019, there were over 27 000 cranes by the lake – a record that still remains.

The arrival of the cranes has become a sign of spring in Sweden, and many people travel far to visit the lake when the cranes are ‘dancing’ around the lake. It is an experience especially magical at dawn. The dancing is part of a mating routine and incorporates the birds bowing and circling each other before they stretch out their wings and jump up and down in the air – a beautiful performance to witness.

Explore Hornborgasjön

Visit the information centre Trandansen for excellent views of the lake, exhibitions and more information about the birdlife around the lake. Or head to Naturum Hornborgasjön, another visitor centre built on pillars in the lake, which is a great starting point for exploring the fine footpaths of the area.  

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Dancing cranes by Hornborgarsjön, West Sweden

Dancing cranes by lake Hornborgarsjön, West Sweden, which is a popular spot for birdwatching.

Photo: Jonas Ingman/

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Dancing cranes by Hornborgarsjön, West Sweden

Photo: Jonas Ingman/

Two dancing cranes among other cranes at Hornborgarsjön

Photo: Roger Borgelid/


Photo: Staffan Widstrand/