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Rendered image of the interior of Maryhill Estate with chairs, sofas, plants and a bar.
Maryhill Estate, Skåne
Maryhill Estate is a beautiful baroque castle built in the 1910s. Guests can indulge in delicious food, play tennis or swim in the pools while admiring the beautiful surroundings.
Photo credit: Maryhill Estate

New and trendy hotels

Arriving at your destination and checking into a nice hotel is one of the best feelings – especially if you’re one of the first guests to stay. Here are the most notable hotel openings in Sweden, ranging from exclusive boutique hotels to iconic castles and nature-inspired glamping sites.

A visualization of the lobby bar at Hotel Fratelli in Karlstad.
Hotel Fratelli, Karlstad
Hotel Fratelli will have 85 rooms, a beautiful orangery and a retreat.
Photo: Hotel Fratelli AB

Hotel Fratelli, Karlstad

Opened 19 April 2024
Hotel Fratelli aims to be an extraordinary experience. With 85 rooms, a restaurant, bar, orangery and retreat in central Karlstad, it will be a hotel for those looking to escape everyday life for a while. The name Fratelli, meaning “brothers”, is a hint to two of the partners in the project, the Olsson brothers, who are well-known restauranteurs in Värmland county.

Rendered image of the interior of Maryhill Estate with chairs, sofas, plants and a bar.
Maryhill Estate, Skåne
Renaming Örenäs Castle is a significant step towards rediscovering its origins. In 1867, Judge August Anderberg named it Mariehild after his wife, later altered by Countess Wachtmeister to Maryhill.
Photo: Maryhill Estate

Maryhill Estate (former Örenäs Castle), Landskrona

Opening: Summer 2024
Renaming Örenäs Castle, one of Sweden's iconic estates, is a significant step towards rediscovering its origins. In 1867, Judge August Anderberg named it Mariehild after his wife, later altered by Countess Wachtmeister to Maryhill. Under the ESS Group and led by world traveller Robert "Bobbo" Nilsson, Maryhill Estate is set to emerge as an upscale resort. With 163 rooms, 4 pools, and more, it's not just a castle but a vibrant destination. Enjoy tennis, boules, padel, and park events in a seaside park. The renovated castle will open in the summer of 2024, promising a luxurious and enriching experience.

An accommodation with a patio. There is a hammock and chairs outside the accommodation.
Remjeng Retreat, Värmland
Remjeng Retreat is a glamping in the forests of Värmland. The glamping area includes two tents, an outdoor kitchen with fireplace, an orangery and a cold bath house.
Photo: Tommy Friestad/Remjeng Retreat

Remjeng Retreat, Värmland

Opening: June 2024
Escape to Remjeng Retreat’s glamping haven for a nature-infused getaway. Harmonize comfort with natural beauty in the scenic landscapes. The Okavango tent, accommodating up to five people across two bedrooms, offers a distinctive retreat.
With a reservation comes access to a spacious terrace, an outdoor kitchen with a fire pit, a charming conservatory and a cold bathhouse. Unwind with a hot tub, cold pool and sauna, immersing yourself in the tranquillity of this nature-centric retreat.

The wellness area at hotel Scandic Södra Kajen with daybeds and palm trees. The sun is shining in through the large windows.
Scandic Södra Kajen, Stockholm
The wellness area on the 17th floor includes offers panoramic views of Stockholm's harbor entrance.
Photo: Scandic

Scandic Södra Kajen, Stockholm

Opening 10 June 2024
Transforming Scandic's hotel in Värtahamnen, Stockholm, the focus has been on creating a destination for adventure-seeking guests. The extensive renovation introduces exciting additions, including 40 new rooms, a seventeenth-floor sky bar, a 254-seat restaurant, an activity lounge with a climbing wall and a wellness area with breathtaking views of Stockholm's harbour entrance. Scandic Södra Kajen is scheduled to open on 10 June, 2024.

Hotel room at Villa Dahlia. The room has light-coloured walls, a double bed, a dark small table and two white seat pads.
Villa Dahlia, Stockholm
The first deluxe room, featuring carefully chosen colour and material selections for a first-class sleeping experience, provides a glimpse into Villa Dahlia's relaxed elegance and cosy Italian villa atmosphere.
Photo: Villa Dahlia

Villa Dahlia, Stockholm

Opening: Autumn 2024
Indulge in a personalized Italian townhouse experience in this upcoming boutique hotel, set to open in early autumn 2024. A sibling to the renowned Hotel Diplomat and Villa Dagmar, this transformation of the 1960s building promises 103 guest rooms and suites with stunning views of Tegnérlunden. Architect Per Öberg infuses Milanese inspiration into the design of Villa Dahlia, creating an exclusive haven reminiscent of an Italian townhouse. Anticipate a unique blend of luxury and cultural allure, featuring a restaurant, cocktail bar, spa, gym, boules court, and a Chambre Séparée/conference room.

A rendered image of the Clarion Hotel Karlatornet tall building in Gothenburg.
Clarion Hotel Karlatornet, Gothenburg
With a height of 246 metres, 74 floors and 300 rooms, Karlatornet in Gothenburg is Scandinavia's tallest building. The hotel offers accommodation, restaurants, a swimming pool and exhibitions.
Photo: Serneke/Strawberry

Clarion Hotel Karlatornet, Gothenburg

Opening: Autumn 2024
Discover Karlatornet in Gothenburg, Scandinavia's tallest building, soaring to a height of 246 meters across 74 floors. Luxurious apartments offer a home in the sky, while eclectic restaurants and a sky bar promise culinary delights against a backdrop of city lights. But the journey doesn't end there. In the autumn of 2024, the Clarion Hotel Karlatornet will open its doors. Adding sophistication with 300 modern rooms, trendy bars, a stylish brasserie, and a lavish spa.

Exterior of the Hernö Gin Hotel. The building is several floors high and hasfloor-to-ceiling glass windows.
Hernö Gin Hotel, Härnösand
The unique concept hotel, Hernö Gin Hotel, promises an all-encompassing and enriching experience, situated right on Södra Sundet in the coastal gem of Härnösand.
Photo: Nordic Hotels & Resorts

Hernö Gin Hotel, Härnösand

Opening: December 2024
In December 2024, the Hernö Gin Hotel, part of Nordic Hotels & Resort, will open its doors. Rising nine floors by the sea on Kanaludden in Härnösand, the unique concept hotel sits right on Södra Sundet, flowing into the Bothnian Sea. Featuring 120 rooms, diverse bars, a tempting restaurant and the added bonus of access to the rejuvenating Härnösand swimming pool, the hotel promises an all-encompassing and enriching experience. Don't miss the chance to explore the renowned Hernö Gin distillery, nestled in the charming village of Dala just beyond Härnösand. Indulge in a gin tasting or opt for a guided tour to discover the secrets behind the world-class and award-winning Hernö Gin.

Illustration of the new hotel Stockholm Stadshotell
Stockholm Stadshotell, Södermalm
Stockholm Stadshotell is set to open in 2024. The historical building, dating back to 1870, was commissioned by Queen Josephina as a tribute to the memory of King Oscar I.
Photo: Illustration by Brandon Campbell

Stockholm Stadshotell, Stockholm

Opening: Winter 2024
At the end of 2024, Stockholm Stadshotell will grace Björngårdsgatan 23, offering a boutique experience with 32 rooms, two restaurants, a bar, guest lounge, and a delightful courtyard eatery. The landmark, dating back to 1870, undergoes meticulous restoration. Nestled in Södermalm, this cultural gem, commissioned by Queen Josephina, pays homage to King Oscar I. Recognizing its profound cultural and historical significance, the building has received the highest level of building maintenance protection. Stockholm Stadshotell promises an immersive blend of history and modern luxury.


A concept image of how the lobby in Liseberg Grand Curiosa Hotel will look when completed.
Liseberg Grand Curiosa Hotel, Gothenburg
Liseberg Grand Curiosa Hotel is Liseberg's newest hotel situated next to the amusement park and waterpark. The family hotel is focused on children's desire to discover and has playful features such as a slide from the second floor straight down to the lobby.
Photo: Quarry Fold Studio/Liseberg AB

Liseberg Grand Curiosa Hotel, Gothenburg

Opened in April 2023
Just in time for the centenary of Liseberg, this imaginative family hotel opened next to Sweden’s largest amusement park. Young and adult guests will be entertained in various ways – from a slide down to the lobby and a pony carousel in the café to a speakeasy cocktail bar and colourful roof terrace overlooking the amusement park. Liseberg Grand Curiosa Hotel is housed in a star-shaped building with 457 rooms, all with at least five beds. Hotel guests are always guaranteed entry to Liseberg.

A chef is seasoning grilled meat.
Kläpphagen Koster, Bohuslän
Enjoy delicious food and drinks at the boutique bed and breakfast Kläpphagen Koster. The B&B has a cafe, restaurant and brewery, and offers accommodation in suites and glamping tents.
Photo: Kläpphagen Koster

Kläpphagen Koster, West Sweden

Opened 15 May 2023
Scenically situated on the Koster Islands outside Strömstad, Kläpphagen Koster opened a boutique B&B, restaurant and brewery just in time for the summer season. The accommodation alternatives include glamping tents and a two-storey garden house, while the restaurant has a strong sustainability focus and all food is cooked over an open fire.

A visualization of Hotell Billingehus in Skövde.
Hotell Billingehus, Skövde
Hotell Billingehus has 240 rooms and offers a beautiful view from the top of mount Billingen.
Photo: Lotus Hotel Group

Hotell Billingehus, Skövde

Opened in May 2023
Billingehus opened for the first time in 1970. Situated on the top of mount Billingen, the former owners dreamed of creating an outdoor paradise. Some 50 years later, after being closed for renovations during the last 1,5 years, Billingehus has been brought to life again. The new owners teamed up with acclaimed architect Gert Wingårdh to restore the splendour of bygone times and to add a contemporary edge to the iconic hotel. With 240 rooms, several restaurants and bars and relaxing baths, hiking trails and ski slopes around the corner, the old dream might come true.

Cabin in the trees at Hyssna Forest Resort
Hyssna Forest Resort
Stay among the stars in the Treetop Cabin at Hyssna Forest Resort.
Photo: Hyssna Forest Resort

Hyssna Forest Resort

Opened in July 2023
Nestled in the forests near the Hyssnaleden hiking trail, Hyssna Forest Resort offers exceptionally close-to-nature and stunning design accommodations. Created by two carpenter brothers, the three unique cabins are easily accessible just 56km south of Gothenburg. Each cabin - Treetop, Cliffhang, and Creek - provides a gorgeous and secluded setting, perfect for a relaxing getaway.

A hotel room with bunk beds at Scandic Go.
Scandic Go, Stockholm
Scandic Go is an economy segment accommodation offering stylish design in attractive city centre locations.
Photo: Scandic Hotels

Scandic Go, Stockholm

Opened in September 2023
Explore the smart and affordable world of Scandic Go, the latest addition to Scandic's economy segment. The hotel boasts a sleek design and self-service ease, perfect for budget-conscious groups. Dive into the future with bunk beds, phone-to-TV connectivity, and on-site laundry. The lounge bar, with a café vibe, offers a mobile-ordered menu of street food and grilled sandwiches. Committed to sustainability, Scandic Go proudly carries the Swan eco-label, promising a modern, eco-friendly travel experience.

The hotel STF Undersvik Gårdshotell in Hälsingland during summer.
STF Undersvik Gårdshotell, Hälsingland
Experience outdoor activities, good food and relaxation at STF Undersvik Gårdshotell in Hälsingland. The farm consists of five buildings with various rooms and social areas.
Photo: Svenska Kyrkan

STF Undersvik Farm Hotel & Hostel, Hälsingland

Opened 21 September 2023
Idyllically situated by lake Ljusnan, this farm has been a campsite for confirmands for over 80 years. In 2023, a new era began when the Swedish Tourist Association (STF) opened up the property to the public. STF Undersvik is a dog-friendly hotel and hostel with some 130 beds in 49 rooms spread over five buildings. It’s also an ideal basecamp with outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, fishing, bicycling and ice skating just around the corner.

Clarion Hotel Draken surrounded by other buildings in Gothenburg.
Clarion Hotel Draken, Göteborg
Experience the magnificent restaurant and rooftop bar with stunning views of Gothenburg's city and harbour at Clarion Hotel Draken.
Photo: Nordic Choice Hotels

Clarion Hotel Draken, Gothenburg

Opened 1 October 2023
The range of hotels in Gothenburg is constantly increasing, and in the autumn of 2023, it literally reached new limits. Clarion Hotel Draken is Gothenburg’s tallest hotel building and house the city’s highest sky bar. Before becoming a hotel with 474 rooms, Draken was an iconic cinema in Gothenburg. It will now be restored and supplemented with concerts, shows and other live events. Centrally located in the Järntorget district, Clarion Hotel Draken aims to be a house of experiences.

Two tables with chairs at Vyn restaurant, standing in front of a large window and overlooking the sea on a summer day.
Vyn, Skåne
The minimalist yet warm interiors of Vyn blend classic Swedish architecture with modernism. Dramatic windows provide spectacular sea views when dining in the main restaurant.
Photo: Jimmy Linus

Vyn, Österlen, Skåne

Opened in October 2023
Vyn, famous chef Daniel Berlin’s latest venture, is more than a restaurant; it's a boutique hotel and culinary haven. Perched in southeastern Sweden, it overlooks the Österlen countryside and the Baltic Sea. The minimalist yet warm interiors blend classic Swedish architecture with modernism. The main restaurant, with dramatic windows framing sea views, offers Daniel Berlin's focused seasonal menu and has already been awarded two stars in the Michelin Guide. Upstairs, a private dining room presents tasting or five-course menus. A cosy food & wine bar complements the main restaurant's offerings, creating a casual space for locals and guests to savour seasonal delights. Stay, dine, and immerse yourself in the endless possibilities at Vyn.