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People in the audience raise their hands into the air during a Bob Hund concert at a Swedish festival.
Music festival
Swedish summer is festival season.
Photo credit: Rodrigo Rivas Ruiz/

Swedish music phenomenon

Sweden rocks – literally – around the world, with popular bands of yesteryear ABBA, the Cardigans, Ace of Base and Roxette still big-time popular.

The ‘second wave’ of Swedish musical acts like Avicii, Zara Larsson, the Knife and many others are proving that the Swedish music phenomenon is no flash in the pan.

Thank you for the music

Sweden produces musical artists that sell squillions of CDs and downloads worldwide and sell-out New York’s Madison Square Gardens in hours – like Swedish House Mafia did. Or, like Robyn be profiled on the Daily Show and have no.1 hits around the world. Do they put something in the water here?

Who knows, who cares? Come to Sweden and see your favourite Swedish act on their home turf.

Swedish bands and singers

ABBA was a supertrouper supergroup from Sweden in the 1970s and early 1980s. And they are probably as famous now as they were back then. Now you can go on the ABBA City Walk arranged by Stockholms Stadsmuseum and visit ABBA The Museum in the Djurgården area of the city. 

You never know, in a couple of decades’ time you might be able to go on city walks where you can walk in the footsteps of Robyn, Swedish House Mafia and Lykke Li in Stockholm. Or the Soundtrack of our Lives walk in Gothenburg. Or maybe even the ‘Cardigans walk’ in Malmö.

Live venues

Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö are Sweden’s three big cities and between them they cater for all types of live music and scenes. If you want to catch your favourite Swedish musicians live in Sweden go to for tour dates.