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Pippi Longstocking lying on her stomach in front of Villa Villekulla.
Pippi at Junibacken, Stockholm
Pippi Longstocking, Astrid Lindgren's beloved character, captivates both young and adult visitors at Junibacken.
Photo credit: Ulf Huett

Family fun across Sweden – adventure awaits at every turn

Whether soaring through roller coaster loops at Liseberg, splashing in extensive water parks like Skara Sommarland, or encountering majestic creatures up close at Kolmården, Sweden offers boundless opportunities for unforgettable family escapades. Get ready to discover why Sweden is the ultimate destination for family fun!

Sweden is home to numerous amusement parks, water parks, and wildlife sanctuaries, making it an ideal destination for families who love adventure. From the northernmost parts to the southern coasts, there are plenty of opportunities for families to experience thrilling and exciting activities. Join us as we explore the possibilities of family fun in Sweden.

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Holiday Club, Åre

Situated in Sweden’s largest ski resort, Holiday Club in Åre offers a lively adventure pool area, bowling alleys, and miniature golf

Photo: Rasmus Evensen / Holiday Club

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View from the lake over the Holiday Club hotel complex, with the village of Åre and ski slopes in the background

Holiday Club, Åre

Photo: Rasmus Evensen / Holiday Club

Smiling boy with swimming googles riding a tube with a laughing woman in a waterslide

Himlabadet Sundsvall

Photo: Per Helander / Himlabadet

A hotel room with panoramic windows facing the wolf enclosure. Wolves are standing outside the window.

Varghotellet, Järvsö

Photo: Vildriket

Two laughing boys in comapny with a man riding a green roller coaster at Furuvik

Furuvik, Gävle

Photo: Parks & Resorts

Northern Sweden:

Pite Havsbad, Piteå

Dive into adventure at this seaside resort, an action-packed adventure centre offering everything from a water park to play areas and miniature golf. At Pite Havsbad, you can also indulge in cosy spa retreats and delicious dining options by the sea.

Paradiset, Örnsköldsvik

Discover the excitement at this riveting water park, boasting one of Sweden’s longest waterslides, the Magic Eye, stretching 180 meters. Paradiset also features a variety of family-friendly activities, including relaxing saunas, exhilarating wave pools, and play areas.

Holiday Club, Åre

This hotel is situated in Sweden’s largest ski resort and offers a lively adventure pool area, bowling alleys, and miniature golf. Whether you're carving up the slopes in winter or tackling exhilarating cycling trails in the summer, Åre promises unforgettable outdoor experiences.

Himlabadet, Sundsvall

Splash and play in the adventurous waters of this family-friendly water park. Try the indoor surf stream, experience exhilarating waterslides, or challenge yourself to climb the wall while avoiding falling into the pool.

Vildriket, Järvsö

Explore the wonders of wildlife year-round at Vildriket, where you can encounter Nordic animals such as lynx, muskox, and bear. Try the Wolf Hotel for a truly unique stay; from all rooms, you can view the wolf enclosure through large panoramic windows. Besides the animal park, enjoy activities in Järvsö, such as skiing in winter and downhill cycling in summer.

Furuviksparken, Gävle

Enjoy attractions and entertainment at this charming amusement park, which combines a water park, fun rides, and wild animals. It also hosts a popular summer scene for concerts with national and international artists.

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Experium i Lindvallen, Sälen

With its thrilling surf stream, exhilarating water park, and relaxing spa, there's excitement for all ages at Experium in Lindvallen.

Photo: Skistar

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Young girl enjoying the waterpark at Experium in Lindvallen, Sälen

Experium i Lindvallen, Sälen

Photo: Skistar

Mythical fairy dressed in green with a mask over her eyes in a lush forest

Tomteland, Mora

Photo: Tomteland

A child rides a zipline over the water park at Leksand Sommarland.

Leksand sommarland, Dalarna

Photo: Joakim Sundström/Leksand resort

The roller coaster Monster at the amusement park Gröna Lund in Stockholm

Monster, Gröna Lund

Photo: Fredrik Söder / Parks & Resorts

Arctic fox sitting on a log of wood with a grey stone in the background

Fjällräv på Skansen

Photo: Linda Törngren / Skansen

Pippi Longstocking lying on her stomach in front of Villa Villekulla.

Pippi at Junibacken, Stockholm

Photo: Ulf Huett

Woman and child playing chess at an enourmous table at Tom Tits

Tom Tits Experiment, Södertälje

Photo: Tom Tits Experiment

Three people smile and hold up their arms as they go down a water slide. The area is mostly in purple and neon lights.

Kokpunkten, Västerås

Photo: Kokpunkten

Middle Sweden:

Experium, Sälen

With its thrilling surf stream, exhilarating water park, and relaxing spa, there's excitement for all ages at Experium in Lindvallen. Plus, enjoy activities in Sälen throughout the seasons, from skiing in winter to downhill cycling, high ropes courses, and hiking in summer.

Tomteland, Gesunda

Step into the enchanting realm of Tomteland, where fairytales come to life amidst the scenic forests of Dalarna. Encounter mystical creatures like dragons, trolls, gnomes and, of course, Santa Claus himself (Tomten) as you wander through this magical world.

Leksand Sommarland, Leksand

Leksand Sommarland offers a plethora of fun attractions and activities for all ages. From heart-pounding water slides and splash-filled pools to exciting adventure zones and carousels, there's endless excitement to be had.

Sunne Sommarland, Sunne

There's excitement around every corner at Sunne Sommarland, from exhilarating water slides and splash-filled pools to exciting adventure zones and mini-golf courses.

Gröna Lund, Stockholm

Experience thrills and entertainment at one of Sweden's oldest and most beloved amusement parks, located on Djurgården in Stockholm. During the summer, internationally renowned artists take the stage as part of Grönan Live.

Skansen, Stockholm

Step back in time and explore Swedish history and culture at this open-air museum and wildlife sanctuary. Meet Sweden's indigenous animals, including brown bears and reindeer, and learn about traditional Swedish crafts.

Junibacken, Stockholm

Immerse yourself in the world of Astrid Lindgren's characters at this enchanting children's museum. Take a magical train ride through the stories and meet beloved characters like Emil of Lönneberga and Ronia the Robber's Daughter (Ronja Rövardotter), and don’t miss the daily theatre featuring Pippi Longstocking.

Tom Tits Experiment, Södertälje

Unleash your curiosity and engage in hands-on science and technology activities. Challenge your family to solve mind-bending puzzles and conduct fun science experiments together. With over 400 experiments to discover, there is something for everyone at Tom Tits.

Parken Zoo, Eskilstuna

Parken Zoo offers the possibility to get up close to exotic animals, from majestic lions to playful monkeys, while also enjoying a variety of family-friendly rides and attractions. After your adventures, take a refreshing dip in the pool area, the perfect way to cool off on hot summer days.

Kokpunkten, Västerås

Plunge into adventure at this action-packed indoor water park featuring daring slides and pools. Or enhance your experience by diving into virtual reality, where you can swim with sharks. An adrenaline-pumping escapade awaits!

Gustavsvik, Örebro

Make a splash and enjoy aquatic fun at this expansive water park in Örebro. Navigate through twisting slides, cascading waterfalls, and hidden caves as you embark on an exhilarating journey through 'Lost City's' immersive landscape.

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Tiger på Kolmården, Norrköping

Encounter impressive animals and breathtaking rides at Scandinavia's largest wildlife park Kolmården.

Photo: Rikard Monéus / Kolmården

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Woman sitting outside the tiger enclosure while a tiger puts its paw up on the glass window

Tiger på Kolmården, Norrköping

Photo: Rikard Monéus / Kolmården

Young boy riding a colorful water slide at Skara Sommarland with the pool area in the background

Skara Sommarland

Photo: Parks & Resorts

Children and young people dressed as pirates at Daftöland in Strömstad

Daftöland, Strömstad

Photo: Sara Landstedt / Daftö Resort

A green rollercoaster at Liseberg.

Rollercoaster at Liseberg, Göteborg

Photo: Stefan Karlberg/Liseberg

A theatre performance with Pippi Longstocking who is sitting on the porch at her yellow house, Tommy and Annika are standing by her side

Villa Villekulla at Kneippbyn Resort

Photo: Thomas Bäckman/Kneippbyn

A man dressed as the character Lucky Luke has a lasso around a group of other costumed characters at High Chaparral in Småland.

High Chaparral, Småland

Photo: High Chaparral

People in 20th century clothes dragging on each side of a child as part of an act.

Scene from Emil i Lönneberga at Astrid Lindgrens World in Småland

Photo: Astrid Lindgrens Värld

Four people riding in a long colourful waterslide with different lanes at Tosselilla


Photo: Tosselilla

Young boy encountering a Swedish moose in summer at Skånes Djurpark

Skånes Djurpark

Photo: Skånes Djurpark

Southern Sweden:

Kolmården, Norrköping

Encounter impressive animals and breathtaking rides at Scandinavia's largest wildlife park. Are you ready to experience one of Europe's best wooden roller coasters, Wildfire? Families with younger children can also explore the enchanting world of Bamse, where fun-filled adventures await. Bamse is a beloved Swedish cartoon, portrayed as a kind-hearted bear who becomes incredibly strong after eating Grandma's 'thunder honey'.

Skara Sommarland, Skara

Experience the excitement of go-karting, water skiing, exploring an amusement park, and plunging into Scandinavia's largest water park. Skara Sommarland is not just a destination; it's a haven where the fun never stops, catering to the adventurous spirit of both children and adults alike.

Daftöland, Strömstad

Delight in family fun at this charming amusement park located by the sea. Daftöland invites visitors to immerse themselves in a whimsical world of adventure with captivating pirate-themed attractions that promise thrills and excitement.

Nordens Ark, Hunnebostrand

Discover the wonders of Nordens Ark in Hunnebostrand, where you can marvel at endangered species while contributing to essential conservation efforts. Every visit offers a meaningful experience, blending education with the beauty of wildlife preservation.

Liseberg, Gothenburg

Experience adrenaline-pumping rides and entertainment at Sweden's largest amusement park, Liseberg. Feel the rush of excitement as you brave thrilling attractions like Valkyria and Helix. Additionally, renowned artists often take the stage as part of Live on Liseberg's concert concept.

Universeum, Gothenburg

Discover the wonders of science and nature through interactive exhibits and experiences at Universeum. Marvel at the giant indoor rainforest or explore Wisdome Gothenburg, Sweden's largest full-dome visualisation dome, with a 443 square meter projection surface enveloping the audience.

Kneippbyn, Visby

Nestled on Gotland's picturesque waterfront, Kneippbyn offers a variety of attractions, from water slides to adventure zones, ensuring endless fun for all ages. Visitors can also immerse themselves in the magic of Pippi Longstocking at Pippi’s World, where they can experience the original Villa Villekulla.

High Chaparral, Kulltorp

High Chaparral, a Småland highlight, offers a captivating Wild West-themed experience for all ages. From fun rides to authentic Old West shows, guests can immerse themselves in frontier life with saloons, stagecoach rides, and live-action performances.

Astrid Lindgren's World (Astrid Lindgren's värld), Vimmerby

Located in Vimmerby, Astrid Lindgren's World is a charming theme park that brings to life the beloved stories of the renowned Swedish author. From interactive performances to immersive exhibits, guests can enter the world of Pippi Longstocking, Emil of Lönneberga, and other beloved characters from Astrid Lindgren's timeless tales.

Tosselilla, Tomelilla

With over 30 years of history, Tosselilla has become a cherished destination for both locals and tourists. The park features diverse rides and activities, including one of Sweden's longest water slides, guaranteeing boundless excitement for visitors.

Skånes Djurpark, Jularp

With expansive natural habitats and educational exhibits, Skånes Djurpark offers an engaging experience. Encounter predators like wolves and lynxes, or marvel at adorable Scandinavian farm animals. Additionally, at Skånes Djurpark you will find the world's first Shaun the Sheep Land, inspired by the beloved TV series and movie.