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Ängavallen, Skåne
Ängavallen, Skåne
Ängavallen is an organic farm in southern Sweden with a hotel and restaurant.
Photo credit: Ängavallen

Five Swedish roadside restaurants worth stopping for

Food on the road is not always something to write home about – or, more accurately these days, to post on Instagram. These five restaurants, however, are exceptions that prove the rule.

Järvsöbaden, Hälsingland
Järvsöbaden, Hälsingland
Järvsöbaden Hotel & Spa is as beautiful in winter as in summer.
Photo: Järvsöbaden

Järvsöbaden Hotel & Spa, Järvsjö

Located majestically on the foot of Öjeberget hill in a traditional Hälsingland farmhouse, Järvsöbaden has been run by the same family since 1905. Here, you can enjoy traditional Swedish comfort food.

Järvsöbaden Hotel & Spa is a 3.5-hour drive from Stockholm (on E4 and Route 83) and is praised by many motorists heading north.

Interior from a restaurant. Close-up on wooden table set with wine glasses and orange candle lamps.
Axmar Brygga Havskrog
Interior from the restaurant Axmarbrygga Havskrog located on the border between Gästrikland and Hälsningland.
Photo: Karl Albin/Axmarbrygga

Axmar Brygga Havskrog, Axmarbruk

A stunning view towards the archipelago, a charming setting in a former grain storage and a seasonal menu focusing on fish and seafood are the assets drawing travellers to this coastal restaurant.

Axmar Brygga Havskrog is some 40 minutes north of Gävle, following E4 and Axmarstig.

Ölme Prästgård, Kristinehamn
Ölme Prästgård, Kristinehamn
Ölme Prästgård is a vicarage from the 18th century that now run as a hotel and restaurant, situated outside Kristinehamn in Värmland.
Photo: John Persson

Ölme Prästgård, Kristinehamn

A beautifully renovated 18th-century priest directory turned into a countryside restaurant and hotel. The chefs prepare modern interpretations of traditional Swedish cooking, using local and organic ingredients.

Ölme Prästgård is next to E18, a 20-minute drive from Karlstad and one hour from Örebro.

Beer tap at Jernbruket, West Sweden
Beer tap at Jernbruket, West Sweden
Restaurant Jernbruket is located in Floda. Their speciality is locally produced barbecued food and beer from selected craft breweries.
Photo: Jernbruket

Jernbruket, Floda

A small culinary oasis, housed in an old, restored iron warehouse. Everything is cooked over an open fire. The meat is bought from local farmers, and many vegetables are grown in the backyard.

Jernbruket is located by E20, less than a 30-minute drive to or from Gothenburg.

Ängavallen, Skåne
Ängavallen, Skåne
Ängavallen in Skåne is a hotel and restaurant that has both a café and a farm shop that offers organic products from their own farm.
Photo: Miriam Preis

Ängavallen, Vellinge

Stretch your legs and eat on a genuine Swedish farm where the pigs, cows and sheep roam freely. Ängavallen is a hotel and farm-to-table restaurant with 100 per cent organic produce, and the property also includes a café and a farm shop.

Ängavallen is less than 20 minutes south of Malmö by car, next to E22/E6.