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5 sustainable eco tourism experiences in Sweden

Nature's Best is an eco certificate that verifies ethical, high quality nature tours and accommodations in Sweden. It was developed by travel associations, landowners, nature conservation associations, non-profit organisations, public authorities, tourist companies and institutions. When making a booking with one of their approved companies, you can enjoy an eco friendly accommodation or activity in Sweden.

People on horseback cross a stream in Swedish Lapland.
Horse riding
Horseback riding at Ladtjojaure. Ladtjojaure is a mountaine lake situated between Nikkaloukta and Kebnekaise.
Photo: Fredrik Broman/

Ofelas Islandshästar & Guideservice

In the shadow of Sweden’s highest mountain Kebnekaise you find a small, experienced guiding company with Icelandic horses. The area is close to Kalix river in the north, an ancient Sami country, where you are constantly reminded of the previous generations and their way of life. Kerstin Nilsson and Matti Berg, who run Ofelas, actually both have Sami roots, and the word Ofelas refers to the word “guide” in Sami. 

–  We organize excursions with a great deal of consideration for the native flora and fauna. And we also try to convey Sami culture to the participants, says Kerstin. 

Find out more about Ofelas Icelandic horses & Guide service.

Sled dog
Sled dog
Dog sledding is an increasingly popular way to spend an adventures day in the snow.
Photo: Henrik Trygg/


Matti Holmgren and Stina Svensson own and run the company Jokkmokkguiderna, and live year-round in Jokkmokk, a small village just north of the Arctic Circle. 

– We welcome guests that feel empathy for animals and all other living creatures. The dogs are the essence of our life, and we teach our guests how to communicate with them, says Matti and refers to their Siberian Husky kennel with almost 50 Huskies and three Border Collies. 

Right from the start, Jokkmokkguiderna wanted to stress the importance of sustainability.

– I wanted to show people that you could make a living up here in the north, with respect for nature, Matti. 

Find out more about Jokkmokkguiderna.

A person is standing next to a small wooden house piled up on tree trunks.
Björk Experience, Swedish Lapland
Experience Sámi culture, guided hikes, bird watching, fishing and much more with Björk Experience in Gotland, Norrbotten and Västerbotten.
Photo: Robert Hansson/Björk Experiences

Björk Experience by FishYourDream

The Sámi, Sweden’s indigenous people, have a rich cultural heritage. Meet Mikael Vinka and learn about Sámi history, culture and religion through Sámi crafts. With Björk Experience you can enjoy Sámi storytelling around the campfire, but also a ski tour through the Sámi area or a historical village hike.

Björk Experience is a brand within the Nature's Best certified sportfishing company FishYourDream, and has three locations in Sweden: Tjuonajokk and Ammarnäs in Swedish Lapland and the island of Gotland in southern Sweden. In addition to the cultural hikes, they also offer activities like fishing, horseback riding and digital detox. Read more about Björk Experience.

Kayaking in Stockholm archipelago.
Photo: Henrik Trygg/

Kajak & Uteliv

Kajak & Uteliv operates in Roslagen, close to Stockholm, where the inner archipelago meets the outer – a perfect spot for kayaking or canoeing. 

– We just love to paddle and like to share this love with our customers, says owner Astrid Landgren Patterson.

The company organizes courses and excursions, lasting from one to five days. With about 13 000 islands, Roslagen offers a wide range of opportunities for both beginners and advanced paddlers. 

– Our guests truly enjoy the freedom to roam, being able to paddle anywhere, with the wilderness surrounding them, says Astrid. 

Learn more about Kajak & Uteliv.

View of cliffs and sea from above.
Aerial view of Kullaberg, Skåne
Experience the beautiful area of Kullaberg in Skåne.
Photo: Aske Jorgensen/


The people at Kullabergsguiderna give visitors extraordinary but safe nature experiences in Kullaberg, in Skåne. Here, in the south of Sweden, you can take part in cave excursions, go rappelling or hiking, but the most popular activity is a porpoise safari in the sea outside Kullaberg.

– We slow down. We let the porpoise come to us. No stress, no driving around in circles, says David Arborelius from Kullabergsguiderna.

The founders of the company were local entrepreneurs, Joachim Persson and Marcus Petersson, and the company wants to continue recruiting local staff and works closely with the Kullaberg Nature Reserve.

Please visit the home page of Nature’s Best to continue reading about sustainable experiences in nature, and find your favourites regardless of which part of Sweden you are planning to visit on your holiday. 

Read more about Kullabergsguiderna.