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Aerial view of Kullaberg, Skåne
Experience the beautiful area of Kullaberg in Skåne.
Photo credit: Aske Jorgensen/

Trust a local to guide you in the Swedish nature

Regardless if you’re wanting to spot a moose or trying out activities like paddling, hiking, horse riding or fishing, there’s something for everyone in the Swedish nature. Just look for the label ‘Nature’s Best’.

The freedom to roam refers to the right to access nature – walk, cycle, horse ride, ski and camp on any land in Sweden — with the exception of private gardens, the immediate vicinity of a dwelling house and land under cultivation. Many destinations and companies thrive on this, the freedom to roam, with respect for nature.

Nature's Best is a certificate that verifies ethical, high quality nature tours in Sweden. It was developed by travel associations, land owners, nature conservation associations, non-profit organisations, public authorities, tourist companies and institutions.

– We’re working with sustainability along the whole spectrum, says Per Jiborn, general secretary of the Swedish Ecotourism Society, that issues the Nature’s Best certifications.

– That includes everything from the guests taking the train to the destination instead of the car, the guides and the guests collecting their trash, companies showing respect for the local community and paying their staff reasonable wages. 

Today there are around 70 approved Nature’s Best operators around Sweden.

Local know-how

Many of the Nature’s Best destinations are run by passionate enthusiasts who love what they do.

– This means that the guests get to meet exciting and passionate people who know lots about both the local scenery and the culture, says Jiborn.

While tourism creates an economical input to the local community, the visitor gains from contact with local people who can guide them and show them the unique nature and activities.

Jiborn also stresses that while the Swedish small scale tourism thrives on the freedom to roam, it’s also a right that comes with responsibility:

- The right to access the Swedish nature is kind of a contract between the city and the countryside, between you as a visitor and the people living in the area you visit, including the nature. 

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