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Several people are ice skating on prepared tracks on a snow-covered frozen lake. Houses, trees, and mountains are in the background.
Skating on Storsjön, Östersund
Ice skating on Lake Storsjön in Östersund, Jämtland Härjedalen, is a popular outdoor activity in the winter.
Photo credit: Visit Östersund / Håkan Wike

Ice skating in Sweden

When the temperature drops below zero in winter, the ice-skating fever rises. Can't wait to glide over the natural ice in Sweden? We have listed a range of beautiful Nordic skating spots in Sweden, from north to south.

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Winter, the High Coast

Enjoy winter activities such as hiking, ice skating and skiing in the High Coast.

Photo: Leif Wikberg / HK Dest

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Three men are sitting next to a frozen lake during winter. One is enjoying a sandwich and a cup of coffee.

Winter, the High Coast

Photo: Leif Wikberg / HK Dest

Long-distance skating in Åre

Long-distance skating in Åre

Photo: Niclas Vestefjell/

A red house during winter. In front of the house is a set of kick-sleds.

House at Tavelsjön lake, Umeå

Photo: Heidi Vandenbussche

Swedish Lapland

Piteå: The ice rink on Lake Nördfjärden in Piteå has been prepared for ice skating and sledding for more than 20 years in a row. The length of the track depends on the current ice conditions. There’s a beach where you can rent skates and buy something to eat and drink.

Luleå: From December to March/April, you can enjoy a prepared track of about 10 kilometres in Luleå. The track extends from Norra Hamn to Gültzauudden, Södra Hamn and on to Gråsjälören. There are barbecue areas where you can grill sausages.


Umeå: Lake Tavelsjö, about 25 kilometres from Umeå, is ideal for long-distance skating and recreational day trips. The prepared track (some 10 kilometres) has two loops that cross each other so that you can choose your distance. Every year they organise the race Tavelsjörännet. Skates are also available for rent.

Jämtland Härjedalen

Åre: The area around Åre is a natural paradise for long-distance skaters. Lake Ånnsjön is a large but shallow lake. You skate surrounded by, among others, Bunnerfjällen and Snasahögarna. On Lake Ottsjön, you can usually skate quite early in the season. With the Ottfjället mountain as a backdrop, this is one of the most beautiful skating locations in the region. Nearby you'll also find some frozen ponds where you can ice skate.

The High Coast

Nyänget: In Örnsköldsvik, a track is being prepared on Bäckfjärden between Nyänget and Fjälludden. The track is approximately 3 kilometres long and is a popular excursion destination for visitors and locals alike. You can take a break and warm up at Fjälludden, where you also find a sauna.

Härnösand: In Härnösand, a figure-of-eight track is prepared on Godstjärn at Bondsjöhöjdens IP. The trail is about 1 kilometre long, and there are benches and barbecue areas around the lake.

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Long-distance skating on Ösjön, Dalarna

Long-distance skating on Sweden's frozen lakes is a popular winter activity.

Photo: Anna Holm/Visit Dalarna

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Silhouette of three people skating on a frozen lake. The sun is shining orange.

Long-distance skating on Ösjön, Dalarna

Photo: Anna Holm/Visit Dalarna

A woman is long distance skating while another person behind her is pushing a sled on the ice.

Ice skating, Dalarna

Photo: Anna Holm/ Visit Dalarna

Seven people are long distance skating on clear ice a sunny winter day.

Long-distance skating, Värmland

Photo: Jocke Lagercrantz/ Visit Värmland


Runn/Ösjön, Falun-Borlänge: Lake Runn is probably Sweden's most famous skating spot. You will find up to 50 kilometres of prepared tracks and you can use the loop system to map out your desired distance. There are dozens of cosy picnic spots along the trail. Every winter, they host activities and events like Runn Winter Week with World Cup races.

Väsman, Ludvika: On Lake Väsman, you can skate on a 19-kilometre-long prepared track between the marinas of Ludvika and Dröverka. You can also start in between. Around Bärholmarna, you will find a loop of about 1 kilometre. This is also the perfect place to take a break and enjoy a ‘fika’, the Swedish coffee break.


Glafsfjorden, Arvika: Lake Glafsfjorden is an excellent place for wild skating. This lake in western Värmland is connected to Lake Vänern via the river Byälven. Lake Glafsfjorden is popular amongst locals, but there are no prepared tracks. 

Vänern: Fancy ice skating on Sweden's largest lake? You can! Just be extra careful. Because the lake is so large, it takes a bit longer for the ice to thicken, and there are also more treacherous spots. There is no prepared track here, but you can, for example, join the tours of Nordic Eco Tours or, if you are near Karlstad, go to Solstaskäret.


Västerås: Close to the town of Västerås you can ice skate at Björnön in Lake Mälaren. At Aktivt Uteliv in Björnögården (where the famous waffle bar is located), you can rent skates and join courses on ice skating.

Malingsbo: On the border between Västmanland, Dalarna and Örebro, you will find the nature reserve Malingsbo-Kloten. You can book a guided tour with Nordic Discovery.

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Ice skating in Fjällnora, Uppsala

Experience long-distance skating in Uppsala.

Photo: Gustav Dalesjö/ Destination Uppsala

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A snow-covered area and a two people ice skating.

Ice skating in Fjällnora, Uppsala

Photo: Gustav Dalesjö/ Destination Uppsala

Ice skating in central Stockholm

Ice skating in central Stockholm

Photo: Helena Wahlman/


Uppsala: In the Uppsala area, you can put your skates on at Fjällnora Friluftsområde. Weather permitting, you'll find a prepared track on Lake Trehörningen. And at Hammarskogs Friluftsområde, a 15-kilometre-track between Dalbyviken and Skarholmen is provided.


You can also put on your skates in the Swedish capital. Trekanten in Liljeholmen is closest to the city if you opt for skating on natural ice. Drevviken, Magelungen and Långsjön are also popular skating spots in Stockholm.

Half an hour from Stockholm, you can skate on natural ice at Hellasgården. The ice season here usually starts at the end of January. Some organisations that offer guided tours are True Nature Sweden, Green Trails and Stockholm Adventure.

And finally, you can also find several ice rinks in the heart of the city. At Kungsträdgården, you can even rent skates.


Gnesta: One of the most popular skating routes near Gnesta is between the Visnaren and Sillen lakes. Here, you skate on a 39-kilometre-long waterway that connects both lakes.

You can also skate on Lake Båvenen Marvikarna.