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The turquoise canal in Lysekil, West Sweden
The area spanning from the archipelago of Gothenburg in the South, to the Koster islands in the North, is a paddler’s paradise with a marine national park, nature reserves, deserted isles, fishermen’s huts and clear blue waters. The Bohuslän coast and its islands is one of the top ten last great wilderness areas in the world, according to CNN.
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Kayaking in Bohuslän

Did you know that CNN has profiled the archipelago of Bohuslän as one of the top 10 great wilderness areas in the world? With clear blue waters, a marine national park, deserted isles and colourful fishing huts it isn’t hard to imagine why. Rent a kayak and explore the area on your own.

Sweden’s first marine national park Kosterhavet National Park is a popular area to explore by kayak with over 12 000 species under and above the surface, of which 200 are unique to this specific area. The National Park include the Koster Islands which also attracts many visitors thanks to their unspoiled, varied nature. Another popular kayaking spot in Bohuslän is Fjällbacka archipelago which you may have read about in the popular Swedish crime novels written by Camilla Läckberg. The area is full off rugged, rocky granite cliffs and turquoise water which is perfect for kayaking. Further out, in the westernmost point of the archipelago, you’ll find the Weather Islands consisting of a few hundred islets with no permanent residents but a rich animal life and beautiful settings for kayaking. Lastly, Lysekil and Skaftö offer Sweden’s wildest kayaking waters and year round-kayaking opportunities – a perfect tour if you’re looking for a more challenging paddling adventure. 

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Koster – a marine national park

Kosterhavet is one of Sweden’s 29 national parks. Inaugurated in 2009, it is the first marine nature park in Sweden. It is part of the Skagerrak sea and consists of the sea and shores around the Koster Islands. It contains coral reefs and a unique flora and fauna, making the park a great snorkelling site.

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Koster – a marine national park

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