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Cycling tour in Gothenburg
Explore Gothenburg by bike, such as the beautiful Gunnebo House and Gardens located about 10 kilometers from the city centre.
Photo credit: Anna Hållams

Discover Gothenburg by bike

A city tour across Gothenburg’s two main bridges, a mountain bike trail in the nature reserve or a moat sightseeing? Gothenburg on two wheels offers plenty of activities and keeps you fit at the same time.

Gunnebo House and Gardens 

Start from Linnéplatsen and make your first stop at Guldhedstornet Café, a 1950s building with incredible panoramic views over the city. Continue to the old paper factory and the canals of Kvarnbyn in Mölndal, one of Sweden’s most important historical industrial areas. Then make your way to your final destination, Gunnebo House and Gardens – a mansion from the late 18th century. Enjoy lunch made from produce grown in the gardens. You can also book a tour which takes you through the building and tells the fascinating story of the rise and fall of the Hall family, who originally lived here. 

Route: Linnéplatsen-Guldhedstornets Café-Kvarnby Mölndal-Gunnebo Slott
Distance: 21 km  
Map (suggested route) 

Lunch at Gunnebo House and Gardens
Lunch in the green at Gunnebo House and Gardens outside Gothenburg. Photo: Anna Hållams

Änggårdsbergen by mountain bike 

Start slow in the Gothenburg Botanical Gardens, home of 16,000 plant species from all over the world. It is located on a hilly part of a nature reserve, which makes it perfect for a mountain bike trail. The boundaries between the cultivated garden and the wild nature are often blurred, making this a beautiful setting. Signs will lead you deeper into Änggårdsbergen, where you can cycle by lakes and across mountains covered in purple heather.   

Route: Botaniska Trädgården-Änggårdsbergen
Distance: 10 km

City tour  

This tour starts from Götaplatsen, the main cultural square in Gothenburg and home to Gothenburg Museum of Art and Gothenburg City Theatre. First stop is Skansen Kronan, an old fortress with great views over the city. This is a perfect spot for a picnic in the sun, before continuing to the city park Slottsskogen where you can make several pit stops, including the Natural History Museum and wildlife park. Make your way to another incredible view, this time over the Gothenburg inlet from the church Masthuggskyrkan. Finish off where you started, the centrals parts, and head to the historic district of Haga where there are plenty of cafes and shops to choose from. You are now minutes from where you started! 

Route: Götaplatsen-Skansen Kronan-Masthuggskyrkan-Haga-Götaplatsen 
Distance: 10 km 
Map (suggested route) 

Cycling by Röda Sten Art Centre in Gothenburg
Explore Gothenburg city and its outskirts by bike. Photo: Anna Hållams

City center – Saltholmen 

The perfect combination of city and seaside, this route takes you on a day-trip through some of the nicest parts of Gothenburg. Don’t forget to pack a picnic! 

Start from Lilla Bommen and cycle along the water. Continue past Röda Sten Art Centre, located in a rougher, developing part of Gothenburg, and further towards Saltholmen. Once there, find your own spot on a sunny cliff, soak up the fresh West Coast air and enjoy your picnic. Head home along a different route via Mariaplan in Majorna, one of the city’s most beloved neighbourhoods, with charming old wooden houses, cafés and second-hand shops line the streets. Next, stop for a break in Slottsskogen city park, a bit of an extra living room for the locals. Finally, steer your bike towards Lilla Bommen via Haga, an old neighbourhood with a cosy small town vibe, and you’re back where you started.  

Route: Lilla Bommen-Röda Sten-Saltholmen-Mariaplan-Slottsskogen-Haga-Lilla Bommen 
Distance: 25 km 
Map (suggested route)  


This is perhaps the most spectacular of all the five routes. Experience Gothenburg from its main bridges, Göta Älvbron and Älvsborgsbron, and the Ramberget mountain 87 meters above sea level. Getting to the top of this popular lookout point requires a fair amount of pedal power – but the view over the city and its industrial harbour is definitely worth it. For a more modern part of Gothenburg make sure to stop by Frihamnen, a former industrial port undergoing a complete transformation ahead of the city’s upcoming 400th anniversary in 2021. While large parts are still undeveloped, a public sauna and pool are already open to the public.   

Route: Älvsborgsbron, Ramberget- Göta Älvbron- Masthugget- Älvsborgsbron 
Distance: 15 km 
Map (suggested route)

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Skansen Kronan, Gothenburg

Vue de Skansen Kronan, un fort situé sur la colline de Risåsberget dans le quartier de Haga à Göteborg..

Photo: © Per Pixel Petersson / Göteborg & Co

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Skansen Kronan, Gothenburg

Photo: © Per Pixel Petersson / Göteborg & Co

Terrengsykling i Änggårdsbergen i Göteborg, Västsverige

Photo: Daniel Breece/ Göteborg & Co

Biking by Röda Sten Art Centre, Gothenburg

Photo: Anna Hållams

Älvsborgsbron and Röda Sten, Gothenburg

Photo: Anna Hållams

Gunnebo Slott og Hage, Göteborg, Västsverige

Photo: Anna Hållams

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