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Poseidon by Carl Milles at Götaplatsen, Gothenburg
The Poseidon statue designed by Carl Milles, located at Götaplatsen in Gothenburg.
Photo credit: Steampipe Production Studio AB/ Göteborg & Co


Looking for an iconic photo spot in Gothenburg? Head to Götaplatsen located at the end of Gothenburg’s main boulevard Avenyn for an impressive shot of the characteristic Poseidon statue and three of Gothenburg’s most important cultural institutions.

Götaplatsen was established for the World Expo in 1923 when Gothenburg celebrated its 300th anniversary and has been one of the city’s most well-known places since then. The square is not only home to the famous Poseidon statue designed by Carl Milles, but also the Gothenburg Museum of Art, City Theatre and Concert Hall. This means that you’ll have plenty of more things to explore once you reach Götaplatsen. 

The three buildings surrounding the square where all built in the 20th century and have their own characteristics. The Gothenburg Museum of art, designed by Sigfrid Ericson, is perhaps most famous of the three thanks to the majestic steps leading up to the building and its monumental pillars. The view from the museum is truly something special – with Poseidon in the foreground and Avenyn stretching out in the background it has become an icon for the city.  

Götaplatsen, 412 56 Gothenburg 

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Gothenburg Museum of Art

The Gothenburg Museum of Art has a spectacular art collection, with works by artists such as Rembrandt, Picasso and van Gogh, as well as contemporary artists like Charlotte Gyllenhammar and Cajsa von Zeipel.

Photo: Krister Engström / Göteborg & Co

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Gothenburg Museum of Art

Photo: Krister Engström / Göteborg & Co

Concert in Gothenburg

Photo: Frida Winter/Göteborg & Co