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Mountain biking in Änggårdsbergen nature reserve, Gothenburg
Änggårdsbergen is a popular nature reserve located in Gothenburg, perfect for hikes or biking.
Photo credit: Daniel Breece/Göteborg & Co

Hiking and biking in Änggårdsbergen nature reserve

Änggårdsbergen is located only a short walk away from Gothenburg city centre and offers beautiful walking and cycling paths in serene nature – a perfect break from the city buzz.

The nature reserve is connected to Gothenburg Botanical Garden and stretches out south of town, making it easy to access by foot or public transport. With its 320 hectares, Änggårdsbergen offers a varied landscape with valleys, ridges, calm lakes and diverse fauna. There are several walking and cycling paths winding through the area, all with interesting nature to explore. The flora includes many examples typical for West Sweden, such as the vast moorland and heathlands. If you’re into history, make sure to visit the burial sites dating back to the Bronze Age located in the area. Don’t forget to recharge with a Swedish fika at one of the ridges and take a moment to enjoy the magnificent views over the forests, sea or city.

If you decide to explore the area by bike, remember that pedestrians have precedence over cyclists and cycle with care.

Änggårdsbergen Nature Reserve, 431 59 Mölndal

Mountain biking in Änggårdsbergen nature reserve, Gothenburg

Mountain biking in Änggårdsbergen nature reserve, which is connected to the botanical gardens in Gothenburg.

Photo: Daniel Breece/ Göteborg & Co