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Amusement park Liseberg in Gothenburg
Amusement park Liseberg in Gothenburg
Family fun at theme park Liseberg in Gothenburg.
Photo credit: Anna Hållams

Make the most of your family’s weekend break in Gothenburg

Insane roller coasters, scientific expeditions, shopping and good food – Gothenburg has it all. This 48-hour guide will help you do more in two days than you would otherwise manage in a week.

“The best thing about being in Gothenburg is there’s so much to do,” says mother-of-two Elisabeth Larsen-Vonstett. “Our teenager just wants to go shopping because the shops here are so great. We took the tram between shopping districts, while the youngest went straight to Liseberg with Dad.” 

No wonder the speed freaks can’t wait to get to Liseberg. The Valkyria roller coaster, which opened in August 2018, offers a vertical drop of 50 metres and a speed of 105 km/hr. Your stomach will turn somersaults before you’ve even boarded.

Getting around Gothenburg’s pavements and trams with a baby buggy is easy too. Buy a ticket for the charming Gothenburg tram with the To Go app and get ready for a holiday to remember.  

Day 1 

10.00 am: Brunch up for the day! 

Most adults really enjoy having a proper brunch. In Gothenburg the brunch trend is strong and both children and grown-ups can find and enjoy a meal that will keep them happy and full for the rest of the day. What about eggs, pancakes, bagels or fruit? Vegetarian perhaps? Everything is on offer in this city. You could even combine your brunch with an activity, such as playing a round of boules at Boulebar, where children under five can eat for free.  

Read more about Boulebar here:

11.00 am: Go for a swim 

Summer can be pretty hot in Gothenburg, so cool yourself down! Luckily, the city lies on the coast and the River Göta runs through it. Allmänna badet is an outdoor public swimming pool close to the harbour. Perfect for a quick dip! If you prefer a swim in the sea, take the tram to Saltholmen, where you can launch yourself off the rocks. Younger kids will certainly have fun down at the water’s edge on the long sandy beach at Näset. You can get there by taking the bus to Näsbovägen. Check out Västtrafik’s To Go app for route suggestions. 

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Allmänna badet, Gothenburg
Cooling down at Allmänna badet - a swimming pool located in the port Frihamnen in central Gothenburg. Photo: Beatrice Törnros

1.00 pm: Set the heart racing at Liseberg 

Happy and satisfied, hop on the tram to Liseberg amusement park. You’ll probably end up with a slight stomach-in-your-mouth sensation after riding on AeroSpin, Balder and AtmosFear, with their combination of height, speed and freefall. You need to be a certain height and a certain age to go on some rides, but if you’re not yet tall or old enough and still use a dummy, you now have the perfect opportunity to stop that. Give your dummy to the baby rabbits in Rabbit Land, and you’ll get a certificate and a rabbit hug as a reward. Mum and Dad can make the most of the baby care facilities and even take the opportunity to hire a baby buggy. Up to 3.1 million people visit Liseberg each year, so if you should happen to get separated in the crowd, you can find each other again at Gästservice at the centre of the park. 

Download the Liseberg app to check the queueing times for attractions and to book show tickets. It also has a feature to help you find your friends and the nearest eatery.  

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Amusement park Liseberg in Gothenburg
Family fun at theme park Liseberg in Gothenburg. Photo: Anna Hållams

5.00 pm: Bon appétit! 

Gothenburg’s chefs are really talented and several hold Michelin stars, so the whole family can eat well here, whatever their tastes. At Liseberg, the choice ranges from vegetarian to juicy burgers. But there’s nothing quite like taking the family for a nice restaurant meal. Try Brasserie Lipp, for example, which is well known for catering for the younger dinner guest. And when the little ones are full, they can draw on the paper tablecloths. It’s true! 

Read more and book your table at Brasserie Lipp here: 
Location: Kungsportavenyn 8

Day 2 

10.00 am: Play smart at Universeum 

Go on a safari to the Amazon. The Universeum Science Centre has an amazing model of a rainforest which is home to sloths, monkeys, birds and piranhas. The view from the top of the 25-metre-high kapok tree takes in the whole of the forest. Universeum also has an exciting aquarium designed in the shape of a hall, which you can walk through to spy on the sharks and the other fish. Come along and see what the sharks eat for dinner.  Alternatively, meet king cobras and other creepy snakes in the reptile house or look to the sky and try out life in a space capsule at Universeum’s space exhibition. What’s it like, for instance, to eat your dinner while your food is floating away? 

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Universeum Science Center, Gothenburg
Explore Universeum, where animals and nature are mixed with new technology and exciting experiments. Photo: Frida Winter/Göteborg & Co

1.00 pm: Take a picnic in Slottsskogen 

This 42-acre park is shared by humans and animals alike. Bring along a delicious lunch from one of the many fine delis. Maybe afterwards you’ll dig up a treasure from the sandpits in the playground at Plikta? 

Slottsskogen in Gothenburg
Slottsskogen in Gothenburg is a popular park and a perfect picnic spot in the city. Photo: Steampipe Production Studio AB/Göteborg & Co

The park also houses Slottsskogen Zoo, which is open 24 hours a day all year round and has free entry. It’s really funny watching the penguins and seals get excited as their lunch is being served by the zoo keepers. The Way Out West festival is also hosted here every August.  

Read more about Slottsskogen.

3.00 pm: Shopping 

Buy new shoes, a school outfit or a gift for someone back home. Gothenburg has a number of good shopping districts, where you’re guaranteed to find something you need (sort of) as well as something a little more extravagant. The major fashion houses and the hottest brands can be found in the streets around Kungsportsplatsen. Magasinsgatan is the place to find stylish Swedish design. Check out the furniture and lamps at Artilleriet and have a bite to eat in one of the many food trucks parked here. 

Artelleriet, Gothenburg
Interior design at Artilleriet in Gothenburg. Photo: Kim Svensson/Göteborg & Co

If you want to unwind while you shop, take the tram to Hagakyrkan or Järntorget and the historic district of Haga, where the shops are really charming. Pop inside the Little Karin toyshop to see the doll’s houses and wooden toys for sale. Take a coffee break in one of the cosy cafés. Or if you’ve suddenly run out of time, check out the exclusive department store NK and the Nordstan shopping centre.  

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