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Trams by the canal and houses of Gothenburg. Flowers and trees surrounding the canal, and two kayaks in the water.
Explore Gothenburg by tram
Taking the tram is the prefect way to get around in Gothenburg. There are both modern and more old-fashioned trams taking you all around the city.
Photo credit: Anders Wester/Göteborg & Co

See Gothenburg by tram and boat

Don’t be fooled by the outward appearance of Gothenburg’s trams: behind their nostalgic exterior, these trams are an efficient method of getting around. And this is how you do it.

Gothenburg’s blue trams always manage to coax a smile from out-of-town visitors as they glide through the city. The oldest carriage dates from the mid 1960s. The rest of the fleet, both old and new, is reminiscent of the 1960s carriages with their blue skirts and white tops. But as far as comfort is concerned, there’s very little that’s reminiscent of the sixties, even if some of the older models are actually renovations. In total, there are 263 trams serving 12 routes that criss-cross the city from the Central Station to Liseberg and from Brunnsparken to Saltholmen, covering the whole of Gothenburg from one side to the other. 

You’ll go a long way on just one ticket 

You can purchase a single ticket from ticket machines on board a tram or in a shop. Doing it this way will cost SEK 23 for a child and SEK 30 for an adult. However, if you download Västtrafik’s To Go app, you can save money on both ticket types. Wherever you buy your ticket, you can use it for a full 90 minutes on trams, buses and trains as well as on ferries out to the islands of the archipelago. Smart, right? Using the To Go app, you can chart where you are and where you want to go and get an instant and accurate route and departure time. 

Thinking of staying in Gothenburg for a few days? Then buy a 24- or 72-hour card. The 24-hour card costs SEK 95 for adults and SEK 70 for children, while the 72-hour card costs SEK 190 for adults and SEK 140 for children. Then you can travel as often as you like. Bear in mind though, if you’re over 20 years of age and have purchased a 24- or 72-hour card, you can be accompanied by up to three children on the same card. You can use a Visa card or Mastercard issued by a Nordic bank to buy tickets in the To Go app. Students and retirees can also get a discount. For information about prices, paying methods and ticket sales, visit

Sightseeing in and around Gothenburg 

Kungsportsavenyn, Stora Teatern, Haga: taking the tram is an excellent, as well as an economical, way to see Gothenburg. If you’re wondering what to see along the way, or just want to find the perfect Instagram spot, you can download the tram sightseeing app, Spårvagnssightseeing, to get a private tour. The app guides you to the nearest stop and selects a suitable service and departure time. The app kicks in once you’re on board and tells you about the places you’re passing. Just remember to bring your ear plugs or headphones. 

Non-profit organisation Ringlinien periodically runs vintage trams from Gothenburg’s century-old tramway history from the Central Station to Liseberg via Avenyen. Sightseeing and history on the same ticket!  Check out the timetable for information on the next departure or go to Ringlinien for more details. 

Classic tram in Gothenburg
A tram passing by Brunnsparken in Gothenburg. Taking the tram is a great way to explore the city. Photo: Superstudio D&D/Göteborg & Co

Explore the archipelago with a tram ticket 

Gothenburg’s tram network is the gateway to so many great sights and experiences. You can even island hop with a tram ticket. Just outside of Gothenburg lies a group of little islands with small beaches, red-painted fishing huts and rough rocky slopes that are perfect for fishing. What about a bathing trip to the tiny island of Vrångö with its shallow beaches? Or maybe lunch on Hönö? With a 24- or 72-hour card, you can hop from island to island at no extra charge.

Facts about transportation: 

  • It’s easy to get around Gothenburg by tram. You can take up to three children with you on a 24- or 72-hour card, which makes it an affordable option for a family. If you rather travel by bus or take the ferry, you can use the same type of ticket there.  
  • The tram will take you to all of the attractions on offer. If you’re arriving in Gothenburg by air, the airport bus will take you to the major tram interchange at Korsvägen right next to Liseberg and Universeum, then on to Kungsportsplatsen with its many shops, and finally on to the Nils Ericson terminal at the Central Station. From there, it’s easy to continue on to wherever you’re going.  If you’re arriving by train or bus, the trams run from right outside of the main station to the whole city. 
  • Use the To Go app to purchase tickets and plan journeys.  

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Avenyn, Göteborg

A tram passing by on Avenyn, Gothenburg's main boulevard.

Photo: Steampipe Production Studio / Göteborg & Co

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Avenyn, Göteborg

Avenyn, Göteborg

Photo: Steampipe Production Studio / Göteborg & Co

Modern tram, Gothenburg

Modern tram, Gothenburg

Photo: Anna Hållams

Ferry to Vrångö island, Gothenburg

Ferry to Vrångö island, Gothenburg

Photo: Emil Fagander / Göteborg & Co