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Fika is much more than having a coffee. It is a a reason to set aside a moment for quality time. It can be to take a break and rest your feet while out shopping with your friends
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Cafés in Malmö

It’s all about the coffee in Malmö. Their coffee bars mean business and locals know their beans, brews and blends like it was their lifeline.

Coffee and café culture is blossoming in Skåne where you will sample some of the most delicious breads and cakes in Sweden. The region is also the Swedish epicentre for coffee geeks, with several micro-roasteries and coffee shops of the highest standard. Here is just a sample of places that serves colourful and good coffee in Skåne.


Hollandia is a classic café and patisserie with elegant salon-style ambience, charming boudoir décor, red velvet chairs, and is the most central place to clink coffee cups and unwind after a spot of shopping. Coffee, romance and a little bit of tart on the side. Perfect.


Café Slottsträdgården, (Malmö Castle Garden), is an organic garden and café that is a big draw in summertime. Come here for lunch or a coffee and celebrate the birds and the bees and a picture perfect garden setting.


Lilla Kafferosteriet at Baltzarsgatan 24 is a cosy coffee roastery and café in a home-style feeling two-story house. Find a chilled-out vibe and a cosy garden oasis where carefree coffee addicts set the tone. The mantra? Freshly roasted coffee and nothing less, thank-you-very-much.

If you feel like catching a coffee in a stand up Italian-style coffee joint, Solde Kafferosteri in Malmö is a given pit stop for the coffee enthusiast. The roasting has successfully created their own character, bloomy, tart and nuanced.. The various beans are sourced from select plantations with emphasis on ‘single origin’ finds hunted down by the owner on his field trips.

Head to Kaffebaren Möllan and experience the whole world of 40 square meters. This is the trendy coffee bar in the middle of Möllevångstorget in Malmö. This small coffee bar has turned in to a cosmopolitan hub.  

Further afield 

The whole Skåne region has several micro-roasteries and coffee shops to explore.

Love Coffee Roasters coffee bar and shop in Lund is an obvious place for coffee lovers. On the store shelves you will always find freshly roasted coffee from various origins and blends for both espresso and filter brewing. 


For chocolate fans don't miss Malmö’s only chocolate museum with its own production of chocolate. Visit Malmö Chokladfabrik (Malmö Chocolate Factory). Their famous hot chocolate, chocolate fondue and truffles are ambrosia for chocolate addicts.

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Le café de Slottsträdgården à Malmö

Slottsträdgården à Malmö est composée de différents jardins et d'un café populaire.

Photo: Kristoffer Ohlsson

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Le café de Slottsträdgården à Malmö

Photo: Kristoffer Ohlsson

The cafe of Slottsträdgården, Malmö

Photo: Helena Bergqvist

Lilla Kafferosteriet in Malmö

Photo: Carolina Romare

Le marché Malmö Saluhall

Photo: Miriam Preis

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