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Ben Fogle
Ben Fogle - a broadcaster from London and a participant in 'the 72 Hour Cabin'
Photo credit: Magnus Klang

Ben Fogle - The Broadcaster

Ben Fogle is a British TV host and explorer. He is 43, lives in London with his wife, two children and their dog. He has previously worked for BBC, Discovery and National Geographic, and has written several books. He’s rowed across the Atlantic, raced to the South Pole and crossed the Empty Quarter on a camel.

Describe your stressful everyday life as a Broadcaster

As a broadcaster, my life is in perpetual motion. I'm always moving. On a train, plane, bus, car, boat, taxi, bike, or on my feet. I travel to more than 40 countries each year sleeping somewhere different each night. There is very little consistency. It can be stressful when you never stop. 

What do you usually do/think of to calm down in your everyday life?

Time with my family is very therapeutic. We like to go for long walks in the wilderness. I also love dogs. They calm me. 

Have you ever been to Sweden?

I have been to Sweden many times but this will be my first experience with Cabin life. 

What do you know about Swedish nature?

I think that Sweden has some of the greatest wilderness in the world. 

What are your expectations of the stay in Sweden’s nature?

I am hoping it will help me destress and unwind from my frenetic travel. I am writing this from the airport in Bolivia, South America after two weeks of work in the Andes. I'm looking forward to a chance to unwind in the Swedish wilderness 

Ben Fogle - The Broadcaster
Ben Fogle - The Broadcaster