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Chris Leadbeater
Chris Leadbeater - a journalist from London and a participant in 'the 72 Hour Cabin'
Photo credit: Magnus Klang

Chris Leadbeater - The Journalist

Chris Leadbeater is a British travel journalist who works for the Telegraph. He is one of the participants in the 72 Hour Cabin project.

What is the most stressful part of your job as a travel writer?

Trying to file a feature from one assignment while I am away on another. In an ideal scenario, I would devote time away purely to the trip I am researching, but deadlines don’t work like that.

How much experience do you have with spending time in nature?

I live in London, with all the issues that come from being in a big city – too much traffic, lots of people, transport delays etc. But I’m lucky in that my work takes me to amazing places, and I’ve enjoyed the wilderness in places as far-flung as South America, the USA, the Far East and New Zealand.

What do you know about Swedish nature?

I spent a long weekend on the Koster Islands a few years ago, cycling, walking and swimming, so I know what to expect.

Chris Leadbeater - The Travel Journalist
Chris Leadbeater