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Läckö Castle and Naturum Vänerskärgården, West Sweden
Two architectural gems, Läckö Castle and Naturum Vänerskärgården, by lake Vänern in West Sweden.
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Naturum, Vänerskärgården, Victoriahuset and Läckö Castle

Naturum Vänerskärgården Victoriahuset is a visitor centre and architectural gem located by the shores of lake Vänern. The building is located only three hundred meters away from Läckö Castle – one of West Sweden’s most beloved tourist destinations.

Vänern is Sweden’s largest lake and is surrounded by breath-taking scenery. However, it is not only the pristine nature that draws visitors to the area - Läckö Castle and Naturum Vänerskärgården are two excellent examples of Swedish architecture from different eras. Läckö Castle has been voted Sweden’s most beautiful mansion and with its baroque charm it’s not hard to see why. The foundation of the castle was established in medieval times, but it was largely refurbished when the warlord de la Gardie was granted the property in the 17th century. Nowadays you can take a guided tour of the castle and even listen to operas or concerts in the courtyard.  

Once you’ve toured the castle, stroll over to Naturum Vänerskärgården Victoriahuset. A ‘naturum’ is a visitor centre inviting guests to learn more about the nature an animal life of an area. However, Victoriahuset is also interesting from an architectural point of view. The building, designed by White Arkitekter, has a wooden facade and interior. The vertical ribs on the facade reflects the trees and reeds of the archipelago and the pavilion’s glazed section with views over the lake blurs the line between the indoors and outdoors.  

Don’t forget to pack your back – Victoriahuset offers several peaceful hotel rooms. 

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Summer at Läckö Castle, West Sweden

On a cliff by the side of Vänern rises Läckö Castle, captivating in its Baroque splendour, sensual gardens, magnificent treasures and ancient medieval vaults.

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Summer at Läckö Castle, West Sweden

Photo: Roger Borgelid/

Läckö Castle Garden, West Sweden

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Läckö Castle

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Friendly breakfast

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