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The Edible Country
The Edible Country is an initiative from Sweden, where the whole country is turned into a DIY-restaurant. Top chefs were invited to compose menus based on ingredients that can be found in Swedish nature. Several wooden tables were placed all over Sweden, and anyone can make a reservation to create a Swedish meal sourced in nature and then enjoy it in stunning scenery.
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The Edible Country

In Sweden, naturally healthy food can be found just around the corner – in our forests, lakes and meadows. That’s why we’ve created the world’s largest gourmet restaurant: the Edible Country. In collaboration with four Michelin-starred chefs, we have created inspirational menus featuring local produce to help you experience the Swedish pantry.

The Chefs

Four Swedish Michelin-starred chefs have created the menu suggestions for the Edible Country experience. These chefs all share a love for nature and what it has to offer. Their recipes will help give you a memorable visit in the Swedish nature.

Our Tables

Reserve your seat at the Edible Country table of your choice. Currently, we have eleven tables from north to south. If they're fully booked, don’t worry, there are another 100 million acres of fine do-it-yourself dining available for you.

What's fine do-it-yourself dining?

Fine do-it-yourself dining means cooking gourmet food for free, with ingredients that you can find in Swedish nature. (You might need to bring some salt, butter and honey, but that’s it).

Menu suggestions

The menu suggestions in this dining experience, are all made up of dishes that each represent a season and a part of Sweden. The dishes are based on ingredients that you can find in Swedish nature. (You might need to bring some salt, butter and honey, but that’s it). The recipes are easy to follow and suits anyone interested in enjoying a delicious and naturally healthy meal. Please note that all of the Edible Country tables have their own local menu, offering add-ons like local guides and chefs.

The Drinkable Country

Welcome to the world’s largest open-air bar.