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The Edible Country, Orbaden
‘The Edible Country’ is a do-it-yourself gourmet restaurant where the visitors forage and cook their own food in Swedish nature.
Photo credit: Staffan Michelson

Orbaden, Gävleborg

Gävleborg is made up of two provinces; Hälsingland to the north and Gästrikland in the south. Come and indulge in the unique food culture of Hälsingland and turn back the clock to a time when farming and fishing were thriving industries in this county.

Today, the sea, the forests and the small farms and crofts produce mouth-watering local ingredients. From classic fish delicacies and dairy specialities to colourful littering of berries and mushrooms from the fairy-tale forests, you’re guaranteed a tasty natural treat. The table is located in the rolling hills of Hälsingland, above the village of Orbaden. Witness mesmerising views that stretch along the Ljusnan River Valley below, and out across the neighbouring meadows to the dense forests beyond.

Adventure and beauty are words engraved into the dictionary in Gävleborg, home of Sweden’s fastest zipline! Race your family and friends along a 500 metre cable at speeds of up to 80 kilometres per hour (km∕h) at Orbaden Zip & Climb. For those who prefer a more tranquil setting, a stay at the Bergaliv Landscape Hotel provides you with uninterrupted views over the treetops that will put your mind at peace. The Large Carnivore Centre is home to “The big five”; namely the bear, wolf, lynx, wolverine and the human. Come and peak into the digital world of Sweden’s most famous predators. “Keep it simple, stupid!” That’s the philosophy of organic brewery, Organic Smash, producers of 100% organic beer on only one kind of malt and one kind of hop.

Other Close to Nature Food/Drink Experiences

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Reserve your seat

This table offers The Edible Country and The Drinkable Country.

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Eating outdoors
Eating in Swedish nature. Swedish forests are filled with edible treats such as berries, mushroom, nettles and other greens, and they are of course best enjoyed in the outdoors.
Photo: Tina Stafrén/

A do-it-yourself outdoor dining experience

Decide which table and natural landscape you would like to explore and make a reservation. Your reservation includes a seat at the table, inspiring local recipes and a kit with basic supplies to help prepare your findings and prepare a delicious experience.

Foraging with a local guide in the Edible Country, Sweden
A group gets information from a local guide before they forage for delicacies in the woods.
Photo: August Dellert

Get the full experience of the wild with our add-ons

While foraging, eating and drinking in nature is fun, it can also be a bit of a challenge. For a truly fulfilling experience, we recommend you book an add-on. A local foraging guide, a professional chef, bartender or comfortable accommodation nearby will make your visit all the more memorable.

The Edible Country

100 million acres of fine do-it-yourself dining.

The Drinkable Country

Welcome to the world’s largest open-air bar.