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A table is filled with various vegetables such as pumpkins, tomatoes and parsley.
Osprey Farm & Studio, Strängnäs
The 'long lunch' is an educational experience where guest chefs create unique menus focused on the farm's own produce and carefully selected ingredients from the region. In addition to the lunch, you can buy organic ingredients and handicrafts produced on the farm.
Photo credit: Osprey Farm & Studio

10 unique sustainable food experiences

Want to participate in a one-of-a-kind foodie experience in Sweden? Look no further. Here are ten pioneers offering holistic food and drink experiences that aim to educate and inspire in equal parts, by way of local produce and keen collaborations with like-minded talents.

A woman pouring apples into a wooden box.
Köpings Musteri
Köpings Musteri is Sweden’s first commercial organic apple orchard and is run by the family Ryberg-Ericsson. The farm offers beverages tastings where you will learn more about the produce and the production.
Photo: Andreas Hylthen

Local Farm Cider & Grub, Köpings Musteri, Köping

An organically certified cider farm, Köpings Musteri makes cider and juice with apples from Sweden's oldest commercial organic orchard. Take a 1.5-hour tasting tour of this fruity wonderland to learn about the orchard’s close to 40 apple varieties and drinks production – and how the climate, soil and other factors affect the taste. Enjoy a juice or cider tasting with a platter of cheese, cured meats and bread.

A green long wooden table is set with glasses, plates and yellow flowers. The table stands outdoors in a wooden building.
Lunch at Osprey Farm & Studio, Strängnäs
The 'long lunch' is an educational experience where guest chefs creates unique menus focused on the farm's own produce and carefully selected ingredients from the region. In addition to the lunch, you can buy organic ingredients and handicrafts produced on the farm.
Photo: Roccos

Long lunch at Osprey Farm & Studio, Strängnäs

Set in beautiful nature by Lake Mälaren, Osprey Farm & Studio's ‘Long lunch' (långlunch)' concept centres on the farm’s diversity of vegetables, herbs and flowers, with which guest chefs create unique menus with sustainable principles at the forefront. Educational in style while celebrating creativity and craft beyond the art of cooking, this foodie experience includes a tour of Osprey's own ceramics studio and architecture.

A portrait of Lisen Sundgren in nature surrounded by greenery. She is smiling into the camera.
Life by Lisen, Stockholm
The herbalist, forager and nature and forest therapy guide Lisen, offers sustainable and healthy activities such as forest bathing walks and workshops on natural cooking.
Photo: Bianca Brandon Cox

Eat the Weeds, Life by Lisen, Stockholm

This experience will have you re-evaluate many common garden weeds as delicious and sustainable ingredients. Guided by herbalist and wild food enthusiast Lisen Sundgren, you'll learn how to forage and cook edible plants. The Eat the Weeds ('Ät upp ogräset') excursions take place in beautiful settings such as Rosendals Trädgård – a much-loved green oasis in central Stockholm – and Osprey Farm & Studio, as well as other inspiring spots across Sweden.

An a-frame house with glass doors located in the forest.
Swedish Country Living, Köpmannebro, Dalsland
Swedish Country Living offers sustainable accommodation in cabins built with natural materials from the surrounding forest. During your stay you get to experience the beautiful Dalsland and its local and organic food.
Photo: Agnes Maltesdotter

Swedish Country Living, Köpmannebro, Dalsland

Defining itself as a ‘Back to Nature’ break, Swedish Country Living offers experiences set in the beautiful nature of Dalsland. ​With accommodation in spacious country houses or off-grid cabins, packages include farmhouse breakfasts, lunch and dinner. Since you'll spend much of your time hiking or canoeing, packed lunches of the local variety are also on the menu. Sustainability is a crucial factor here and guests are given a guided tour to learn about Swedish Country Living's holistic approach to food, sustainable buildings and regenerative agriculture. Swedish Country Living won the 360° Eat Guide ‘Experience’ category in 2021.

Two beds are in a room with wooden walls and floor. The room has glass doors to a patio with two chairs overlooking nature.
Naturlogi, Östergötland
The suits at Naturlogi are surrounded by nature and have private hot tubs.
Photo: Naturlogi

Forest, food & fire, Naturlogi, Linköping

As the name suggests, Forest, food & fire ('Skog, mat & eld') is an experience focused on local produce cooked in the forest over an open fire. Hosted by Naturlogi, with accommodation in the form of cosy cottages, you'll be provided with locally sourced and home-grown ingredients. In tune with the seasons, the menu is ever-changing, with fuss-free recipes that allow quality produce to take centre stage.

A chef is standing outside by the sea cooking mussels in a large pan.
Musselbaren, Ljungskile
Enjoy fresh mussels at the eco-friendly restaurant Musselbaren or experience a mussel expedition to the vast offshore farms to learn more about the sustainable delicacies.
Photo: Peter Mild

Mussels tour, Musselbaren, Ljungskile

Join the sustainable Swedish restaurant Musselbaren on a boat trip to west Sweden's Lyckorna fjord and its vast mussel bank. During this 4.5-hour adventure, you’ll learn everything about mussels and harvest your own catch. Back on land, participate in preparing the shellfish, and enjoy your ‘moules frites’ with fresh bread and aioli.

A group of people standing on a hiking trail in a forest.
Hike on the Gotaleden Trail, Pathfinder Travels, Lerum
Experience delicious food and comfortable accommodation while hiking between Gothenburg and Alingsås. Several small-scale and sustainable restaurants with locally produced food are located along the hiking trail.
Photo: Adrian Nordenborg

A hike to savour on the Gotaleden Trail, Pathfinder Travels, Lerum

A hike to savour on the Gotaleden Trail ('Njutvandra Gotaleden') is an idyllic weekend hike and local food experience rolled into one. You’ll explore the Gotaleden Trail – running from Gothenburg to Alingsås – along with a string of small-scale food producers and restaurants on the way. As you reach Floda, lunch is served at Garveriet – a much-loved foodie destination celebrated for its focus on local produce. Nääs Fabriker Hotel & Restaurang is another highlight situated close to lake Sävelången in a 19th century cotton mill, with several shops in the area selling everything from cheese, bread and beer to clothes and design objects.

A large tent is set on a beach.
Surflogiet, Gotland
Experience glamping right on the beach when staying at Surflogiet.
Photo: Surflogiet

Surflogiet Experience, Tofta, Gotland

Eco-minded surf hub Surflogiet – situated by the sea on the island of Gotland – is keen to share and educate guests about the culinary heritage of the region. Throughout your beachside stay – between SUP and wave surfing sessions – you'll be invited to sample food cooked with locally sourced ingredients, from asparagus to lamb. Even the milkshakes are local, handmade with ice cream from the island.

A wooden table with plates and lanterns stands in a forest. A large tent is in the background among the trees.
Nyrups Naturhotell, Östra Nyrup, Höör
Nyrups Naturhotell has six sleeping huts located in the forest in Skåne. The hotel has no wifi or running water and you will cook your meals over an open fire with ingredients from local farms while relaxing to the sounds from the nature.
Photo: Apelöga

Nyrups Naturhotell, Östra Nyrup, Höör

Immersed in the beautiful nature of Skåne, Nyrups Naturhotell is much more than a hotel with good food. A stay here involves open-fire cooking with seasonal ingredients, locally sourced and delivered for you to prepare with friends or fellow guests. As you relax in these peaceful and hiking-friendly surroundings, you'll feel at one with nature, experiencing sustainable living and outdoor cooking – all giving you a confidence boost and a new set of life skills.

Two women and three men are sitting at a table during a beverage tasting. A man and a woman are smelling the beverage.
Absolut Home, Åhus
Experience a guided tour at Absolut Home and learn the history behind Absolut Vodka up to today’s production philosophy.
Photo: Absolut Home

Absolut Home Experience, Absolut Vodka, Åhus

Swedish icon Absolut Vodka's journey with pure spirits free of toxins began back in 1879. Take a 1.5-hour guided tour at the Åhus hub to learn about the history of ‘The King of Vodka’ and the people behind the famous tipple’s success and production process. You’ll also discover why the spirit is only made from locally sourced winter wheat, distilled using a unique and circular seed-to-bottle process. At the end of the tour, you get to mix Absolut Vodka’s take on the famous Cosmopolitan cocktail.

These 10 pioneers were all nominees in the 2021 edition of the 360° Eat Guide ‘Experience’ category. 360° Eat Guide supports and rewards Nordic cuisine and food experiences that achieve culinary excellence in combination with sustainable practices. The nominees in the ‘Experience’ category cover a broad spectrum of food and drink experiences in Sweden. Scattered across the country, they all share a collaborative spirit and passion for inspiring and educating their guests with experiences that engage on a culinary and sustainable level.