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Ästad Vineyard
No, Sweden is not known for its wine, though there are roughly 30 vineyards in Sweden. Ästad Vingård is one example, located in the province of Halland in southern Sweden

Discovering Sweden's wine country: Exploring the vineyards

Sweden may not be the first place that comes to mind when discussing winemaking. However, nestled within its rolling hills and lush countryside are hidden gems – vineyards that produce distinctive, world-class vintages. In recent years, Swedish winemaking has gained recognition for its quality and innovation, challenging preconceived notions about where exceptional wine can be made.

Swedish winemaking is growing and gaining recognition, driven by favourable climate conditions, passionate winemakers, and advancements in viticulture techniques. While the country's northern location might seem unsuitable for grape cultivation, innovative methods and a focus on cold-hardy grape varieties have allowed Swedish vineyards to thrive.

According to Alf Tumble, a well-known Swedish wine expert and author, what makes Swedish winemaking unique is the cool climate, which results in wines with high acidity, the use of PIWI grapes (primarily Solaris), and the often-distinctive labels.

"It's always possible to sneak in a good Swedish wine in a blind tasting with international wines and surprise with the quality," he says.

Wine is one of the oldest beverages in the world and has been produced for thousands of years. However, Sweden only began to experience success with fine wines at the turn of the millennium because, according to the EU, it was prohibited until 1999. The country now has over a hundred wineries, about 40 of which produce wines professionally enough to be sold.

"The development has progressed from hobby activities to around 40 commercial producers in about 25 years. It's only in the last 5-7 years that it has gained momentum, and long-term investments have been made," says Alf Tumble.

In Sweden, the state monopoly Systembolaget reserves the sale of most alcoholic beverages, so wineries cannot sell their products on the farm. However, they can offer tastings and serve their wines in the winery's restaurant. The success of Swedish wines is attributed to the continuous improvement of the art of winemaking and the opportunity to visit many of the wineries themselves.

From the southernmost tip of Skåne to the picturesque landscapes of Södermanland, each region offers its unique terroir, which influences the character and flavour profile of the wines produced. Here are 20 vineyards you can visit to delve into Swedish winemaking.

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Blaxta Vineyard is the first winery and vineyard in Sweden. They produce wine from grapes of Vidal, Merlot and Chardonnay but also from local fruits and berries, such as raspberries. They are especially known for their Apple Ice Wine Åkerö.

Photo: Björn Tesch/

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Photo: Björn Tesch/

Alf Tumble, wine expert

Photo: Daniela Spiroska

Särtshöga vineyard, Östergötland

Photo: Särtshöga Vingård

Långmyre Winery, Gotland

Photo: Joel Nilsson / Långmyre Vineri

Grapevines, Långmyre Winery, Gotland

Photo: Joel Nilsson / Långmyre Vineri

Gute Vineyard, Gotland

Photo: Gute Vingård

Ästad Vingård in Halland

Photo: Kristian Sahlberg


Photo: Jerker Andersson/

Exploring Swedish vineyards

Blacksta Vineyard, Flen (Södermanland)

Blacksta Vineyard is located in the Södermanland region and is Sweden's northernmost winery. It is less than a two-hour drive from Stockholm. The vineyard features an in-house restaurant called "Kung Black" that has received high praise. Additionally, 15 hotel rooms are available for guests in restored 17th-century buildings.

Särtshöga Vineyard, Väderstad (Östergötland)

Särtshöga Vineyard, nestled near Vättern, specialises exclusively in sparkling wines made using the traditional method, primarily from the Solaris grape variety. With two hectares dedicated to viticulture, they also produce apple juice and luxurious cider. The vineyard offers tours and tastings, including an evening restaurant service. The vineyard also offers six rooms for rent.

Gute Vineyard, Hablingbo (Gotland)

Gute Vineyard is committed to producing wines that reflect the region's unique terroir. They cultivate diverse grape varieties, including Solaris and Rondo, to craft wines that capture the essence of Gotland's maritime climate and limestone soils. The winery was established in 1999 and is one of the first wineries in Sweden to work exclusively biodynamically. Their farm restaurant also focuses on authenticity, and their associated accommodation is a highly recommended guesthouse in the STF network.

Långmyre Winery, Burgsvik (Gotland)

Långmyre Winery is located on the western coast of Gotland. Its location benefits from a mild maritime climate and sandy soils, which make it ideal for grape cultivation. The vineyard was established in 2018 and focuses on using organic farming methods. Currently, the plantation has five grape varieties, three of which are white and two red. These varieties are known as "piwi varieties," which are hybrids. The vineyard is open for booking requests throughout the year and had its first harvest in 2020.

Wannborga Vineyard, Köpingsvik (Öland)

Nestled on Öland, Wannborga Vineyard thrives in a maritime climate and limestone-rich soils, ideal for grape growing. Specialising in sustainable farming, it cultivates aromatic whites like Solaris alongside Orion, Phoenix, and Seyval Blanc. Offering a diverse selection, Wannborga produces white, red, rosé, and sherry-like fortified wines. Wannborga Vineyard also provides holiday accommodations in an idyllic setting.

Ästad Vineyard, Tvååker (Halland)

Ästad Vineyard offers more than wine – it's a destination with a luxurious spa and two exquisite restaurants. Guests can enjoy wine tastings during the day and unwind in the evening with cold baths or a dip in the heated outdoor pool, perhaps accompanied by a glass of their renowned sparkling wine produced using the traditional Champagne method. Accommodation options range from lavish suites with private spas to cosy log cabins.

Stora Boråkra, Karlskrona (Blekinge)

Just 10 minutes from downtown Karlskrona, you'll find Stora Boråkra, a magnificent estate dating back to the 1880s. With 3,800 grapevines, this vineyard is the largest in Blekinge. It focuses on producing white, sparkling, and rosé wine alongside some grappa. You can visit the vineyard and winery, sample the wines, and savour a meal in a lovely setting.

Stora Horns Vineyard, Hasslö (Blekinge)

Stora Horns Vineyard is located at Hasslö's oldest estate, dating back to the late 1700s. Its sunny location in the archipelago outside Karlskrona, combined with mild winds during spring and autumn and fertile soil, provides excellent opportunities to produce high-quality red and white wine. The vineyard organises guided tours and wine tastings.

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Murat Sofrakis & Lena Jörgensen, the Vineyard in Klagshamn

The husband-and-wife team Murat Sofrakis and Lena Jörgensen has been producing wine since 1999.

Photo: Roger Nellsjö

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Murat Sofrakis & Lena Jörgensen, the Vineyard in Klagshamn

Photo: Roger Nellsjö

Vineyard in Klagshamn, Skåne

Photo: Nick Parfit

Thora Vineyard, Skåne

Photo: Thora Vingård

Flädie vineyard, Skåne

Photo: Flädie Mat och Vingård

Kullabergs Vineyard

Photo: Studio Vega / Kullabergs vingård

Kullabergs Vineyard, Skåne

Photo: Kullabergs vingård

Skåne – the heart of Swedish winemaking

Thora Vineyard, Båstad

Thora Vineyard, located on the scenic Bjäre Peninsula between Båstad and Torekov, overlooks the Halland Värderö. Visitors can enjoy guided tours and tastings, experiencing the area's tranquillity while sampling high-quality wines from locally grown grapes such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, and the typical grape in Sweden, Solaris.

Lottenlund Estate, Allerum

The Lottenlund Estate, located outside of Helsingborg, is a vineyard that not only produces wine but also focuses on beekeeping and apple farming. During the summer, visitors can enjoy wine tastings and guided vineyard tours. The estate is dedicated to promoting sustainability by using grape press residues for distillation and cultivating fungus-resistant grape varieties to avoid the use of chemical pesticides.

Flädie Vineyard, Bjärred

Flädie Vineyard, nestled in southwestern Skåne, thrives in a microclimate balancing coastal and inland influences. Five grape varieties are grown on mineral-rich clay soil, focusing on healthy vines and natural balance. Under the Wikholm family's ownership since 2020, the vineyard's dedication to excellence extends to its hotel and restaurant, offering guests an immersive wine experience.

Klagshamns Vineyard

Located south of Malmö, the Klagshamn Vineyard (Vingården i Klagsman) was established in 2001 and is managed by Lena Jörgensen and Murat 'Murre' Sofrakis. Driven by their love for wine, they began experimenting with vine cultivation in 2000 and became pioneers in Sweden's wine industry. The couple never compromises on quality and has produced wines of the highest international standards, winning awards in competitions worldwide. You can visit the vineyard for a guided tour between May and August.

Hällåkra Vineyard, Anderslöv

Hällåkra Vineyard is one of Sweden's oldest and largest vineyards near Anderslöv on south-facing slopes. It covers seven hectares and produces various red, white, sparkling, and sweet wines. The vineyard is currently planning to expand by 20-30 hectares. During the summer, visitors are welcome to enjoy vineyard tours and tastings. Lunch and dinner service is also available for those wishing to dine at the vineyard.

Kullabergs Vineyard, Nyhamnsläge

Kullabergs Vineyard is a sizeable 14-hectare vineyard located near Nyhamnsläge. The vineyard focuses on Solaris and Souvignier Gris grapes and produces award-winning white, rosé, orange and sparkling wines, as well as noble spirits. If you plan to visit, Kullabergs zoffers vineyard tours and tastings.

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Arilds vineyard

Skåne has a large number of vineyards which serves locally produced food and drinks.

Photo: Apelöga

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Arilds vineyard

Photo: Apelöga

Arilds vineyard, Skåne

Photo: Arilds vingård

Skepparps vineyard, Kivik

Photo: Björn Rix / Skepparps Vingård

Flyinge vineyard, skåne

Photo: Flyinge Vingård

Arilds Vineyard, Arild

Arilds Vineyard is the country's largest vineyard – charmingly situated on the southern slopes of Kullaberg, north of Helsingborg, with guest rooms and glamping tents amidst the vines. Some 125,000 vines on 23 hectares provide grapes for white, rosé and sparkling wines. The main grape variety is the fungus-resistant Solaris, which thrives best in the cool Scandinavian climate and produces wine with a pleasant acidity.

Köpingsbergs Vineyard, Köpingebro

Köpingsbergs Vineyard, situated in southern Österlen, combines a historic farm with three hectares of vineyards, specialising in Pinot Auxerrois and Solaris grapes for their sparkling wines made using the traditional method. Guided by the winemaker, tastings are available to book, with an art exhibition on display.

Skepparps Vineyard, Kivik

Skepparps Vineyard encompasses four hectares of vineyards. It grows Solaris, Rondo, and Cabernet Cortis grapes for white, rosé, and sparkling wines crafted using the traditional method. Vineyard tours and tastings are available on select days.

Vejby Vineyard, Vejbystrand

Vejby Vineyard offers a unique experience with its ancient Georgian-style wine cellar, producing orange and red wines in various exciting styles. Former architect Jeppe Appelin boldly diverged from the mainstream preference for white wines by opting to craft wines with vibrant red, pink, and orange tones. The vineyard offers tours and tastings, where visitors can explore the rich history of winemaking.

Flyinge Vineyard, Flyinge

Horse lovers are familiar with Flyinge and its expansive royal farm, an equestrian centre dating back to the Middle Ages. What's less known is that a modern winery in Flyingeby produces some of Sweden's finest wines, primarily from the Solaris grape variety. These wines include white, sparkling, and orange varieties. The winery provides pre-booked guided tours.

Åhus Vineyard, Åhus

At Åhus Vineyard, around 150 wine growers work together to grow various types of wine, including still white, sparkling white, rosé, and red. As a subscriber, you'll get the opportunity to experience being a winemaker and tend to your vine row, with guidance provided at every cultivation phase. Åhus Vineyard prioritises providing top-notch care for their vines to produce exceptional grapes. The hand-harvested grapes are then vinified and bottled in the winery. During the summer, you can take part in guided wine tours.