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The moose is common all over Sweden, except for on Gotland. It is the largest deer animal in the world, 2 metres in height and weighing up to 400-500 kilograms.
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Encounter Sweden’s wildlife at a safari

Sweden is covered in vast expanses of untouched nature, providing an endless habitat for wildlife such as bears, reindeer, moose and birds of all sizes. Sweden is therefore ideal for wildlife safaris – here’s an eco-friendly selection to consider.

No matter where you happen to be in Sweden, you’re never far from nature. Even urban environments have some form of natural haven within striking distance. A considerable portion of Sweden is uninhabited, and much of this land is untouched nature, spanning forestry, flower meadows, lakes, rivers, mountains and archipelago. This natural wonderland attracts wildlife in varied forms. So what creatures are you likely to encounter? The deep, enchanted forest – which covers nearly 70 % of the country – is a paradise for Swedish moose, bears, beavers, red squirrels and many other species.

Take full advantage of Sweden’s nature and the rich wildlife it attracts, through a number of outdoor experiences, like eco-friendly wildlife safaris with focus on various beasts – from Swedish moose to bears and beavers, and an exciting range of birdlife. We’ve singled out a selection of adventures, from shorter excursions to five-day, fully immersive experiences. Many of the organisers share a desire and drive to protect biodiversity and spread knowledge about Swedish nature and wildlife, sharing information on Sweden’s freedom to roam, which covers the delightful custom of foraging.

Here is a crop of Swedish wildlife safaris:


The red fox usually lives in groups or pairs. They are very adaptable and are available in all environments. They occur from the northernmost wilderness to the villa garden in the south.

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Discover reindeer and Swedish moose in Swedish Lapland

Wild Sweden”, a reputable, eco-minded safari organiser, offers an experience in Swedish Lapland focused on tracking down reindeer and Swedish moose, and perhaps even golden eagles.

Watch the bears of Gästrikland

Bears in Sweden roam surprisingly close to civilisation. A mere two-hour drive from Stockholm Arlanda airport, you’re able to experience brown bears in their natural habitat courtesy of organiser “Wild Nordic”. From a custom-made wooden hideout in the enchanted pine forest of the northern region of Gästrikland, you’ll benefit from views in three directions. At this vantage point, you’re likely to spot bears, as well as other creatures of the forest, such as foxes, badgers and red squirrels. The hideout has space for four people and the trip includes a night’s stay plus snacks and breakfast. This unforgettable adventure is bookable between May and September.

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Brown bear

The Scandinavian brown bear is a peaceful omnivore that mainly feeds on berries, ants, grass and herbs. Bears could once be found all over Sweden. In the late 1920s, the bear became a protected species, after almost becoming extinct. Today there are around 3300 bears in Sweden and they can mainly be found in the northwestern part of Sweden.

Photo: Håkan Vargas S/

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Brown bear

Photo: Håkan Vargas S/


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Sleep among bears in Hälsingland

There are plenty of bears in Sweden and the natural wonderland that is Hälsingland is a particular draw for these furry beasts. Wildlife tour organiser “Vargas” has a thorough knowledge of bears and their movements. From your prime position in the woods – safely based in a comfortable and strategically positioned hideout, complete with beds and bathroom – you’ll be able to observe bears going about their business, and get good photographs to immortalise the experience. The animals have grown accustomed to groups observing them from this spot, meaning that you can get as close as five metres. This experience can be booked privately or as part of a group. A cosy forest cabin, located near the hideout, is available to rent. There’s a kitchen but no running water, though you’ll have access to clean water in the adjacent lake.

Discover Swedish moose, beavers, wolves and more in Västmanland

An all-round Swedish wildlife experience organised by “Wild Sweden”, you’ll be using the delightful Kolarbyn Eco Lodge as your base from which to explore the stunning nature and inhabitants of Västmanland’s province. The guided Swedish moose and beaver safaris (each lasting about five hours), will take place over three days, during which time you’ll no doubt spot an abundance of other wildlife as you make your way through the varied terrain. As part of the experience, expert guides will teach you a range of bush craft techniques, share tips on foraging and help you to light a fire – over which you’ll cook ingredients provided daily. You’ll also have the option of extending the experience with an atmospheric wolf howling tour, spending an additional night in a tent.

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Eagle safari

Eagle Safari in Skåne through Nature's Best. There are several ecotourism tour operators in Sweden. The best way to find them is through Nature's Best, which is the first national quality label for nature tours in Europe.

Photo: Staffan Widstrand/

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Eagle safari

Photo: Staffan Widstrand/

Golden eagle

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Photo: Helena Wahlman/

Spend time with golden eagles and other birdlife in Gästrikland

From its base in the deep forest of the idyllic province of Gästrikland, “Wild Nordic” offers a range of activities with focus on various forms of Sweden’s wildlife. If you’ve always dreamt of getting close to a golden eagle, this one’s for you. You’ll be guided to a cabin – built from mostly recycled wood and boasting views in three directions – frequented by these magnificent creatures. The hut is also a magnet for other birds, including different species of woodpeckers, goshawk and white-tailed eagles. Various kinds of tits (great blue coal, crested and willow tits), ravens, nuthatches, tree creepers, bullfinches, bramblings and robins are among the other birds you’re likely to encounter. This experience, which includes a night’s stay in the cabin and snacks, is available between December and March.

Acquaint yourself with a Swedish moose family in Östersund

Nestling in scenic nature a 20-minute drive from Östersund in the region of Jämtland, the team at “Moose Garden” will take you on an educational one-hour tour to meet a herd of elks roaming in a sprawling enclosure combining meadow and woodland. You’ll get the opportunity to stroke and feed them a lunch of raw potatoes sourced locally. It’s an unforgettable experience, even for Swedes who’ve grown up with elks in their midst. “Moose Garden” offers onsite accommodation in the shape of wooden lodges near the herd’s stomping ground. Alternatively, contemporary hotel and spa Frösö Park Hotel is a 20-minute drive away on the island of Frösön. Don’t miss Stocke Titt nearby – a quality café set within a historic homestead with marvellous mountain views, where you might even spot a Swedish moose.