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Folkets park in Malmö
Folkets park in Malmö
Folkets park in Malmö.
Photo credit: Apelöga/Malmö Turism

Top 5 outdoor activities in Malmö

Want to combine city life with Swedish nature? With its beaches, vast parks and several canals, nature is always nearby in Malmö. We’ve listed our favourite outdoor activities in Malmö, from ice swimming to sightseeing by bike.

Bathing at Ribersborgs Kallbadhus
Bathing at Ribersborgs Kallbadhus
Bathing at Ribersborgs Kallbadhus
Photo: Tina Axelsson

The open-air bath Ribersborgs Kallbadhus

Ribersborgs Kallbadhus, or 'Kallis' as the locals call it, is located by the popular Ribersborgs beach in Malmö. The open-air bath is an oasis for both locals and visitors wanting to experience Swedish traditions such as sauna bathing and ice swimming.

The building is an interesting example of Swedish architecture from the late 19th century and it is a must-visit for anyone wishing to experience Swedish traditions in tune with nature. Five saunas, two seawater pools, two wood-fired hot tubs and a sun deck are available. The facilities are divided into two sections, for males and females, with one shared sauna. Kallis is open all year round – and for a genuinely Nordic-style sauna experience, we recommend ice swimming in the winter. This is proven to enhance your mood as it increases endorphins in your body. 

Once a month, Ribersborgs Kallbadhus arranges Queer Kallis, where they open up the facilities for everyone, discarding the usual division for males and females to be a more inclusive facility for HBTQ+ visitors. 

Torup Castle is a large brick building with a tower on the right. It is surrounded by greenery.
Summer at Torup castle, Skåne
Take a guided tour of Torup castle and its gardens, Malmö, which is one of Sweden's most well preserved renaissance castles.
Photo: Daniel Karlsson

Swedish nature and culture in Bokskogen, Torup

Bokskogen translates to ‘the beech forest’, which is precisely what it is. Located in Torup outside Malmö, it's a great place to explore Swedish nature. However, you will also find a few cultural gems hidden between the beech trees.

Several hiking trails in Bokskogen wind through calm nature, past ponds and lush meadows. Some hiking trails are connected to the Skåneleden hiking trail, inviting you to hike even further in the Skåne countryside. You can also cycle between Malmö and Bokskogen via an old railway embankment through the stunning Swedish countryside.

The beautiful nature in Bokskogen might take your breath away; however, don’t miss Torup Castle and its gardens while you’re there. The castle was built in the 16th century and is an excellent example of Swedish architecture and design. The museum Statarmuseet and the area's historical buildings are also well worth a visit.

Kayaking in Malmö, Skåne
Kayaking in Malmö, Skåne
Kayaking is a fun way to explore Malmö city.
Photo: Apelöga

Kayaking in Malmö city

Kayaking is a fun way to experience the city of Malmö and the wildlife and beaches of southern Sweden. Book a three-hour kayaking tour with Ram Silwal, a local Malmö guide with more than 20 years of experience, where he guides you from the inner city canals out to the sea. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or more experienced; you will get to learn basic paddling techniques and safety before you set off. 

You meet at Ribban Beach Camp by the popular Ribersborgs beach in central Malmö and will paddle through the city's canals and out at sea. This is an excellent way to experience Malmö’s skyline from a new angle. You won’t be able to miss the skyscraper Turning Torso in the Western Harbour, rising about 650 feet above the ground. All equipment is included, even a tasty Swedish 'fika' after the tour!

Slottsträdgården, Malmö
Slottsträdgården, Malmö
Der Slottsträdgården (Schlossgarten) in Malmö, Skåne, besteht aus mehreren verschiedenen Gärten und einem beliebten Café.
Photo: Helena Bergqvist

Malmö – the city of parks

If you’re seeking beautiful places to relax in Malmö, look no further than the parks Pildammsparken and the Castle Garden.

Pildammsparken translates to Willow Pond Park, and the ponds here were the city’s water reservoir in the 17th century, with willows planted around the ponds to strengthen their barriers. The Scandinavian designers Erstad-Jörgensen and Bülow-Hüber later transformed the reservoir into a public park. Today, visitors come to Pildammsparken for its mix of summer music events, forest, green areas, ponds and beautiful flowers.

Only a short walk away lies the Castle Garden (Slottsträdgården) – a 12,000 square meter park surrounding Malmö Castle. The park comprises numerous small ecological gardens with different themes, such as kitchen gardens, rose gardens and orchards. Don’t miss the harvest festivals, floristry workshops and other summer events.

Cycling in Malmö
Cycling in Malmö
Malmö is een geweldige stad om te fietsen. Je kunt op verschillende plekken een fiets huren en de stad vanaf het zadel verkennen.
Photo: Apelöga

Sightseeing by bike in Malmö

Malmö is an excellent city for cycling and it’s a great way to explore the city sights at your own pace. Rent a bike and make your way to the historical castle Malmöhus, dating back to the 16th century. From there, you’ll pass beautiful city parks on your way to Emporia shopping center

Emporia is a great example of modern Swedish architecture thanks to its interesting hollow shape, rainbow garage and colourful interior design. From there, keep cycling to the Öresund Bridge abutment. The views from here will surely take your breath away! It is a great place for a picnic on the grass while enjoying the view of the majestic Öresund Bridge connecting Sweden and Denmark. 

Keep cycling along the popular Ribersborg beach until you reach the Western Harbour and the twisted skyscraper Turning Torso - another excellent example of innovative Scandinavian design. From there, you are only minutes away from where you started and can return your bike. Here is the suggested route on Google Maps

Popular bike rentals are TravelshopMalmö by bike and Donkey Republic.