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The head of a woman above the surface in a lake.
Summer swim
Reconnecting with nature at one of Sweden’s 100 000 lakes. Nature is always close at hand in Sweden and many people turn to nature to recharge during the week.
Photo credit: Alexander Hall/

Top 6 nature experiences in Småland

The region of Småland, in southern Sweden, is known for its pristine nature and vast forests. There are no less than four national parks in the region and lots of outdoor adventures for everyone. If you are feeling energetic try ziplining, hiking and cycling, explore the coast and archipelago islands, and then relax in a wilderness spa and spend the night on a private island.

Man doing zipline in Småland
Zipline, Småland
Little Rock Lake Zipline in Småland offers adventures for all ages.
Photo: Destination Småland

Little Rock Lake Zipline

In the deep forests of Småland lies the largest zipline adventure in Europe. With five adventures to choose from and almost 5000 meters of zipline between the treetops, there won’t be a dull moment at Little Rock Lake Zipline. The five different adventures differ in adrenaline level and length, not difficulty; meaning that all forest adventures are accessible to everyone between the age of 5 and 99, depending on your bravery. You can also try hiking or fishing in the area, or just recharge in the mountain pool with views of beautiful nature.

Västervik archipelago, Småland
Västervik archipelago, Småland
Västervik archipelago comprises about 5000 islands, of which some are totally uninhabited whereas others have restaurants, activities and accommodation on offer.
Photo: Palle Wahlgren/Destination Småland

Västervik archipelago

With five thousand islands to explore, Västervik archipelago is a paradise for both adrenaline-junkies looking for adventure and holidaymakers seeking a moment of peace. Some of the archipelago islands outside Västervik are untouched and only inhabited by seabirds, whereas others are popular summer destinations with accommodation, restaurants and an array of activities on offer. Except for the stunning scenery, it is the diversity that makes Västervik archipelago so interesting. Why not start your day kayaking between the islands? Or reconnect with nature by hitting the hiking trails along the sea? You can also book a diving tour or try bouldering on the natural rocks on the islands. Or just sit back at one of the archipelago restaurants and watch the sailboats go by.

Women sitting in a tree overlooking the lake in Åsnen nationalpark.
National Park
Åsnen is Sweden’s 30th national park, it is a large lake archipelago with almost 1000 islands. The National Park is largely unaffected by human presence and there is unique nature to explore. Åsnen is a great spot for kayaking, biking, fishing or just walking in beautiful surroundings.
Photo: Alexander Hall/

National parks of Småland

The region of Småland is known for its stunning nature. In fact, there are no less than four national parks in the region, all with different characteristics.

Store Mosse National Park boasts Sweden’s largest bog south of Lapland. With more than 40 kilometres of walking paths, it is the perfect hiking destination.

Blå Jungfrun National Park is a granite island that majestically rises from the sea. It is interesting in both a natural and historical perspective, as the island has been inhabited since the stone age. Don’t miss the labyrinth created centuries ago.  

Åsnen National Park is a beautiful lake archipelago, with over 700 km of shoreline. Explore unique natural environments, largely unaffected by human presence, and enjoy the serene archipelago islands dotted around the national park. 

Norra Kvill National Park consists of virgin forest which hasn't been logged for almost two centuries. Explore the 350-year-old trees, the calm forest lake with water lilies and bogbean, and take in the magnificent view from the mountain.

Two boys riding mountain bikes at at Isaberg Mountain Resort, Småland
Mountain biking at Isaberg, Småland
Mountain biking at Isaberg Mountain Resort. Isaberg offers various activities all year around, such as biking, hiking, skiing, fishing and kayaking.
Photo: Patric Ivansson/Isaberg Mountain Resort

Isaberg Mountain Resort

Looking for mountain bike, rodel adventure, water activities and great skiing all in one place? Look no further than Isaberg Mountain Resort. It is an exciting leisure centre with activities for the whole family, open all year around. Enjoy the tranquillity from a kayak or take the opportunity to upgrade your MTB skills and boost your adrenaline levels on a new 2600 sqm pump track. You can also try your luck on the 36-holes golf course, try a tree top adventure or go fishing in the nearby lake. And as if that wasn’t enough, Isaberg Mountain Resort is a popular ski resort in Sweden, with ten slopes ranging in difficulty. There are accommodation and restaurants on site too, inviting you to relax with your loved ones between all the fun.

Private island in a lake at Ramoa Adventure Village in Småland.
Ramoa Adventure Village in Småland
Stay the night on a private island at Ramoa Adventure Village in Småland.
Photo: Ramoa/Smålands Turism

Ramoa Adventure Village

Cook a five-course meal over open fire, relax in the wilderness spa and spend the night on a private island. Sound like a dream? Well, it’s reality at Ramoa Adventure Village. If you’re looking for unique experiences in Swedish nature, this is the place to visit. Ramoa Adventure Village offers activities such as biking, canoeing and kayaking, but also outdoor cooking and a relaxing wilderness spa. However, the most unique experience is perhaps the tiny island of Ramoa, located in the small lake Örken, a 20-minute canoe ride away from the Adventure Village. The island is only a few square meters, but there is room for a small wooden house where you can stay the night. Fall asleep to the sound of the water lapping gently against the shore and wake up as the sun is rising above the misty lake.

Two people cycling on a tree lined allé surrounded by fields, while the sun is setting.
Sydostleden stretches almost a full 300 kilometres. The trail starts in Simrishamn, southeastern Skåne, and takes you through an ever-changing landscape all the way up to the city of Växjö, in Småland.
Photo: Mickael Tannus

Sydostleden biking trail, Växjö-Simrishamn

Looking for an active, yet varied holiday? Explore the diverse region of Småland from your bike on the popular Sydostleden trail. Sydostleden is a 270-kilometre-long cycling trail stretching between the forests of Växjö and the coastline of Simrishamn in Skåne, in the far south of Sweden. The bike trail is mainly car-free and there are many beautiful spots to explore along the way. Why not start off by spending a few days in Växjö? This small town offers an interesting mix of award-winning Swedish restaurants, unique shopping and cosy streets. Once you’re on your way, make sure to stop at the Åsnen National Park – a unique lake archipelago in Småland, where you can cool off by taking a dip in the lake. Continue your journey on winding forest roads, past lakes and mountains, for as long as you like.