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Design hotel and restaurant
PM & Vänner is a hotel and restaurant group in Växjö. The architect Jonas Lindvall and designer Ingegerd Råman have created an elegant, innovative and tasteful hotel. PM & Vänner serves locally sourced food in the restaurant and has been awarded for its gastronomic food several times.
Photo credit: Alexander Hall/

Top Swedish food experiences in Småland

Interested in traditional Swedish food, Michelin star restaurants or healthy gourmet tours in Swedish nature?

Småland has got you covered. This region in southern Sweden has a diverse food scene with great restaurants. In fact, even Björn from ABBA has opened a restaurant here! Oh, and don’t miss the beloved Swedish dessert ‘ostkaka’ originating from Småland.

Slottsholmen, Småland
ABBA-star Björn Ulvaeus' boutique hotel and restaurant Slottsholmen in Småland.
Photo: David Vall/Västervik Framåt

Slottsholmen, Västervik

Curious about what the stars of ABBA ate when touring the world? The menu at Slottsholmen is inspired by ABBA-star Björn Ulvaeus’ life and travels around the world. Ulvaeus grew up in the small town of Västervik and has always had a deep love for his hometown. In 2018 he opened Slottsholmen– an eye-catching boutique hotel and restaurant with magnificent sea views in Västervik. At the age of 13, Ulvaeus worked as an errand-boy at the restaurant located here at the time. The current menu is inspired by the dishes Björn served when working here, and by the traditional Swedish food his mother cooked when he was a child. However, the menu is also inspired by Björn’s favourite meals from his journeys around the world with ABBA.

The restaurant Idö Skärgårdskorg, Småland
Idö Skärgårdskrog offers breathtaking views of Tjust archipelago in Småland.
Photo: David Wall / Regionförbundet Kalmar Län

Idö Skärgårdskrog – in the Tjust archipelago

Idö Skärgårdskrog is tucked away on the island of Idö in Tjust archipelago. The restaurant is located on a hill on this little archipelago island, and on clear days you can gaze out over miles of glittering sea while enjoying a delicious seafood lunch. In the summer Idö Skärgårdskrog offers a popular lunch menu inspired by the flavours of the Swedish archipelago. Or why not stay for dinner and try the freshly caught fish as you watch the sun set over the sea? You can choose to sit inside in the marine themed restaurant or out on the terrace in the summer breeze. Make sure to pack your swimsuit and comfortable shoes as Idö offers great swimming opportunities and pristine nature to explore after your meal. In the summer, there are regular boats taking you between the island and Västervik in just half an hour.

Autumn at Wallby Säteri, Småland
On the shores of lake Skirö lies the idyllic estate Wallby Säteri, which serves excellent Swedish cuisine with international influences.
Photo: Emma Ivarsson/Smålands turism

Wallby Säteri, Vetlanda

On the shores of lake Skirö lies the idyllic estate Wallby Säteri. The restaurant serves innovative Swedish cuisine, with influences from all around the world. This is the place to visit if you’re interested in experiencing Swedish food traditions. The menu at Wallby Säteri changes with the seasons as all food is made from scratch, with ingredients sourced from the own farm or producers in the local area. You can taste the home-grown new potatoes and sweet vegetables in spring, with a smorgasbord of herring, snaps and songs. Or why not experience crayfishing and a Swedish crayfish party in the early autumn, or an outstanding Christmas buffet of Swedish dishes at the end of the year? The table is set after season, meaning you might enjoy your food outdoors under the stars, or in a historical dining room from the 19th century. 

Syltan restaurant, Småland
Syltan was awarded Culture Restaurant of the year in 2018 and is located in the museum Vandalorum in Småland.
Photo: Boggi Reklambyrå/Smålands turism

Syltan Vandalorum, Värnamo

Syltan was awarded Culture Restaurant of the year in 2018. It is the perfect place to experience both tasty sustainable Swedish food and Scandinavian design. At Syltan everything is baked and cooked from scratch, using only locally sourced and organic ingredients, for a delicious and nutritious experience. They offer both an affordable lunch menu on weekdays and an à la carte menu until 4pm every day, with both traditional Swedish food and other dishes. For dessert, try one of the mouth-watering home baked pastries before hitting the exhibitions. Yes, Syltan is in fact the museum restaurant of Vandalorum, a prominent design museum showcasing works by international and Swedish designers in four wooden barns outside Värnamo!

Restaurant PM & Vänner i Växjö in Småland
Restaurant PM & Vänner.
Photo: Tina Stafrén/Visit Sweden

PM & Vänner, Växjö

PM & Vänner is a gastro hotel aiming to create a modern interpretation of the culinary traditions of Småland. In order to do so the restaurant uses local produce from the forest, lakes and meadows of the area – creating Swedish food with a twist. Thanks to the chefs’ dedication, skilled craftsmanship and creative gastronomic thinking, the menu at the restaurant is constantly evolving. There is an impressive selection of wines from all over the world available too, and like the menu, the wine selection is frequently assessed in order to create a unique gastronomic experience. Furthermore, PM & Vänner is a prime example of Swedish design and architecture. The key elements ‘forest, lake and meadow’ are visible in the design too, such as the oak floor sourced from local forests and the bathrooms decorated with limestone from the nearby island of Öland.

Red cottage
Korrö is a lovely little village in Småland. The village is filled with traditional, red Swedish houses which gives you an instant feel of Bullerbyn from the Astrid Lindgren saga.
Photo: Alexander Hall

Korrö Health & Gourmet Tour

Taste traditional Swedish food as you explore the idyllic 16th century village of Korrö, and the surrounding nature reserve. The little handicraft village of Korrö dates back to the 16th century, when it was first mentioned in writing. Today it is a village of 22 traditional red wooden houses dotted around the Ronneby river. Korrö Restaurang & Café is a popular spot in the village, which offers Swedish cuisine such as potato pancakes and lingonberry jam. However, the restaurant also organises an appreciated Health & Gourmet tour in Korrö nature reserve. The guided tour lasts for 4-5 hours and you’ll stop at different stations in stunning surroundings to try local delicacies such as cheese, sausages, jam and fruit juices. You’ll also learn what edible ingredients you can forage yourself, and you’ll get to know more about Swedish folklore stories.