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Cherry blossom
Enjoy the colourful spring in Sweden.
Photo credit: Michael Jönsson/Scandinav Bildbyrå/

Spring in Sweden

Spring is the season when Sweden slowly wakes up and then bursts into life. The days are getting longer, nature boasts its splendour and the crowds have yet to arrive. If you wish to experience Sweden with all your senses, spring is the time to come.

When is spring in Sweden?

Roughly, spring in Sweden is said to be from March through May. However, according to The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI), spring arrives on the first day of seven with a temperature above 0°C. As Sweden is a very long country, the arrival of spring varies greatly between the northern and the southern part. For an up-to-date report on how far spring has come in Sweden, look at SMHI:s season arrival map.

Average temperatures per month in Sweden

  • Kiruna, northern Sweden: -2°C to -13°C in March, -6°C to +3°C in April, 0°C to+9°C in May.
  • Stockholm, middle Sweden: -2°C to +4°C in March, +1°C to +10°C in April, +6°C to +16°C in May.
  • Malmö, southern Sweden: -1°C to +6°C in March, +2°C to +12°C in April, +6°C to +16°C in May.
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White anemone nemorosa ('vitsippa') blooms in early spring and is found throughout Sweden, except in the northernmost parts.

Photo: Thomas Adolfsén/Scandinav Bildbyrå/

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Photo: Thomas Adolfsén/Scandinav Bildbyrå/

Cherry bloom in Stockholm

Photo: Lola Akinmade Åkerström/

Midnight sun

Photo: Asaf Kliger/

Why is spring the best season to visit Sweden?

The beautiful sound of bird songs, the subtle scent of flower buds, the bonfires with a promise of a bright future … where do we even begin?

Nature lovers are in for a treat. The past winter’s melting snow and ice create a spring flood, making this the best time to discover Sweden’s accessible waterfalls. If you go on a hike, you will most likely get rewarded with Swedish spring signs like snowdrops, coltsfoot and maybe even a sea of wood anemone.

If you come for a city break, you might be lucky to catch the cherry blossoms. Spring also means opening the outdoor areas of restaurants, bars and cafés, and you’ll see locals flocking under blankets, sharing a ‘fika’ while soaking up the sun.

The light is another spring benefit in Sweden. The days grow longer rapidly, and when the clock is adjusted for daylight savings time on 31 March, you can expect long and bright evenings. In fact, if you visit northern Sweden at the end of May, you’ll be able to experience the spectacular phenomenon of the Midnight Sun.

Another benefit of visiting Sweden in spring is that you get to experience the country before the crowds during the summer season. Hotels are generally more affordable, visitors at attractions are fewer and it’s quite possible that you can have that nature experience all by yourself.

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Two dancing cranes among other cranes at Hornborgarsjön

Two dancing cranes among other cranes at Hornborgarsjön, West Sweden.

Photo: Roger Borgelid/

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Two dancing cranes among other cranes at Hornborgarsjön

Photo: Roger Borgelid/

Skiing, Riksgränsen

Photo: Lapland resorts

Dairy cows

Photo: Anders Tedeholm/

Spring in Sweden – 3 things to do

Watch 27,000 cranes dance together at Lake Hornborgasjön in West Sweden – a true spring sign many travel far to see. Most cranes come at the end of March and stay for a week or so.

Ski above the Arctic Circle. Sweden’s northernmost ski resorts are open until the end of May and there’s no better time to visit them than during the sunny spring-winter.

Watch a ‘kosläpp’ – the moment when the cows are let out to grass for the first time in the year. It’s impossible not to crack a smile watching the happy cows skipping around and jumping joyfully. ‘Kosläpp’ is usually held in April, ask your local tourist office if there is one close to where you are visiting.

Spring 2024 highlights

  • 3 March: Vasaloppet, the largest cross-country race in the world, takes place in Dalarna county.
  • 25 March: Waffle Day is celebrated in Swedish cafés, restaurants and homes.
  • 28 March -1 April: Easter in Sweden – a foodie feast with witches, decorative crafts and sweet treats.
  • 20 April: Stockholm Culture Night 2024 – a night when the capital’s culture scene opens its doors to the public for free.
  • 30 April: Walpurgis Night, the tradition of welcoming spring by lighting bonfires around the country.
  • 18 May: Göteborgsvarvet, the world’s largest half marathon, takes place in Gothenburg.