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A square in an old town, brick and stone houses along the side. Outdoor restaurants with parasols. People walking and sitting on benches and several bikes are parked on the square.
Lilla Torg, Malmö
The square Lilla Torg, in the neighbourhood of Gamla Väster, is packed with restaurants.
Photo credit: Apelöga

City break in and around Malmö – tips for a week-long trip

Malmö is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city in Skåne, a county known for its fertile lands, historical wealth and outstanding nature. It’s also a great destination for a week-long city break in Sweden.

Located on the shores of the Baltic Sea, in the southernmost part of Sweden, Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden after the capital Stockholm on the east coast and Gothenburg on the west coast. Due to its location, the county of Skåne enjoys a mild climate with long and warm summers, mild winters, and earlier spring seasons than the rest of the country.

Malmö and the region of Skåne can easily be reached by train, bus, or boat from western Europe and Copenhagen Airport in Denmark is well connected with Malmö thanks to the Öresund Bridge. It takes approximately 30 minutes by train to commute to both cities.

Start planning your five to seven-day-long city break in Malmö and beyond with our guide including a selection of culinary, cultural, and nature tips:

An ideal destination for outdoor activities

Malmö is a subtle combination of urbanity and nature. Located next to the sea and close to nature reserves, forests, and lakes, you can easily mix urban activities with outdoor getaways. Enjoy the natural splendour of Malmö and its surroundings by trying new outdoor adventures and recharging your batteries. Tips located inside the city are easily accessible on foot, the other ones can be reached via public transportation.

Immerse yourself in these 3 greenery city parks:

  1. Folkets Park: Dating back to the early 19th century, this is the oldest park in Malmö. Here, nature meets culture with the park theatre and the ancient music kiosk. Its carousels, playgrounds, summer stage, reptile centre, minigolf, trampoline, and pony tours, make it an ideal destination for families.
  2. The city’s biggest park: Pildammsparken. Situated in the heart of Malmö, relax next to its old ponds and lawns. Don’t miss Queen Silvia's Rose Garden in the park's centre.
  3. The organic garden Slottsträdgården and its library's impressive architecture. Expect a haven of nature combining forests, ponds, lawns, and sculptures.

Try the Swedish tradition of cold bath houses

The cold bath houses, ‘kallbadhus’ in Swedish, are a long-established tradition, fully part of the Swedish culture since the 19th century. These reinvigorating and well-being centres are popular destinations for all ages. Ribersborgs Kallbadhus is one of southern Sweden’s iconic cold bath houses. Enjoy an outstanding view over the Öresund Bridge and the sea in this bath open all year round. Take a dip in the outdoor swimming pool after enjoying one of the house’s five saunas and its warm baths. Take a moment to relax and have a massage in one of the dedicated rooms or try an “Aufguss” session in the seaside resort.

Outdoor activities for every taste

Get connected to Swedish nature, recharge and relax. In Malmö and beyond, you’ll find an array of outdoor activities with unique surroundings.

  • From the water: if you’re a water sports enthusiast, explore the city from the sea by paddling in a kayak, canoe, or SUP. Equipment can be rented from different companies such as Ram Silwal.
  • Hiking: explore the region by going on a hike through the beautiful landscapes of Skåne. Romeleåsen Ridge is an ideal excursion for one day. Enjoy panoramic views from the 200 meters high drop rock masses. If you are lucky, you might see some friendly companions such as deer or fallow deer during your hike. How to get there? Take bus 172 from the central station to Genarp.
  • Bike: Malmö is a bike-friendly city with plenty of cycle paths. You can rent your bike from popular rental companies such as Malmö by bike, Donkey Republic or Travelshop, and tour in and around the city on two wheels. Here is an itinerary suggestion for a short ride. For more tips, check out our article on sightseeing by bike in Malmö. You can also experience a tasting tour in the city for a combo of cycling and culinary tips.
  • Family tips: situated about 15 kilometres from the city centre, Klagshamn Nature Reserve is a perfect place to take a breath of fresh air. Accessible by public transport, bike, or bus 6 from Malmö Hyllie, Klagshamn is a unique destination to enjoy outstanding views, learn more about the reserve’s preserved biodiversity with its 500 different plant species, or observe bird migration. The nature reserve also offers several swimming spots, parking, barbecue areas and playgrounds.
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Folkets Park in Malmö

Folkets Park in Malmö is a popular communal park with a lot of activities all year round.

Photo: Malmö stad

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Flowers and greenery inside a city park. You see the back of two women sitting beside a pool with two fountains. In the background you see the entrance and some buildings outside the park.

Folkets Park in Malmö

Photo: Malmö stad

Inside a park, a walkway through two arches covered with greenery. There are beautiful plants and flowers. At the end of the road you see a blue square construction.

Pildammsparken in Malmö

Photo: Malmö Turism

Slottsträdgården in Malmö

Slottsträdgården in Malmö

Photo: Helena Bergqvist

A long wooden pier leading out to a cold-water bath house in Malmö.

Ribersborgs kallbadshus, in Malmö

Photo: Anton Olin



Photo: Tina Axelsson/Visit Sweden

A man in a yellow kayak paddles in Malmö town. Houses in front of him and greenery along the sides of the canal.

Kayaking in Malmö

Photo: Apelöga

Cultural gems not to be missed

Malmö benefits from both historical heritage and cultural modernity. As a compact and human-sized city, you can easily discover a large panel of its rich and diverse culture during your stay. Stroll through the streets of the Old Town to learn more about its historical heritage with the 14th-century Gothic St. Peter's Church (Sankt Petri Kyrka) and the oldest town square, Stortorget. Take a visit to Malmöhus, the oldest preserved Renaissance castle in Scandinavia. Want to discover another facet of Malmö? Explore the city’s street art with its beautiful murals and sculptures. Skåne county also offers unforgettable cultural experiences, accessible by public transport from Malmö.

To make sure you don’t miss anything, we have listed some must-sees for your Skåne getaway:

3 museums and art centres in Malmö:

  • Moderna Museet: inaugurated in 2009, this iconic Swedish museum of contemporary art exhibits art collections from the beginning of the 20th century to nowadays. The museum is housed in an ancient power station from 1901 – which is worth a visit – designed by Swedish architect John Smedberg.
  • Malmö Konsthall is a not-to-be-missed art gallery in Malmö for all contemporary art enthusiasts.
  • Visit Form/Design Center to get to know more about design and Scandinavian architecture.

3 iconic architectural sights to admire:

  1. Turning Torso, the twisted skyscraper: an impressive architectural piece towering 190 meters designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.
  2. After your visit to Turning Torso, explore the Western Harbour district. Located in the western part of the city, Västra Hamnen is a good example of sustainable urbanism. Once you have walked through the charming residential area, head to the coastal part for a walk and a refreshing swim at Ribersborg’s beach and enjoy the incredible view over the sea and Copenhagen.
  3. The Öresund Bridge: the bridge runs about 8 kilometres and connects Sweden to Denmark. Observe it during a bike ride in Malmö’s surroundings or when paddling in the city’s waters.

3 day-trips suggestions for culture lovers:

  1. Close to Malmö: The Torup Castle and Bokskogen nature with a history dating back to the 14th century. The castle was built in 1537 and renovated during the 17th century with the appearance it has today. This unique sight gathers a historical castle, gardens, and park. It takes about 15 minutes by bus from Malmö to head here. The castle is also accessible by bike via the ancient train rails – a trip through Skåne’s history and nature.
  2. The university city of Lund: it will take about 15 minutes by bus to reach this charming tiny town from Malmö. An ideal one-day cultural destination. It will not take long for you to be enchanted by the city’s highlights such as the famous cathedral and its towers from the 14th century, the adorable cobblestone streets, and the cosy cafés and restaurants.
  3. Passionate about Vikings? Discover the authentic environment of Foteviken and learn more about the Viking way of life in this unique Swedish example of a reconstructed village. Before exploring Foteviken, check our article to get to know more about Sweden’s legendary Vikings.

Where to find some souvenirs to bring back home?

Malmö and its region offer lots of local delicacies. Here is a list of our favourite spots where you can find both sweet and salt treats to bring back from Sweden:

  • Malmö Saluhall is a top-class food market with many local products to take away. Open every day.
  • Möllevångstorget food market, open during the daytime from Monday to Saturday.

What about a sustainable souvenir from Sweden? Here are some suggestions of places to buy antiquities and second-hand objects – a souvenir for life. If you’re looking for a design item, head to the Form/Design Center boutique or visit Rad Susie for a 60s-inspired souvenir.

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Summer at Torup castle, Skåne

Take a guided tour of Torup castle and its gardens, Malmö, which is one of Sweden's most well preserved renaissance castles.

Photo: Daniel Karlsson

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Torup Castle is a large brick building with a tower on the right. It is surrounded by greenery.

Summer at Torup castle, Skåne

Photo: Daniel Karlsson

Malmöhus Castle is a large round tower next to a brick building, surrounded by water. Another round tower on the opposite side in the background. Green leaves in the foreground.

Malmöhus Castle in Malmö

Photo: Malmö Stad

A brick building, comprising Form/Design Center, seen from the courtyard. Glass doors with lime green details leading into the building. A table and chairs on the courtyard.

Form/Design Center à Malmö

Photo: Johan Kalén

An aerial view over Malmö. In the middle you can see the twisting building of 'Turning Torso'. To the left is houses and larger green areas and the Ribersborgs beach. On the right the Malmöhus castle and building and houses of the city can be seen.

Turning Torso & Västra hamnen, Malmö

Photo: Pontus Ohlsson

Lund Cathedral, Skåne

Lund Cathedral, Skåne

Photo: Per Pixel Petersson/

An aerial view of a viking village situated by the sea.

Foteviken Viking Museum, Skåne

Photo: Lukasz Burda/Tourism in Skåne

A vibrant and cosmopolitan culinary scene

Malmö’s culinary scene is cosmopolitan, creative and reflects its diversity and openness to the world’s flavours. In parallel, you can also enjoy culinary experiences with seasonal menus and chefs focusing more on sustainability, inviting you to taste hyper-local flavours.

The Skåne region is sometimes considered as the Mecca for Swedish gastronomy due to its fertile soil and mild climate. You can appreciate these favourable conditions when visiting the 20 vineyards located along the wine route.

Here is a selection of places to discover during your next culinary trip to Malmö:

5 sustainable restaurants where to taste local food:

  1. Aster is a cosy restaurant with a warm atmosphere, located in the ancient industrial premises of Kockum. The restaurant serves food based on fresh and local ingredients with natural wines.
  2. Spill is a restaurant committed to reducing food waste. Taste high-quality dishes based on ingredients initially destined for the bin, that have been bought to be re-used. The menu, which changes regularly, offers a vegetarian option.
  3. Ruths: this not-to-be-missed restaurant is open seven days a week to the delight of both locals and visitors.
  4. Jord is a café serving varied, quality vegan food with a strong focus on sustainability. Here, “local is the motto” (White Guide).
  5. Awarded two stars by the Michelin Guide, Vollmers restaurant offers a unique gastronomic experience based on local, seasonal ingredients and natural flavours.

Bonus: looking for a place to brunch in Malmö? Head to Farm2Table on Davidshallsgatan 19 from Tuesday to Saturday or to S:t Knuts väg 13 on Sundays for a quality plant-based brunch.

5 cafés for a ’fika’ break

‘Fika’ is one of Sweden’s most popular culinary customs. More than a coffee break, it’s an opportunity to take your time by sharing a good moment with friends, family, and others and – of course – a good opportunity to taste some Swedish treats with your coffee. Here are five places where to have a nice ‘fika’ break during your next stay in Malmö and beyond:

  1. AB Småland café offers a large assortment of organic and local delicacies with a seasonal menu and vegan options. The café’s environment combines urbanity, modernity, and design.
  2. Atrium, for a tranquil fika in a cosy and calming place.
  3. Lilla Kafferosteriet is housed in a beautiful 17th-century building and ranked in Malmö’s top three cafés to have a fika according to TripAdvisor.
  4. Mat och chokladstudion was launched in 2016 by pastry chef and winner of the Swedish cooking competition "Dessertmästarna" Joel Lindqvist. Expect homemade delicacies prepared with organic and seasonal ingredients directly bought from the producers.
  5. Slottsträdgårdens Kafé, a popular summer hotspot in the heart of the lush park Slottsträrdgården. A large part of the ingredients served come from the garden.

Where to go out in Malmö?

Discover our selection of top places to have a drink and dance in Malmö.

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Restaurant Spill, Malmö

Enjoy a delicious lunch at the sustainable restaurant Spill in Malmö. The food are made mostly from produce that would otherwise be thrown away at.

Photo: Restaurang Spill

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A yellow plate with a piece of baked cauliflower.

Restaurant Spill, Malmö

Photo: Restaurang Spill

Two waiters are talking in a cafe.

Ruths, Malmö

Photo: Ruths Malmö

A plate with scallops, tomatoes, basil and vinaigrette.

Ruths, Malmö

Photo: Ruths Malmö

A wall with a welcome sign and menus.

Farm2Table, Malmö

Photo: Farm2Table

A plate with a sandwich with avocado and other ingredients.

Farm2Table, Malmö

Photo: Farm2Table

The cafe of Slottsträdgården, Malmö

The cafe of Slottsträdgården, Malmö

Photo: Helena Bergqvist

Inside a coffee shop. A room behind a glass wall with an open door. A long table with chairs and two big lamps in the middle of the room. Two girls sit by the window at the end of the room. A plant climbing the opening of the wall.

Atrium café in Malmö

Photo: Fredrik Wallin