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The Drinkable Country
Swedish nature is filled with edible treats such as berries, greens and seaweed and they are of course best enjoyed in the outdoors. Explore the Swedish nature through drinks that you yourself will create with locally sourced ingredients. We call it The Drinkable Country – the world’s largest open-air bar.
Photo credit: Niklas Nyman

The Drinkable Country

Swedish nature offers a sensational flavour palette – perfect for mixing fantastic drinks. In collaboration with Sweden's most prominent beverage experts, we have developed creative drink recipes based on local ingredients to help you explore Sweden's nature in a tasteful fashion.

The Beverage Experts

Meet the four creators behind the drink recipes in this open-air bar experience, all representing different parts of Sweden.

Our Tables and Bars

Reserve your seat at the Drinkable Country table of your choice. Currently, we have eight tables and bars from north to south.

DIY Drink Recipes

DIY is short for Do It Yourself, and that’s exactly what’s intended. Our drink recipes, based on local ingredients and inspired by our four seasons, are created with a vision to reflect Sweden’s beautiful nature. Together with local guides you can collect, mix and enjoy the drinks yourself, out in the world’s largest open-air bar stretching all the way from Sweden’s southernmost beaches to its mountain tops in the Arctic north.

You can take part of the drink recipes here, or expand your horizons and go visit our tables where you will find more local drink experiences to explore.

The Edible Country

100 million acres of fine do-it-yourself dining.