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Aerial image of a boat next to an island in the Stockholm archipelago during a summer day.

Welcome to Sweden
(not Switzerland)

Luxury of a different nature
People all over the world keep mixing up Sweden and Switzerland. Some even think we’re the same country! But if you want to enjoy luxuries like the Stockholm archipelago, Sweden is the place to go.
Photo: Henrik Trygg/

People all over the world keep mixing up Sweden and Switzerland. To end this confusion, we are now reaching out to Swiss officials.

If you want to influence the proposed division, you can do so here.

And if you are a Swiss official, please download and sign the agreement. Thank you!

Experience luxury of a different nature

Forest gold
Forest gold
Switzerland may have a large gold reserve, but the Swedish forests offer a different kind of gold: chantarelles.
Photo: Helena Wahlman/

Swedish gold

Switzerland has one of the world’s largest gold reserves. In Sweden however, you will find something else: Chantarelles. Or as Swedes call it, forest gold. Each autumn, people here head out on a scavenger hunt for these golden mushrooms. During season, they are found in forests pretty much anywhere, but most Swedes have their spots that they know deliver. If you want to increase your chances (and make sure you pick the right kind of shrooms) you can hire a mushroom guide. Happy hunting!

Two women and a man on their way down on the beach. You see the sea and some peoples on the beach in the background.
While Switzerland can pride itself on banks, Sweden has 48,000 kilometres of coastline and numerous sandbanks.
Photo: Tina Axelsson/


If you’re interested in impressive and historic banks, Switzerland is the place to go. But if you prefer strolling down beaches and sandbanks, you really should visit Sweden. With 48,000 kilometres of coastline and more than 100,000 lakes, this truly is a water world. Explore the archipelagos in the Baltic Sea, swim in the clear, salty waters of the west coast and dive into the sweet water of our lakes and rivers. Rich water experiences that don’t cost a dime.

People enjoying the rooftop at the restaurant and bar Freyja.
There’s no need to climb a mountain top for a day to peak. Just visit a Swedish rooftop, like Freyja Söder in Stockholm.
Photo: Emmie Bolmstedt/Visit Sweden


Sweden's rooftop bars and restaurants might not be as iconic as Switzerland's mountain tops, but they sure are easier to reach. And the service is much better. Sip on a local beer while watching the boats cruise along the waters of Stockholm. Enjoy fresh seafood in Gothenburg with the crisp ocean breeze in your hair. Or experience Malmö's diverse, modern kitchen with a backdrop of ocean and architecture. In Sweden, you don’t need a mountain for a day to peak.

The northern lights in the sky are reflected in the water below. A city is visible from afar.
Northern Lights
In Sweden, you can witness spectacular light shows without electricity and screens. Just look up in the sky.
Photo: David Schreiner/Folio/

Northern Lights

In Switzerland, you can enjoy some spectacular light shows made with projections and LED’s. In Sweden however, there’s no need for electricity to put on a show. Every winter, our dark skies in the north give breathtaking performances. Watching the Northern Lights dance across the sky in green and purple is a true bucket list experience. And the fact that the show is taking place in a crisp, winter wonderland doesn’t exactly make it worse. The Northern Lights can appear from September to April, and it’s said that this winter will have the most intense shows in years. See you there?

A hotel room with an outdoor patio with two chairs. The room is surrounded by nature.
Experience a different kind of luxury at one of Sweden’s many unique accommodations in nature. Here, Naturlogi in Östergötland.
Photo: Emmie Bolmstedt/Visit Sweden


Switzerland is a country of many interesting sounds, like yodelling, alphorns and cowbells. In Sweden on the other hand, people salute peace and quiet. Here you can enjoy the sound of silence from your own hotel room. Fall asleep to the calming sound of trees swaying in the wind. Wake up to the beautiful melodies of a bird choir. Or read a book in complete silence. Come experience soundscapes that will help you wind down and connect with nature.

Models sit outside a café in Stockholm.
Contemporary fashion
Swedish fashion is all about substance and style. ATP Atelier, for instance, wants to change the concept of luxury from redundant to smart.
Photo: ATP Atelier

Contemporary fashion

If you’re into traditional leather couture, Switzerland is the place to go. But if you’re looking for something a bit more modern, you should do your shopping in Sweden. During the past decades, Sweden has become something of a fashion powerhouse. Brands like Acne Studios, Hope, Rodebjer, Totême, Stand Studios, Frame, ATP Atelier and Asket combine great design with great quality – often with a sustainable approach. Come as you are, leave as a fashionista!