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Exterior of Clarion Hotel Malmö Live during the evening.
Clarion Hotel Malmö Live
Malmö is Sweden's third largest city and Clarion Hotel Malmö Live, with its rooftop and skybar, is located next to the central station.
Photo credit: Max Nordanåker/Clarion Hotel

Nightlife in Malmö

Want to enjoy your night out in Malmö? Check out our guide with a selection of the best places to drink and dance. Malmö is a compact city, so you can easily walk between the city's clubs, bars and live music venues.

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The Terrace, Clarion Hotel Malmö Live

The Terrace is Clarion Hotel Malmö Live's seasonal rooftop.

Photo: Mathias Pålsson/ Clarion Hotel

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People drinking cocktails on a rooftop bar.

The Terrace, Clarion Hotel Malmö Live

Photo: Mathias Pålsson/ Clarion Hotel

People drinking cocktails on a rooftop bar, with a view over Malmö city.

Kasai in the Sky, Malmö

Photo: Kasai in the Sky

Rooftop bars

  • The Terrace at Clarion Hotel Malmö Live is a popular rooftop with a vibe of downtown Miami, thanks to its urban garden feeling and DJs. The rooftop is open during the summer, but the hotel also has a sky bar on the 25th floor, open year-round.
  • Kasai in the Sky is a Japanese fusion restaurant and cocktail bar with panoramic views on the 14th floor. On a clear day, you can see all the way to Copenhagen. The indoor part is open year-round, while the outdoor terrace is available when the weather permits.
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MJ's bar and restaurant, Malmö

MJ's offer a playful design setting where you can enjoy a drink or two.

Photo: ESS Group

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A decorated bar with glasses, shakers, napkins and other accessories.

MJ's bar and restaurant, Malmö

Photo: ESS Group

A close-up of three drinks being stirred by a bartender.

Care/of cocktailbar, Malmö

Photo: zzonzzon photography

A wooden bar with glasses, spirits, shakers and other accessories.

Grand Malmö

Photo: Daniel Novakovic/ Grand Malmö

Bars in Malmö

  • The square Lilla Torg is the epicentre of Malmö's nightlife. For an Alice in Wonderland atmosphere in a bold, playful and colourful design setting, head to MJ's bar and restaurant, one of Malmö's most popular bars for locals to have a drink after work.
  • Located right next to MJ's, you'll find Ruths – a trendy restaurant, bakery and deli open seven days a week with a vibrant bar atmosphere.
  • Just a stone's throw from Lilla Torg, Julie wine bar offers a selection of natural wines from all over Europe, along with a selection of cold cuts and cheeses in a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Fancy a great cocktail? Care/of is bound to have something for you, from its surprise compositions and fizzy cocktails to its ambitious non-alcoholic drinks.
  • In the cosmopolitan and lively district of Möllevången ('Möllan' among the locals), Grand Malmö is another must to add to your list, especially for the live concerts.
  • Another favourite is Aster for its cocktails, natural wine and dishes inspired by the chef's Turkish roots and its warm, relaxed atmosphere.
A beer can and a glass filled with beer. Out of focus in the background is a person and a graffiti wall.

Malmö Brewing Company

Malmö Brewing Company is a brewery and a bar where you can taste different kinds of beer and enjoy a meal.

Photo: Thomas Fransson/Malmö Brewing Company

Malmö breweries

  • Hyllie Bryggeri, which opened in 2016, is a good start. Committed to introducing craft beer to those around them, they have recently expanded by opening a bar and taproom where you can try their draft beers and street food.
  • Another bar to remember for beer lovers is Malmö Brewing Company, for their generous list of draft beers, some of which were even brewed on-site.
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Babel, Malmö

Babel is set in an old church and offers live music from both Swedish and international artists.

Photo: Jesper Berg/ Babel

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A crowd at a concert watching the musicians on stage.

Babel, Malmö

Photo: Jesper Berg/ Babel

A crowd at a concert watching the musicians on stage.

The Sounds at Kulturbolaget, Malmö

Photo: Grant M Purdy/Kulturbolaget

Clubs in Malmö

  • Etage is a nightlife hotspot with seven bars, several dance floors and a variety of music.
  • Nearby, Deep is open on weekends and offers different features and themes on its two dance floors on Saturday nights.
  • A stone's throw away you'll find Babel, "the Mecca for concerts, clubs and dancing" according to the owner. The club is housed in a former church, as evidenced by the huge, illuminated crucifix above the front door.
  • A little further on, Kulturbolaget ("KB" for the locals) is a legendary live rock scene and nightclub.
  • Finally, further to the southeast of the city is the very popular Plan B rock club, open from Wednesday to Saturday.