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The Öresund Bridge
Storytravelers at The Öresund Bridge between Malmö in Sweden and Copenhagen in Denmark.
Photo credit: Storytravelers

My Swedish Heart, a road trip through Sweden

"When I think about Sweden... There's a countdown in my heart..."

Follow Lea and Nico from Storytravelers across Sweden where they experienced wild swimming in West Sweden and explored both the rocky coast line and rolling fields in Skåne.  

"The highlight of our trip was without a doubt the little town of Smögen.. With all its little coloured houses it just looks like the Sweden you imagine: a must!

The most unique thing we discovered was the Pilane Sculpture park: to contemplate giant art installations in the middle of nature is something very unique. An unforgettable food experience was the oysters tasting at Everts Sjöbod... Even Paul Bocuse said it was the best oysters on the planet! 

We loved Gothenburg. It has a very friendly atmosphere, a beautiful botanical garden and there seems to be a lot going on there culturally speaking. And the cliffs of Hovs Hallar in Skåne, it's a very dramatic spot and at sunset even better.

We found Sweden beautiful, welcoming, laid back and the locals casual, tolerant and fun. Our tip for a trip to Sweden is don’t plan too much, rent a car and hit the road! "

West Sweden, my Love

With thousands of little islands and Gothenburg as its vibrant capital, West Sweden is a magical region where summer is unforgettable. Discover a collection of memories made in West Sweden.