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Experience Run with me Stockholm
See the landmarks of Stockholm while running with a local guide, organised by Run with me Stockholm.
Photo credit: Run with me Stockholm

Live like a local!

New initiatives that encourage people to “live like a local” are popping up all over Sweden.

Holidaymakers are demanding a new kind of travel experience, off the beaten track. Instead of the standard guidebook, people want to fully immerse themselves into new culture, be it through local cuisine, fashion or hidden design and architecture experiences. 

David at home

Have you ever wondered what a Swedish home looks like? A few hours a week food enthusiast and former chef David Enmark opens up his kitchen to total strangers on the car free island of Tranholmen, in between Djurgården and Lidingö in Stockholm. After reading an article about how people in Cuba could open restaurants in their homes, a brilliant idea came to him – why not start one himself in Stockholm? David passed all the food regulations, and since 2010 he officially runs an at-home restaurant. Fancy visiting? Book a seat on The menu changes regularly depending on the season.

Run with me Stockholm

Why not take advantage of the clean air in Stockholm by running through the city? Run with me Stockholm pairs you with a local guide who showcases the city’s beautiful islands, buildings and city parks. The six kilometre Classic Sights Tour includes running past sights such as the The Royal Palace, Skeppsholmen and the Parliament. For the more adventurous we recommend the private running tour called Södermalm Hipster Trail or the Lakeside Trail and Sauna Run.   

A slice of Swedish hospitality

If you fancy visiting real Skåne, you should sign up to A Slice of Swedish Hospitality, run by Mia Klitte. Instead of going out for dinner, Swedes will invite you to their homes for a genuine Swedish experience. By booking a family on you are able to choose between a traditional fika of coffee and cakes, or a full dinner. These include visiting an artist’s home outside the city of Lund, viewing the famous Turning Torso from the kitchen window in a central Malmö apartment, and experiencing the stunning landscape of Österlen from a garden in the village of Maglehem. 

Fika with a local

Fika with a local Photo: Susanne Walström/

Meet the locals

The best travel tips are always those shared by friends, right? Meet the Locals is a community initiative by the West Sweden Tourist Board that gathers locals’ advice and helps you make new friends eager to share their best city experience. This includes everything from “Party with a local, to “Share a ride” and “Eat at someone’s house”. As part of the initiative, Tikitut in Gothenburg offers activities such as nature walks, “language” dinners and even somewhere to stay during the visit.   

Night life

Party like a Swede Photo: Faramarz Gosheh/

By Jonna Dagliden Hunt