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Pippi Longstocking at Astrid Lindgren's World
Pippi Longstocking at Astrid Lindgren's World
Pippi Longstocking at Astrid Lindgren's World in Småland.
Photo credit: Örjan Karlsson/Astrid Lindgrens Värld

10 places to visit in Sweden that are connected to inspiring women

From the furthermost polar parts of Sweden to the southern ones, many places across the country are connected to strong, creative and smart women who have influenced people around the world and continue to inspire us today. Here are some Swedish places connected to these superwomen that you should visit during your next stay in Sweden.

He's the strongest man in the world. Man, yes, said Pippi, but I am the strongest girl in the world, remember that.
Pippi Longstocking (by Astrid Lindgren, Småland)
Sara Kulturhus culture house during the evening.
Sara Culture Centre, Skellefteå
Sara Culture Centre is named after the famous author Sara Lidman. The centre offers different activities, performances and meetings. The building also includes The Wood Hotel.
Photo: Sven Burman/Sara Kulturhus

Sara Culture Centre in Skellefteå – Sara Lidman

Sara Lidman was a famous Swedish author originally from Skellefteå municipality, one of Västerbotten’s main cities, in northern Sweden. Sara Culture Centre was inaugurated in the city centre last year and is – one of the tallest wooden buildings in the world. The name of the building refers to Sara Lidman, a source of inspiration. Explore this new hub for art, concerts, show, meeting and congress – a modern example of sustainable design and construction.

A house by the water in a frosty and snowy winter landscape. A lake is in the background.
Karin and Carl Larsson’s homestead
Many of the works of Swedish painter Carl Larsson featured his and his wife Karin’s home Little Hyttnäs in Sundborn, just outside Falun in the province of Dalarna. Their success – Karin as an interior designer and Carl as a painter – has made Little Hyttnäs one of the most famous artist’s homes in the world, now open to the public.
Photo: Jann Lipka/

Sundborn in Dalarna – Karin Larsson

Karin Larsson was a famous and trendsetting designer in the 19th and 20th centuries and the wife of Carl Larsson, one of Sweden’s major artists. In 1888, the couple received a small cottage from Karin’s father, where they raised their eight children. In parallel to their other artistic activities, they decorated and transformed this modest cottage into the famous home Lilla Hyttnäs, which is still today a reference for Swedish interior design. Karin played a major role in the design of the cottage. She designed most of the bold interior decoration and creative textiles. Their homestead, located in the idyllic village of Sundborn, is a must-see in Dalarna.

Mårbacka in Värmland
Mårbacka in Värmland
Mårbacka in Sunne, Värmland, where author Selma Lagerlöf was raised.
Photo: Jenny Nohrén

Mårbacka in Sunne, Värmland – Selma Lagerlöf

Selma Lagerlöf is not only a world-famous Swedish author, she was also committed to gender equality and the first female Nobel laureate in Literature. Did you know that she was born and raised in a mansion from 1793 in the village of Sunne in middle Sweden? Head to this lovely part of Värmland and visit her estate with its original decor. Take a walk in the garden full of fruit trees, vegetables and flowers and learn more about Lagerlöf’s life in Värmland and her achievements.

Houses in yellow and red, located by a harbour with many small boats in Sandhamn.
The harbour in Sandhamn
The picturesque harbour in Sandhamn on the island of Sandön, in Stockholm archipelago.
Photo: Anna Hållams

Sandhamn in Stockholm archipelago – Viveca Sten

Viveca Sten is one of Sweden’s most famous contemporary crime novelists. This best-selling author is especially known for her Sandhamn murders series, which have been sold in millions of copies around the world. The story takes place in Sandhamn, on the island of Sandön in the outer part of Stockholm archipelago. All year round and in just an hour, you can take the boat from the city centre to this idyllic island. Off-season you can enjoy a peaceful walk in nature or in the summer a vibrating tour in the archipelago.

An old red painted wooden house with a sod roof. A women is standing at the entrance of the house.
Author Cajsa Warg's house, Wadköping
Borgarhuset, also called Cajsa Warg's house, is one of Örebro's oldest houses.
Photo: Gunn-Viol Kattilakoski/Örebrokompaniet

Wadköping, Örebro – Cajsa Warg

Born in 1703 in Örebro, Christina – or Cajsa as she was called – was a young talented Swedish girl with a passion for cooking. When she was a teenager, she moved to Stockholm to work as a cook for different families and in 1755 she published an 800 pages long book which turned into a huge success. It became one of Sweden’s most famous and beloved cooking books, and nowadays she is known as the mother of modern Swedish cuisine. You can visit her house in Örebro (Wadköping) to learn more about Cajsa Warg’s life and 18th century Swedish cuisine.

Vadstena Castle, Östergötland
Vadstena Castle, Östergötland
The historical Vadstena Castle in Östergötland dates back to the 16th century.
Photo: Oskar Lürén

St Bridget’s Trail in Östergötland – Birgitta Birgersdotter (Saint Bridget of Sweden)

Birgitta Birgersdotter, known as St Bridget of Sweden, was an influential woman who in the 14th century founded the Bridgettines nuns and monks. Her strong influence on the powerful leaders as well as all the religious-oriented actions she succeeded to lead while being a wife and mother of eight children, inspired many women of her time and later. Visit Östergötland and hike the St Bridget’s Trail between Söderköping and Vadstena, a pilgrimage path associated with Saint Bridget's life.

Author Camilla Läckberg standing in front of boat houses and a church in the distans.
Camilla Läckberg in front of Fjällbacka
Camilla Läckberg is a Swedish author, here seen in her former hometown Fjällbacka on the west coast of Sweden.
Photo: Åsa Dahlgren/

Fjällbacka in West Sweden – Camilla Läckberg & Ingrid Bergman

The archipelago of Fjällbacka is connected to inspiring women. The international actress Ingrid Bergman used to spend the summers at what she used to call “her paradise on earth”. Born and raised in Fjällbacka, crime novelist Camilla Läckberg has placed this village as the crime-scene setting in several of her detective novels. Located in Tanum, Fjällbacka is a fishing place on the coastline of Bohuslän in West Sweden, known for its charming, cobbled streets and red boathouses and for its delicious seafood.

The Crown Princess Couple standing outside in nature.
The Crown Princess Couple in Västergötland
The Crown Princess Couple during a visit to Västergötland in 2017.
Photo: Raphael Stecksén,

The province of Västergötland – Crown Princess Victoria

Heir to the Swedish throne, Crown Princess Victoria is also Duchess of Västergötland, one of the 25 historical provinces of Sweden. Located in the western part of Sweden, its main city, Gothenburg, is a must in the region and the second-largest city in Sweden. You will also find in Västergötland lots of lakes, magnificent mountains, a rich cultural history and a peaceful nature.

A black and white portrait of the author Astrid Lindgren holding her book Pippi Longstocking in one hand and the book the Noisy Village children in the other hand.
Astrid Lindgren
Swedish author Astrid Lindgren is well known for her children's books which have sold millions of copies around the world.
Photo: Astrid Lindgren Aktiebolag

The world of Astrid Lindgren & Pippi Longstocking in Småland – Astrid Lindgren

Astrid Lindgren is an internationally known author whose books have sold approximately 165 million copies around the world. She is especially known for the fictional characters of her children’s books Pippi Longstocking – the strongest girl in the world and a source of inspiration for many kids – and Emil of Lönneberga. Visit Astrid Lindgren’s World and watch them come alive through a hundred actors and live performances. The park is situated in Vimmerby, a village in Småland where the author was born and raised.

Birgit Nilsson Museum, Skåne
Birgit Nilsson Museum, Skåne
Birgit Nilsson was a famous Swedish singer. The estate where she grew up is located in Svenstad, Skåne, and is now a museum called the Birgit Nilsson Museum.
Photo: Gitte Lindström Hamark / Birgit Nilsson Museum

Båstad in Skåne – Birgit Nilsson

Birgit Nilsson needs no introduction for opera lovers. This talented soprano from the 20th century is certainly still today Sweden’s most internationally known opera singer. Where did this Swedish icon come from? Until she was 23 years old, Birgit Nilsson was raised at a farm in Svenstad, between Båstad and Torekov in Skåne. Today, her well-preserved home has been turned into a museum dedicated to “La Nilsson” where you can learn more about her career through images, films and tunes.