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Cycle trail along a white beach with jettys in the ocean. Also lush green trees on the other side of the trail.
Biking, Ystad
Explore Sweden's best cycling routes. Biking in Sweden is one of the best ways to discover this beautiful country.
Photo credit: Apelöga

Sweden's best cycling routes

Cycling in Sweden allows you to explore long stretches of varied coastline, bustling cities and lush countryside. The extensive range of national and regional cycling routes offers bike touring in Sweden in a safe and quality-assured way.

This guide takes you through the best cycling routes in Sweden and some great places to discover– there really is something for everyone!

Biking in Sweden is one of the best ways to discover this beautiful country. Sweden's national and regional cycling routes are all easily accessible, with starting points that are reachable by public transport. All routes are divided into shorter sections, and some are connected, making it easy to find a distance that suits you – from a few hours' getaway to a week-long bicycling holiday. No matter which one you choose, the scenery and the services won't disappoint you – all national and regional cycling routes offer a beautiful and varied landscape with a good supply of accommodation options, restaurants and attractions.

Map of national cycling routes in Sweden

National cycling routes

All national and regional cycling routes in Sweden undergo an assessment to ensure they meet safety, quality and labelling requirements.

FAQ Cycling in Sweden

Biking on Kattegattleden

Biking on Kattegattleden

Kattegattleden in Halland is Sweden's first national cycling route.

Photo: Oskar Albrektsson


Helsingborg-Gothenburg, 390 kilometres.

Kattegattleden is Sweden’s first national cycling route and was named ‘European Cycle Route of the Year’ 2018. This stunning coastal path takes you all the way from Helsingborg in the south, through the province of Halland, up to Gothenburg in West Sweden. A bike trip along Kattegattleden includes idyllic fishing villages, beautiful gardens and iconic bathhouses. Kullaberg nature reserve is an excellent outdoor activity stop for hiking and rock climbing.

3 highlights along Kattegattleden:

  • Kallbadhuset Varberg is one of the best-known cold bath houses in Sweden, with a history dating back to the 1820s. The bath house is open year-round, and bathing ‘au naturel’ is encouraged.
  • Taste Kattegattleden – ‘Smaka på Kattegattleden’ – is a collection of tasting tours that lets you cycle and sample food and drinks from small-scale producers along different parts of Kattegattleden.
  • Tylösand is Sweden’s most majestic beach, with seven kilometres of sand dunes and shallow water. Hotel Tylösand, an award-winning spa hotel with the most extensive art gallery in the country, is situated on the beach.
Two women with bikes standing by a lake with red houses in the background, green grass and blue sky with a seagull flying across

Sydostleden Karlshamn

Enjoy Sweden's best cycling routes. Sydostleden nestles through some of Sweden’s finest nature, from deep forests and lakes in Småland’s inland to pristine beaches on Skåne’s east coast.

Photo: Apelöga


Växjö-Simrishamn, 274 kilometres.

Sydostleden nestles through some of Sweden’s finest nature, from deep forests and lakes in Småland’s inland to pristine beaches on Skåne’s east coast. You’ll have plenty of opportunities for a gastronomical stop, too – Michelin-starred PM & Vänner in Växjö and fish-oriented Buhres in Kivik, to name a few. Do not miss the fantastic forests of Småland, the Blekinge archipelago and Stenshuvud National Park. If you can’t get enough, continue your bike touring in Sweden on the connecting Sydkustleden.

3 highlights along Sydostleden:

  • The Mörrum River is famous for its salmon and trout fishing. Fishing equipment, permits, fishing guides and packages are all available for online booking.
  • Kristianstad’s Vattenrike covers an area some 35 x 35 kilometres in size that includes a variety of natural environments. These diverse natural habitats are home to many animals and plants.
  • Try glamping at Urshult Camping, located on the shores of Åsnen – a unique lake archipelago and national park with various outdoor activities.
Two women sitting by Öresund Bridge in Malmö at sunset, drinking water from a bottle, two bikes parked on the gravel road.

Sydkustleden Malmö

Malmö, part of Sydkustleden, is considered one of the world’s ten best cycling cities.

Photo: Apelöga


Simrishamn-Helsingborg, 260 kilometres.

Sydkustleden picks up where Sydostleden lets off and is the ideal route for a bicycle holiday that combines the city with the beach. Get ready to discover Skåne county’s most beautiful beaches, like Mossbystrand, and the vibrant cities of Malmö and Helsingborg. The route boasts several cultural landmarks, including the ancient Viking fortress Trelleborgen and Landskrona Castle. The latter is one of the best-preserved fortresses from the 16th century in the Nordic region and is also known as the Citadel in Landskrona. Should you long for a tranquil detour, bring your bike on the boat to the island of Ven.

3 highlights along Sydkustleden:

  • The films and tv series about Inspector Wallander have made fans worldwide travel to the medieval town of Ystad. Join a guided tour and follow Wallander’s footsteps over the cobblestone streets.
  • Enjoy lunch at a cosy restaurant in one of the old fishing villages, like Abbekås or Smygehuk, Sweden’s southernmost point.
  • Malmö is one of the world's top ten cycling cities and worth spending a night or two. Make sure to sample Malmö's excellent restaurants, from Michelin-starred dining to street food.
Three young women wearing helmets biking through the forest on a gravel road.

Cykelleden Skåne

Cykelleden Skåne. Discover everything from dense forests, fields, and meadows to vibrant towns and quiet rural retreats.

Photo: Apelöga

Cykelleden Skåne

3 subtrails, 570 kilometers

  • Lomma-Kristianstad
  • Ystad-Båstad
  • Ängelholm-Kristianstad

By following the three beautiful subtrails comprising Cykelleden Skåne, cyclists can experience the widely varying landscapes that Skåne offers. Cycle over rolling hills and discover everything from dense forests, fields, and meadows to vibrant towns and quiet rural retreats.

You can create your own route by combining it with the national cycling routes Kattegattleden, Sydostleden, and Sydkustleden.

3 highlights along Cykelleden Skåne:

  • Wanås Castle is a gem in the middle of the Snapphane forests with an internationally renowned sculpture park that attracts well-known artists worldwide.
  • Söderåsen National Park with its beautiful beech forests and stunning nature. Here, you will find the highest point in Skåne – perhaps the perfect opportunity to rest your legs after clambering up.
  • The medieval and cosy student town of Lund. Don’t miss Lund Cathedral from the 1100s, one of Sweden’s most popular to visit.
Baldersnäs Manor, Unionsleden

Baldersnäs Manor, Unionsleden

Baldersnäs Manor is a beautiful mansion with a gourmet restaurant, located by Unionsleden in West Sweden.

Photo: Jonas Ingman/


Moss (Norway)-Karlstad, 350 kilometres.

Unionsleden got its name from the union between Sweden and Norway established in Moss 1814 and dissolved in Karlstad 1905. You’ll not be short of historical and cultural sites here; the route is dotted with churches and manor houses. Nature-wise, Unionsleden takes you through rolling landscapes and spellbinding waters – after all, Värmland county is called the land of the lakes. Parts of the route also go along the Dalsland Canal, so there are many wild swimming, kayaking and fishing opportunities. In Karlstad, Unionsleden connects with another national cycling route, Vänerleden.

3 highlights along Unionsleden:

  • Dalsland Canal is considered one of Europe’s most beautiful waterways. In Lennartsfors, you can rest your feet at the local ice cream café and watch the boats pass through the lock.
  • Sliperiet in Borgvik is an art hall and gastronomical bistro combined. Enjoy Nordic cuisine and modern exhibitions in a cultural heritage building in the Swedish countryside.
  • Stay comfortable at the elegant Baldersnäs Manor, which combines a turn-of-the-century charm with modern standards. Baldersnäs is also a nature reserve with several hiking trails.


On a bike along the national cycling route Ätradalsleden.

Photo: Destination Falkenberg


Falköping-Falkenberg, 200 kilometres.

Ätradalsdelen connects with the previously mentioned Kattegattleden in Falkenberg and takes you from the coast through West Sweden’s flourishing inland. Half the route consists of car-free, disused railway embankments that cut through the colourful landscape of fertile fields and glittering lakes. You’re never far from a farm café when bicycling on Ätradalsleden, offering locally grown food and homemade sweets.

3 highlights along Ätradalsleden:

  • Torpa Stenhus is a private own estate and one of the country’s best-preserved medieval castles, situated on the shore of Lake Åsunden. Open for guided tours and exhibitions during the summer.
  • Falkenberg is a foodie destination with gems like Lilla Napoli – considered to serve one of the best Neapolitan pizzas in the country – and Skrea Matbruk, an authentic farm-to-table restaurant and culinary community hub.
  • Påarps Gård in Håcksvik is an idyllically located farm hotel with various accommodation alternatives, from suites and cabins to military tents. The hotel has its own beach and fishing guides.
Canoeing by Läckö castle, West Sweden

Canoeing by Läckö castle, West Sweden

On a cliff by the shore of Vänern rises Läckö Castle - captivating in its Baroque splendour, sensual gardens, magnificent treasures and ancient medieval vaults.

Photo: Roger Borgelid/


Karlstad-Åmål-Vänersborg-Mariestad-Karlstad, 649 kilometres.

Vänerleden was nominated for ‘European Cycle Route of the Year’ 2023. It takes you around Sweden’s largest lake, Vänern, which makes this the ideal route for water activities like fishing, kayaking and swimming. But Vänerleden is so much more. Discover the porcelain town of Lidköping, admire the baroque architecture of Läckö Castle and take in the spectacular views of Kinnekulle’s limestone quarries, also called “Little Grand Canyon”. Vänerleden connects with two other national cycling routes – Unionsleden in Karlstad and Göta Kanalleden in Sjötorp.

3 highlights along Vänerleden:

  • Take a break from cycling and explore the archipelago of Lake Vänern and the river Klarälven by boat buses. The boat buses are part of the local public transport system and are available from 1 June to the end of August.
  • In Fengersfors, you’ll find Not Quite; a vibrant cultural centre in a former paper factory. Enjoy exhibitions, artist studios, and music events, or sit down for lunch or fika at the café.
  • Discover ecopark Halle and Hunneberg where you can embark on a moose safari, take guided hikes, and experience the wonders of nature. The twin mountains offer a unique forest landscape, while the ecopark is part of Platåbergens Geopark, which since 2022 has been recognised as Sweden's first UNESCO Global Geopark.
It is summer and two people are cycling next to the water of Göta Canal. A boat travels along the canal.

Göta Canal, Östergötland

Göta Canal connects Stockholm and Gothenburg via lakes and was inaugurated in 1832.

Photo: Oscar Lüren

Göta Kanalleden

Sjötorp-Mem, 220 kilometres.

Göta Kanalleden is Sweden’s newest national cycling route. The iconic waterway Göta Canal is one of Sweden’s most popular tourist destinations, and watching boats pass through the locks is a must/highlight when cycling along the canal. Half of the route goes on the car-free canal bank, and some lakes along the way can be crossed on bicycle boats as long as the canal is open. You’re never far from sights and stops when cycling here – Göta Kanalleden is sprinkled with cafés, museums and accommodations.

3 highlights along Göta Kanalleden:

  • Karlsborg Fortress Museum is a part of Sweden’s military heritage. Join an adventure tour that takes you back to 1865 and step down into the dark, underground passages.
  • The Göta Hotel is a classic canal-side hotel situated adjacent to the historic Göta Canal. Dating back to 1908, each room within the hotel boasts its own unique story and distinctive style.
  • Experience a Göta Canal cruise aboard the M/S Wasa Lejon, passing through nine locks along the way.
Several traditional houses painted with the famous paint Falu Rödfärg surrounded by greenery.

Traditional houses in Dalarna

Traditional houses painted with the famous paint Falu Rödfärg (Falun Red) that contains pigment from Falun Mine in Dalarna.

Photo: Anna Holm/Visit Dalarna

Regional cycling routes


Halmstad-Hylte-Halmstad, 180 kilometres.

Hylteleden takes you through the provinces of Halland and Småland, past small villages, deep forests and large lakes. Halmstad, where the route starts and ends, is one of Sweden’s most picturesque summer towns. This is also where Hylteleden is connected to the longer Kattegattleden.

Runn Runt

Falun-Borlänge-Falun, 50-70 kilometres.

Runn Runt is a regional cycling route around Lake Runn, Dalarna county’s second-largest lake. You’ll pass plenty of bathing spots and cafés, and the lake also boasts an archipelago with some 100 islands. Falun and Borlänge, Dalarna’s largest towns, are good starting points.