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The back of two women that walk and talk in a food market.
Food market
Malmö Saluhall, food market, is a place for food lovers. It is the destination for anyone who wants quality produce and delicious food.
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Restaurants in Malmö

A delicious bite to eat isn’t hard to find in Malmö. The city has something for all tastes and pocketbooks – from inexpensive falafel to Michelin dining. Malmö is famous for its eclectic mix of international food cultures and wide range of vegan restaurants.

Here is a selection of some of the best restaurants in Malmö.

In Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city, new tastes and influences from near and far blend with regional traditions from Skåne county. Eating out is relaxed and self-indulgent. The focus is on well-prepared, local produce-based comfort food, with a European influence rather than advanced fine dining. Malmö is also known as the ‘falafel capital’ of Sweden and the inexpensive dish can be found on every other street corner.

The exterior of Vollmers restaurant in Malmö, A white house with plants climbing along the entrance.

Vollmers in Malmö

Vollmers restaurant, set in a 19th century townhouse.

Photo: Restaurant Vollmers

Guide Michelin

Vollmers ** Awarded with two Michelin stars, restaurant Vollmers offers a culinary journey through local produce, unexpected combinations and new techniques that bring out the very best of Skåne’s culinary heritage.

Bib Gourmand

Bib Gourmand is a section within Guide Michelin. It recognises friendly establishments that serve good food at moderate prices. Malmö has two Bib Gourmand-approved affordable bistros.

  • Ruths: A busy café, bakery and deli with an open kitchen and many drop-in seats. The dinner dishes are inspired by Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Namu: A vibrant restaurant where Korean flavours meet Swedish ingredients, run by former Swedish MasterChef winner Jennie Walldén.
  • Mutantur: A fine-dining restaurant that blends Nordic style with Asian influences in an industrial setting. The menu offers a range of snacks and small dishes.
A cosy dining room at the restaurant Bullen with wooden floor and furniture.

Bullen, Malmö

Enjoy an English pub with traditional Swedish food with a range of different beers at the restaurant Bullen in Malmö.

Photo: Bullen

Classic Malmö restaurant

Bullen dates back to 1897 and was the first English pub in Malmö. The menu includes traditional Swedish comfort food (‘husmanskost’), like herring and meatballs. Many regulars also come to Bullen to drink their imported Czech monastery beer.

Vegan and vegetarian restaurants

Plant-based food has developed rapidly in Sweden in recent years, and Malmö leads the way with a range of restaurants. The following restaurants serve nothing but plant-based dishes.

  • Humusson, a hummus bar with vegan food only, offers everything from small bites to proper meals. Humusson is plastic and paper free and only uses recycled and recyclable materials. Pets are welcome!
  • Rau is a tiny restaurant in the city centre, famous for takeaway. The menu is entirely plant-based, with inspiration from Southeast Asia.
  • Sajvva aims to be an experience for all the senses. The atmosphere is homely, and the menu is best described as vegetarian fusion. All dishes are entirely plant-based, and most are also gluten-free.
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Malmö Saluhall

Malmö Saluhall is a popular food market hall housed in a former freight depot in the city center of Malmö.

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The exterior of Malmö Saluhall has a rusty colour and roof hanging over a courtyard to the left. Someone is passing by on a bike.

Malmö Saluhall

Photo: Miriam Preis/

Plates with dumplings, salmon, grilled octopus, chicken and more.

MJ'S, Malmö

Photo: MJ'S

Hip hangouts

Located in a former industrial area, Malmö Saluhall is a contemporary food hall open seven days a week. Indulge everything from falafel and pizza to seafood and champagne – about 15 passionate food entrepreneurs sell their products in this culinary hot spot.

MJ's is everything Nordic design isn’t – bold, playful and colourful with a touch of Alice in Wonderland. The venue includes a hotel, bar and restaurant that attracts both locals and long-distance visitors. Sit down at a Moroccan tiled table and while away the day (and night) with delicious Mediterranean food and drinks.

Fiery food, natural wines and creative cocktails – there are many reasons to visit Aster. It opened in an old industrial building in 2021 and immediately won the local’s hearts. With roots from Turkey and veggies from their own farm in the neighbourhood town Lund, Aster sums up what the food scene in Malmö is all about.

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