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Vegetarian tapas
Vegetarian tapas
Many Swedish restaurants offer vegetarian options on their menus, and some restaurants serve only vegetarian food. Plant-based food is seen as an sustainable, yet delicious option to meat-based dishes.
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Top 5 Malmö restaurants

Whether you’re into Michelin star restaurants, vegetarian cuisine or freshly fried falafel – Malmö has it all. We have listed five Malmö restaurants that never seem to go out of fashion.

A wood table seen from above with a plate of food, cutlery and a glass.
Saltimporten Canteen in Malmö
Saltimporten Canteen in Malmö is famous for its delicious lunch.
Photo: Carolina Romare

Saltimporten Canteen

Saltimporten Canteen’s location comes as a surprise. It’s tucked away in an industrial dockside area and a little hard to find. Grab a bike or taxi and join the queue of hungry locals who know where to find the best lunches in town. Your patience will be rewarded with freshly prepared, healthy and affordable food that tastes as good as it looks. Pick up your lunch at the counter and grab a spot beside other diners sharing space at the long wooden bench and table. Saltimporten’s design is cool, concrete and very Scandinavian. This former warehouse space has been completely pared down to its minimalist Nordic bones. Open for lunch only.

The exterior of Vollmers restaurant in Malmö, A white house with plants climbing along the entrance.
Vollmers in Malmö
Vollmers restaurant, set in a 19th century townhouse.
Photo: Restaurant Vollmers


Vollmers was founded by the Vollmer brothers in 2011. Guide Michelin describes the food at Vollmers as ‘expertly crafted’ and ‘original’ and has rewarded the restaurant with two stars. All ingredients are locally sourced and the menu is inspired by the Swedish cuisine. The chefs’ dedication is not only represented in the unique flavours, but also visible in the presentation of the food. Don’t be surprised if you ask yourself if you’ve been served dinner or an art installation, while having dinner at Vollmers. The restaurant is located in a traditional 19th century townhouse in Malmö and the staff is professional yet personal; creating an excellent setting for a memorable dining experience.

Jalla Jalla in Malmö
Jalla Jalla in Malmö
Try the delicious falafel at Jalla Jalla in Malmö.
Photo: Fredrik Johansson/

Jalla Jalla

Did you know that Malmö is known as the ’falafel capital’ of Sweden? Jalla Jalla is one the most popular falafel joints in town, serving delicious falafel topped with fresh veggies and tasty sauces. In recent years they've developed their menu further to accommodate the growing number of vegan guests, and now they now serve vegan kebab too.

However, there’s more to Jalla Jalla than delicious falafel and vegan kebab – unexpectedly this restaurant is also known for being a nightclub. Well, sort of. In the early hours of Saturdays and Sundays, Jalla Jalla turns up the music and invites their guests to dance with the staff while waiting for their food orders. This Malmö restaurant has certainly added something different to Swedish food culture.

Riket in Malmö
Riket in Malmö
Restaurant Riket in Malmö is focused on seasonal dishes.
Photo: Gastromand


The interior of the decidedly cool Riket is industrial in feel, defined by exposed brickwork, butcher tiles and rustic vintage tables and chairs. Organic ingredients from nearby farms and small-scale food producers feature on the diverse, ever-changing menu – spanning oysters and Swedish meatballs – and the drinks list offers natural wines and craft beer.

Riket is located just off the restaurant-dense square Davidhallstorg, and has been an extended livingroom for locals ever since the opening thanks to its vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

Inside a Chinese restaurant. To the left a bar with six bar stools. A large golden dragon is placed above the bar. To the right tables and chairs. The tables are set with plates, small bowls and chop sticks. Orange lamps are hanging from the ceiling.
Kin Long in Malmö
The Chinese restaurant Kin Long in Malmö is a colourful affair.
Photo: Malmö turism

Kin Long

Established in 1964, Chinese restaurant Kin Long is still housed in the same grand turn-of-the-century building in central Malmö. The interior is a colourful affair, with red lanterns adorning the high ceilings, richly ornate wallpaper, scarlet velvet chairs and dark wood tables.

On the menu – put together using seasonal quality produce – you’ll find authentic Chinese dishes such as fish quenelles, wonton soup, beef brisket and dumplings of all sorts, suitable for vegans and meat-eaters alike. Kin Long is renownded for impressing even Chinese visitors, and you can't get a better rathing than that!