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Camping at Kneippbyn Resort, Gotland
One of the cabins at Kneippbyn Resort on the island of Gotland.
Photo credit: Mats Hemlin

Sweden's best campsites – from north to south

Sweden is an ideal country for camping. Whether you go camping with your caravan or motorhome, try glamping or stay in a cabin – or even if you just pitch a tent – Sweden has hundreds of campsites spread out over the country. Below you’ll find the very best – the 14 Swedish campsites with a five-star rating.

Pite Havsbad, Swedish Lapland
Pite Havsbad is a five-star camping situated by the beach in Swedish Lapland.
Photo: Thomas Åberg/Pite Havsbad

Pite Havsbad, Swedish Lapland

Pite Havsbad is situated on the east coast of Swedish Lapland in northern Sweden. The facility consists of a hotel, cabins and a campsite for caravans, motorhomes and tents. All types of accommodation are located next to the long sandy beach. Choose between some 40 activities, an indoor water park and outdoor pool, spa, playground, occasional live performances and a range of restaurants. The campsite at Pite Havsbad is open from May to September.

Byske Havsbad, Skellefteå
Byske Havsbad is a family-friendly campsite situated next to the sea.
Photo: Skellefteå Camping/Byske Havsbad

Byske Havsbad, Västerbotten

Some 40 kilometres further south down the east coast, in Västerbotten, you’ll find Byske Havsbad. The campsite offers a range of options with pitches for caravans, motorhomes and tents, as well as cabins. Visitors can enjoy the shallow sandy beach or the outdoor pool. Other activities on offer are adventure golf, several playgrounds, a children’s BMX path and various exercise trails in the surrounding nature. The camping area at Byske Havsbad is open all year round.

Leksand Strand, Dalarna
Leksand Strand offers a variety of accommodation and activities for the whole family.
Photo: Leksand Resort

Leksand Strand, Dalarna

Camping, glamping or cabin – at Leksand Strand in Dalarna you can stay next to Lake Siljan whether you have a campervan or a tent. The neighbouring summer and water park Leksand Sommarland is a definite draw for families. There is also an on-site outdoor pool, adventure golf, playgrounds, a sandy beach and several nature activities on offer. Summer events include Medieval Week, Nordic Dog Show, Sports Car Festival and a large Midsummer celebration. Parts of the Leksand Strand campsite are open from the end of April until September.

Årjäng Camping & Stugor Sommarvik, Värmland
Sommarvik is a family-friendly campsite surrounded by lakes and forests in Värmland.
Photo: Johanna Fransson/Visit Värmland

Årjäng Camping & Stugor Sommarvik, Värmland

This campsite, often referred to as just Sommarvik, is surrounded by forests and lakes in the west of Sweden, close to Norway. Choose between cabins, glamping or the campsite that welcomes mobile homes, caravans and tents. The nearby lake offers a sandy beach with shallow water, a sauna and a private jetty. There’s also a pool area with three outdoor pools to choose from, six playgrounds and adventure golf. Årjäng Camping & Stugor Sommarvik in Värmland is open all year round.

Gustavsvik Camping, Örebro
Enjoy a relaxing day in the sun or experience one of the largest indoor water parks in Sweden at Gustavsvik Camping in Örebro.
Photo: Gustavsvik

Gustavsvik Camping, Närke

Conveniently located between Stockholm and Gothenburg, Gustavsvik is also home to one of the largest indoor water parks in Sweden, Lost City. The campsite is spread out over a green area and welcomes caravans and motorhomes. Cabins in various sizes are also up for rent. The large span of activities ranges from paintball and zipline to mountain biking and kayaking. During summer evenings the onsite restaurant offers live music, and should you wish to see something else, Örebro city is within walking distance. Gustavsvik Camping is open all year round.

Daftö Resort, West Sweden
Daftö Resort offers a range of accommodations and an amusement park ideal for families.
Photo: Daftö Resort

Daftö Resort, Bohuslän

South of Strömstad, on the west coast of Sweden, you’ll find Daftö Resort. The campsite has several plots for campers, caravans and tents, but also a hotel, cabins and a guest harbour. Daftö Resort is known for its family-oriented pirate theme and amusement park Daftöland, and there’s a daily schedule of children's activities on the campsite. If pirates aren’t your thing, the facility also offers adventure golf, a swimming pool area, an outdoor gym and several playgrounds. Daftö Resort in Bohuslän is open all year round.

Kronocamping i Lidköping
Kronocamping in Lidköping is located next to lake Vänern, which is perfect for swimming.
Photo: Kronocamping

Kronocamping i Lidköping, West Sweden

At Kronocamping in West Sweden, you’ll get nature and city life at the same time – the campsite is located by the sandy shores of Lake Vänern and on the outskirts of Lidköping. There’s plenty of space for caravans and motorhomes, and visitors without a vehicle can either book a cabin or rent a caravan or motorhome. Activities include an outdoor pool area, adventure golf, children’s club and spa. Family and sports events are arranged throughout the summer. Kronocamping i Lidköping is open all year round.

Ursand Resort & Camping, Vänersborg
Ursand Resort & Camping is situated by the water and offers, among other things, a large playground for children.
Photo: Ursand resort & Camping

Ursand Resort & Camping, West Sweden

Further west on the shores of Lake Vänern and north of Vänersborg, you’ll find Ursand Resort & Camping. This campsite offers space for caravans, motorhomes and tents as well as glamping, cabins, trailers and a guest harbour. Visitors can enjoy an outdoor pool area, a spa, adventure golf and a mini zoo, along with various nature activities. The on-site restaurant hosts quizzes and live performances during peak season. Ursand Resort & Camping is open all year round.

Hafsten Resort, Bohuslän
Hafsten Resort offers beautiful camping possibilities next to the water and forest.
Photo: .

Hafsten Resort, Bohuslän

Hafsten Resort is located on a peninsula on the west coast of Sweden, between Strömstad and Gothenburg. Stay in your motorhome, caravan or tent, or book a tree-tipi, beach villa or cabin. An outdoor pool area, adventure golf and sea sauna are on the offer, and you’ll find five designated hiking trails just outside the campsite. Troubadours are frequently performing at the pool bar. Hafsten Resort is open all year round.

Västervik Resort, Småland
Enjoy the beach or the pool at Västervik Resort.
Photo: Västervik Resort

Västervik Resort, Småland

Situated on the Swedish east coast, Västervik Resort offers a guest harbour, various cabins and a sea-side campsite for caravans, motorhomes and tents. Swimming is a large part of the experience and visitors can access the sea from cliffs or a sandy beach, experience the indoor and outdoor pool area or relax at the spa. The resort offers a range of daily activities, as well as live performances during peak season. Västervik Resort in Småland is open all year round.

Kneippbyn Resort Visby, Gotland
Kneippbyn is a five-star campsite situated by the sea and offers a wide range of accommodations.
Photo: Thomas Bäckman/Kneippbyn Resort Visby

Kneippbyn Resort, Gotland

Kneippbyn Resort, just south of Visby, is the only five-star campsite on the island of Gotland. Accommodation ranges from two hotels, bed & breakfast and holiday cabins to glamping and a campsite where all caravan spaces face the sea. Kneippbyn is also a summer and water park and home to the original Pippi Longstocking house, Villa Villekulla, known from the movies. There are several restaurants on-site and more than 25 activities arranged every day. Kneippbyn Resort is open from the end of May until the end of August.

Böda Sand Beach Resort, Öland
Böda Sand Beach Resort is located on the northernmost part of the island of Öland.
Photo: Press photo/Böda Sand Beach Resort

Böda Sand Beach Resort, Öland

In the northernmost part of the island of Öland, close to a long and sandy beach, you’ll find Böda Sand Beach Resort. The campsite welcomes caravans, motorhomes and tents and there are also cabins for rent. Visitors can enjoy adventure golf, beach volleyball or take a swim in the pool. Young children can take part in activities with the mascot Bödde and older children can hang out in the "YouthCamp", which organises skateboard school, sports competitions and Nintendo tournaments. Böda Sand Beach Resort is open from late April until early September.

Destination Apelviken, Halland
Destination Apelviken offers a hotel and camping on the shores of Kattegatt.
Photo: Magnus Larsson/Destination Apelviken

Destination Apelviken, Halland

Destination Apelviken is situated between two sandy beaches on the west coast, within walking distance to central Varberg. Stay with your caravan, tent or camper van at the campsite, or at the facilities’ hotel, apartments or cabins. Destination Apelviken has an outdoor pool, a surf centre, adventure golf and a range of children's activities. Events include pub quizzes, Apple Bay Day and Midsummer celebrations. Destination Apelviken in Halland is open all year round.

Mötesplats Borstahusen, Skåne
Mötesplats Borstahusen is a campsite and former fishing village by the coast in Skåne.
Photo: Mötesplats Borstahusen/SCR Svensk Camping

Mötesplats Borstahusen, Skåne

Mötesplats Borstahusen is a former fishing village in southwest Sweden, just north of Landskrona city in Skåne. Today, it’s a resort complete with cabins, a campsite for motorhomes, caravans and tents, a spa and a golf club. The resort offers adventure golf and has a long jetty going into the sea. Activities range from hiking and fishing to excursions to the island of Ven. Mötesplats Borstahusen is open all year round.