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a large red brick building with white decorative features, by a harbour.
Absolute's distillery, Åhus
Absolute's distillery in Åhus has got the nickname 'Spritkyrkan', which translates to "Spirit Church".
Photo credit: Viktor Fremling/The Absolut Company

The distilleries behind the spirits of Sweden

When talking about Swedish spirits and distilleries, most people have heard of Absolut Vodka. While we're absolutely proud that this well-known spirit has put Sweden on the map for quality spirit production, there are many more Swedish distilleries worth mentioning – and visiting. Here you can read about some of them, but of course we start with Absolut Vodka.

Absolut Home, Åhus
Absolut Home, Åhus
If you wish to learn more about one of the world's most famous spirits, book a guided tour of the grandiose Absolut Home.
Photo: The Absolut Company

Swedish vodka from Absolut Vodka

Walk into a bar anywhere in the world and more often than not you will spot Absolut with its characteristic clear bottle and the silver imprint of L.O Smith. Lars Olsson Smith was a maverick Swedish entrepreneur, commonly known as “the king of spirits”, who founded what is now Absolut back in 1879. All ingredients in Absolut Vodka come from southern Sweden and all production takes place in or around Åhus, a small town in Skåne county where Absolut Vodka was founded. The autumn wheat that is used in the vodka is sown, grown and harvested by local farmers.

If you really want to get into the spirit, book a guided tour of the Absolut Home and learn more about one of the world's most famous spirits.

A bottle of Hernö dry gin lies next to a highball glass with gin and tonic with ice.
Hernö Gin, Härnösand
Learn more about the award-winning handcrafted Hernö Gin at the distillery located outside of Härnösand.
Photo: Härnö Gin

Swedish gin from Hernö Gin

If you had to guess where the best gin in the world is from, you probably would not think of a small distillery in rural northern Sweden. Hernö Gin became the first Swedish gin distillery when it was founded in 2011 in the village of Dala, outside Härnösand, in the High Coast. Since then, it has received more awards than any other gin in Europe. Inspired by the surronding nature, Hernö Gin is made from organic botanicals, Swedish wheat and water from their own well.

Hernö Gin distillery can arrange guided tours in English if pre-booked (minimum 10 people). If you are in the capital, visit Hernö Gin Bar in Stockholm.

High Coast Whisky distillery
High Coast Whisky distillery
Enjoy whisky tastings or a guided tour of the distillery at High Coast Whisky.
Photo: Lola Akinmade Åkerström/Kvarken Destinations Content Bank

Swedish whisky from High Coast Whisky

On the banks of the mighty Ångermanälven River, which flows through the High Coast, is the historic brick building that houses one of Sweden's northernmost whisky distilleries. High Coast Whisky's spirit is carefully crafted from quality ingredients and pure spring water from the nearby Lake Bålsjön. The area has large temperature differences between summer and winter, which contributes to the unique flavour development of this Swedish whisky.

On request, High Coast Whisky distillery can arrange whisky tastings and guided tours in English.

An aisle with barrels of distilled spirits on both sides at the distillery Spirit of Hven.
Spirit of Hven i Skåne
The small distillery Spirit of Hven produces top-quality whisky, vodka and gin on the island of Ven in Skåne.
Photo: Spirit of Hven

Swedish whisky, vodka and gin from Spirit of Hven

Situated in the Öresund strait that divides Sweden and Denmark, the island of Hven is home to a population of fewer than 400 people. It also houses the Spirit of Hven distillery, which became the third pot-still distillery in Sweden and the smallest of its kind in the world when it was founded in 2008. Since then, Spirit of Hven’s artisanal, organic brands of single malt whisky, vodka and gin have gained quite the reputation as top-quality tipples, making them well worth the trip to this remote island distillery.

The distillery offers guided tours and tastings. You can also stay overnight at their charming hotel village Backafallsbyn.

Whisky is poured from a pipette into a whisky glass with the text Mackmyra on it. An oak barrel is in the foreground.
Mackmyra Whisky Village, Gävle
Learn more about Swedish-made whisky while visiting the modern distillery Mackmyra Whisky Village.
Photo: Mackmyra Whisky Village

Swedish whisky from Mackmyra Whisky Village

The year was 1998 and eight university friends had their annual meeting in Sälen. A question came up: why is there no Swedish malt whisky? Then a vision took shape to create the country's first malt whisky. A year later, Mackmyra Swedish Whisky was founded. Today, this Swedish distillery is known for developing a 30-litre cask that allows the whisky to mature more intensely. Mackmyra Whisky Village is located just outside Gävle, an hour and a half north of Stockholm. Here you will find their eco-friendly Gravity Distillery, which uses gravity force to reduce its carbon footprint.

Mackmyra Whisky Village organises tours and whiskey tastings in English and is also home to the Mackmyra Bar & Bistro.