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The boardwalk in Västra hamnen, Malmö
Västra hamnen is an innovative and sustainably built area of Malmö, with lots of inviting features such as the boardwalk along the sea.
Photo credit: Carolina Romare

Skåne - local on arrival

Pretty as a patchwork quilt, Skåne in southern Sweden, offers breathtaking views, unadulterated access to nature, a culinary extravaganza, a progressive lifestyle and the very best of Swedish culture, history & design. But more than anything, Skåne is just as open to a visitor as for anyone who has lived here all one’s life. You are invited to join and participate in the local way of living. In Skåne, you are more than just bystanders to monuments and sights - here you become a local on arrival.
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Skyline of Malmö, Skåne

Malmö is an exciting city where history is mixed with innovative shops, restaurants and architecture. Located in the very south of Sweden.

Photo: Werner Nystrand

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Skyline of Malmö, Skåne

Photo: Werner Nystrand

Family on a boat towards the island of Ven, Skåne

Photo: Mickael Tannus

Selfi with friends

Photo: Karolina Friberg/imagebank.sweden.se

Fika by the sea

Photo: Apelöga/imagebank.sweden.se

Coffee in nature

Photo: Apelöga/imagebank.sweden.se

Interior of Restaurant Sture, Skåne
Photo: Restaurang Sture

Malmö – a city full of flavours

Malmö is a melting pot of nationalities, of ideas, of innovation, of creativity. It’s a vibrant city buzzing with activity. An iconic place with a focus on culture, cuisine, architecture and a vibrant social scene. With more pubs and restaurants per capita than anywhere else in Sweden, it’s the perfect place to enjoy contemporary Scandinavia. Read more about Malmö

Photo: Apelöga/imagebank.sweden.se

Nature lover? There’s lots to love in Skåne.

If you love the great open airs, deep virgin forests, coastal paths and the feeling of having nature to yourself, the come to Skåne, the southernmost part of Sweden. Nature is part of the Swedish lifestyle, where you’re free to roam where you please. There are no fences, no boundaries, just what seems like endless beauty, full of changing landscapes for you to explore – on foot, by bike or paddling a canoe. Read more  

Museum of Sketches, Skåne
Photo: Carolina Romare

From sublime art to vicious Vikings

Whatever your cultural taste, you’ll find your very own love-food here. From Avant-garde to stone-age artefacts, classical to catchy, opera to hard rock. Skåne hosts some of the best events and scenes in Europe – along with a violent Viking past. Find out more 

Fresh vegetables at Hörte Brygga in Skivarp, Skåne
Photo: Carolina Romare

Skåne: food magic

Skåne, the southern-most region in Sweden, is in the middle of a food revolution, with local restaurants cooking up some of the Nordic region’s most exciting food.

Kronovalls Wine Castle
Photo: Miriam Preis/imagebank.sweden.se

Romantic Malmö and Skåne

Honeymoon, silver wedding or a love trip for two? Skåne in the south of Sweden has a lot to offer if you’re in search of memorable moments. Romantic weekend in Skåne