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Avenyn, Göteborg
A tram passing by on Avenyn, Gothenburg's main boulevard.
Photo credit: Steampipe Production Studio / Göteborg & Co

Gothenburg and West Sweden

Gothenburg and West Sweden have international travel journalists and food bloggers salivating. Why? World-class seafood, world-class restaurants and a coastline and archipelago to die for.

Gothenburg (or Göteborg) is the second largest city in Sweden. Home of Volvo and two major universities, the city also hold several major cultural and sporting events. Here, the early morning light falls on near-empty streets.
Photo: Per Pixel Petersson/


Island-hop Gothenburg's archipelago for swims and catching rays and be back in time to freshen up, put on your glad rags and hit the clubs and pubs of the Avenyn district? Only in Gothenburg. The city is also jam-packed with fine eateries that don't cost the earth (literally). But if you prefer to spend your cash on a weekend rock-out, blow them on a ticket to the Way Out West music fest in the middle of August. Otherwise, the fantastic cafés, or the Swedish design and fashion boutiques of the cobblestoned Haga quarter would be delighted if you paid them a visit. Learn more about Gothenburg.

Bovallstrand Marina
The marina of the small fishing village Bovallstrand on the West Coast
Photo: Mark Harris/

Bohuslän coast

The Bohuslän coast and islands stretches from just outside Gothenburg on Sweden's west coast, all the way up to the Norwegian border. CNN Travel rightly named it as 'one of the ten great wilderness areas left in the world' particularly as a kayaking destination and let's just say that its mix of deserted islands and pretty coastal villages make it unique in Europe. You should go here for the lobster, oyster and other shellfish delights of the villages of Grebbestad, Fjällbacka, Smögen and Lysekil, as well as safe kayaking among the sheltered isles.

View over the rooftops in Gothenburg
View over the rooftops in Gothenburg, Sweden's 2nd largest city
Photo: The Curious Pear

Gothenburg and West Sweden with The Curious Pear

In film and fiction, there’s no character more enticing than the underdog. And the same goes for cities. While Stockholm is known for being effortlessly cool with its medieval architecture and novel culinary scene, Gothenburg has existed somewhat in its shadow. But just hours after arriving in this compact, laid-back city, we knew it would always be our first choice. Join The Curious Pear on their trip through Gothenburg and West Sweden