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5 things to do together in Swedish nature

Sometimes it's good to travel solo, but some experiences are worth sharing, side by side.

Winter swim
Some people love to go for a winter swim. Most people start with a sauna. When they are warm enough, it's time to brave the ice cold water.
Photo: Helena Wahlman/


Ice-swimming, winter bathing, ice hole swimming – by any name this is one for the brave and the bold. Are you brave and bold? Come to Sweden in the winter for a swim in our freezing cold waters. The ice and snow is guaranteed and since you won’t be spending too much time in the water, you will have plenty of time left over for other winter pursuits. Take our advice and wear a hat when you are ice-swimming, you retain up to 50% of your body heat if you do!

Want to read more? For information about annual winter ice-swimming competition in northern Sweden visit

Railway trolley
A diffrent way to discover Sweden is by railway trolley on old railway tracks.
Photo: Fredrik Broman/

Rail trolley cycling trips

A rail trolley cycle (also know as a draisine or rail-bike) in Sweden is a lightweight affair for two people (one pumps the pedals, one takes it easy) or four people (two pump the pedals, the other two take it easy). They are available for hire all over Sweden, as long as there is disused rail track nearby, and they are great way of seeing some of Sweden’s countryside. 

A rail trolley cycling trip is great for families and groups who want to try something different and make stop-offs for picnics (or have it on-board), sightseeing and bathing spots.

For additional information about rail trolley cycling for groups in the province of Skåne, visit

Vildmark i Värmland is a approved by Nature’s Best as an ecotourism operator. One of the unique things that Vildmark i Värmland offers is Timber-rafting. On such an excursion participants first build their own raft from logs and then travel down the river on their raft. The tours can last anything from 1 to 8 days.
Photo: Staffan Widstrand/

Build your raft together, go with the flow

This is the ultimate ’come together’ trip for families and friends. You work together by building your raft riverside with an expert and plan the details of how far downriver you want to go. At a ’speed’ of 2 km per hour this is very slow travel, but you get more time with your family or friends.

It is not all ’plain floating’ though, there are rocks, tree stumps, eddies and overhanging branches to negotiate. Evening time, you choose between camping on the riverbank, and staying on a raft with secure mooring. This really is a slow trip of a lifetime.

For more information about timber raft holidays in Sweden, on the Klarälven river in Värmland province, visit

Most of Sweden’s open space remains essentially untouched, and the Right of Public Access means that people are free to roam the forests, camping, fishing or picking berries and mushrooms. Spending time in nature is an essential part of the Swedish lifestyle.
Photo: Clive Tompsett/

Happy camping - Sweden is all yours

Camp lakeside or on a beach. Camp in endless forest, or an Arctic plain. Camp on a deserted island. It’s your choice. Sweden is pretty much all yours when it comes to pitching your tent in the countryside and wilderness. All thanks to the right of public access laws. 

And talking of pitching tents; many a relationship and temper have been frayed by this. Ideally you should do a practice run at home. Our advice is for one person to read out the instructions, the others pitch the tent. This will save a lot of heartbreak and time. Happy camping!

For more camping inspiration and ideas, visit

Sweden is an ideal country for kayaking with its long and varied coastline and many lakes and rivers. Kayaking is quite popular in Sweden, so it is easy to find a provider of guided tours, courses or rentals.
Photo: Henrik Trygg/

Kayaking together in Sweden

Kayak among the pink granite rocks and skerries of the Bohuslän archipelago in the west. Or explore and discover the lake and river systems of Dalsland and Värmland provinces? Wild camping is the way to do it and, just for a little while, you can have an island all of your own.

The east coast of Sweden is kayaking paradise with the stunning Stockholm, St Anna and Gryt archipelagos. For true wilderness head for Swedish Lapland and discover paddling under the midnight sun. You can paddle year-round on Sweden’s west coast.

For additional information, certified kayak and canoe tours and rentals, visit Nature's Best: