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Welcome to Sweden

The Royal Palace, Stockholm
The Royal Palace is beautifully situated by the water in Stockholm's Old Town. The palace is built in baroque style and has more than 600 rooms spread over eleven floors.
Photo credit: Jeppe Wikström/Visit Stockholm

A new era starts now. A new way to travel, meaningful and conscious, with experiences that enrich both the traveller and the destination. Welcome to Sweden!

Explore map

Want to plan your holiday based on your interests? Select activities of choice or explore Sweden geographically.

Spring in Sweden

Spring is the season when Sweden slowly wakes up and then bursts into life. The days are getting longer, nature boasts its splendour and the crowds have yet to arrive. If you wish to experience Sweden with all your senses, spring is the time to come.

23 new reasons to visit Sweden in 2023

If there’s one time you should go to Sweden, it’s this year. Anniversaries and celebrations follow each other, and new attractions are opening all over the country.

Fika like a Swede

Fika, the delightful custom of enjoying a coffee and a treat with friends, is as Swedish as ABBA. Surely it’s just a coffee break? Not quite.

New and trendy hotels – the grand openings of 2023

Arriving at your destination and checking into a nice hotel is one of the best feelings – especially if you’re one of the first guests to stay.

Gothenburg – Sweden’s second largest city

Discover hip neighbourhoods, a world-class beer scene and Sweden's best seafood restaurants.

Discover Sweden's traditional Sámi culture and way of life

Sweden's indigenous people lead sustainable, culture-rich lives close to nature, and you're invited to take it all in via a variety of experiences.