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Fresh vegetables at Hörte Brygga in Skivarp, Skåne
Fresh vegetables at Restaurant Hörte Brygga in Skivarp in Skåne.
Photo credit: Carolina Romare

Skåne: food magic

Skåne, the southern-most region in Sweden, is in the middle of a food revolution, with local restaurants cooking up some of the Nordic region’s most exciting food. This is the place for gourmet travellers looking for a slower pace of life and authentic tastes that spring from the rich, local soil.

When The New York Times recently listed the world’s most exciting food destinations of the moment, Skåne was on their list. 

Nordic cuisine – pure, simple, fresh

Nordic Cuisine is characterized by purity, simplicity and freshness, and by a conscious use of seasonal foods and local produce. Asparagus and peas, red deer and rook, canola oil and fresh potatoes - the list goes on. 

When you’re here, try local spättekaka (pyramid cake), eel feasts, roast goose feasts, egg cake and a myriad of marinated herring mixed with new tastes and influences.  

World-class restaurants

Skåne is buzzing with a thriving food and drink culture for you to explore. From fine dining to food fairs, It’s packed with places to suit any mood and taste. Book your table, turn up, and prepare for a culinary surprise.

Michelin star restaurants 

You can apply the classic chicken or egg question about why there are so many Michelin Starred restaurants in such a small area. Was it because of the rich supply of excellent-quality organic raw materials? Or because of the foody cultures and traditions of the region that attracted so many top-class chefs? Whatever the reason, just come and enjoy the result. 

Bloom in the Park – Seductive “no menu” food awarded one Michelin star
The international team at Bloom In The Park excels in creating unique dishes inspired by the freshest of ingredients, and the culinary experiences on offer is truly something out of the ordinary. 

Daniel Berlin – An artistic combination of food and flavour sensations with two Michelin stars
Michelin chef Daniel Berlin offers his guests unique culinary experiences in an intimate, countryside setting. Now has two Michelin stars. 

Restaurang Vollmers – Awarded with two Michelin Stars
Restaurang Vollmers in central Malmö has been awarded two Michelin stars and offers a culinary journey from historic Skåne to the modern elegance of today. 

Restaurant Sture – Malmö’s French dining destination
This ambitious restaurant with one Michelin star markets itself as a French dining destination in the heart of Malmö. Enjoy fine wines and fine dining in a classic environment, guided by the exquisite expertise of the house sommelier. 

Sav- Flickering candles and crackling fires provide a warm welcome at this charming 19th Century farmhouse on the outskirts of Malmö. The two young chefs here pick many of the ingredients and explain their surprise menu personally. 

More great places to eat

Hörte Brygga – Hero foods with zero waste
The restaurant is at the small harbour village of Hörte in Southwest Skåne. The restaurant has a “zero vision” of food waste, which means their kitchen turns every part of a product to a delicacy, cooked slowly with care. 

Bastard Mat & Vin – Meet and eat in a fantastic atmosphere
Just a stone’s throw away from the picturesque Lilla Torg square in Malmö, this restaurant is one of the hottest addresses in town and crowded from Tuesday through Saturday. Mingle at the rustic bar over a cheese platter and organic wine, or order from the extensive menu. The focus lies on meat and the decor is simple but full of charm. 

Lyran – Seductively scented delicious dishes
If you have a hard time finding Lyran, located outside centre in Malmö, all you need to do is trust your nostrils. The seductive scents of its glorious cooking will lead your way. Enjoy the pulse and atmosphere as the chefs work on your dinner in the open kitchen, preparing uncompromising, delicious dishes accompanied by biodynamic wines and smiles. 

Saltimporten Canteen – Food to you – with love
What happens when a pair of acclaimed young chefs take over a dockside warehouse in Malmö and open a restaurant for just two hours a day? The answer is food prepared from fabulous local ingredients with lots of love. Offering two lunch dishes a day, a "regular" and a vego, the idea of saltimporten is honest home cooking in a modernized form, spiced with contemporary flavours, natural, local produce and refined technology. The place can be difficult to find, so be sure to check directions in advance.

Cook it Yourself  

There are lots of unique culinary experiences for you to try, like preparing your own apple must in an orchard, making your own sausages, marmalade or ice cream, and even enjoying outdoor cooking in the forests. There’s no better feeling that foraging for you own food in the wild, and then cooking it yourself over hot coals on a warm, light night.  

Go for a picnic

There aren’t many things as pleasant as picnics with delicious food, perfect comfort, and breath-taking views to go with it. Take your picnic basket and pick your own berries and produce from one of the many farm shops and farmers’ markets in the region. 

You’ll find a superb seasonal selection: spring is for rhubarb and asparagus, autumn offers root crops, apples, pumpkins and meat. And choose between choose classics such as marmalades, fish, mushrooms and organic eggs. 

Or why not stay on a farm?

Skåne has a rich agricultural heritage as well as a tradition of hospitality Today many of the local farmers welcome guests. Whether you opt for a traditional B&B or rent a few rooms with your own facilities, a stay in the Skåne countryside is as relaxing as it is rewarding. There are around 50 farms that are part of the Stay at a farm network

Absolut, the world’s most famous vodka

Absolut Vodka is an internationally renowned brand that had its global breakthrough in the 80s. Thanks to consistent and creative marketing and high quality, Absolut Vodka is the third best-selling spirit brand in the world after Smirnoff and Bacardi. 

The bottle has been the centre of attention and painted and reinterpreted by famous artists like Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. The whole production takes place in the small village of Åhus on the eastern coast of Skåne. More than one hundred million litres of this clear, crisp liquor are produced every year. Take a guided tour at the visitor centre in Åhus.

Purity Vodka, the world champion vodka

Purity Vodka is the most awarded ultra-premium vodka in the world. Manufactured in a small-scale distillery next to Ellinge Castle, Purity Vodka is full-bodied, complex yet smooth and sophisticated. It’s organic, made from exclusive wheat and barley grown in Skåne’s fertile fields. Book guided tours of the distillery and Ellinge Castle in advance. 

Spirit of Hven, a small distillery on a tiny island

Spirit of Hven is a distillery, hotel, gourmet restaurant and pub on the island of Hven, in the strait of Öresund (the waters dividing Denmark and Sweden). The place is a whisky-lover’s dream. The whisky bar serves over 500 different types and is considered one of the best in Sweden. The whisky produced on site has won several awards. Tastings and tours can be booked in advance, and the gin, vodka, aquavit and whisky of the house can be enjoyed in the restaurant in Backafallsbyn

Kivik apple market

Live music, tasty treats, homemade crafts and freshly brewed cider are all on offer at the Kivik Apple Market, held annually in late September to mark the end of the harvest season. The Apple Market has been running since 1987, bringing the whole town together for a weekend-long celebration. There’s live music and cold drinks, plus stalls selling fresh local foods. You’ll also find fun activities for the kids and, of course, lots of apples. In additional to apple-themed activities and crafts, the market features different apple varieties which you can sort, pick, taste, and take home, as well as a great selection of mouth-watering apple desserts and even a tasting course in various apple ciders.  

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Restaurant Hörte Brygga, Skåne

Hörte Brygga is a restaurant serving delicious 'picnic-food' in Skåne.

Photo: Lobster & Swan

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Restaurant Hörte Brygga, Skåne

Photo: Lobster & Swan

Outdoor cooking

Photo: Apelöga/imagebank.sweden.se

Making fresh apple juice in Skåne

Photo: Carolina Romare

Sandhammaren beach, Skåne

Photo: Helene Toresdotter

Eating by the lake at restaurant Bloom in the Park, Skåne

Photo: Christoffer Lomfors

Making pizza at Restaurant Bastard, Malmö

Photo: Restaurant Bastard

Healthy lunch at Saltimporten in Malmö

Photo: Carolina Romare

Children petting a horse at a farm in Skåne

Photo: Carolina Romare

Whiskey at Backafallsbyn on Ven

Photo: mickael Tannus

Fika and apple cider at Kiviks Musteri, Skåne

Photo: Mickael Tannus

Interior of Restaurant Sture, Skåne

Photo: Restaurang Sture